Book 4 Chapter 498

Brani's Power

"You're late, Mister Leguna," Brani said with a lazy tone. She should have just finished bathing. Her body was half draped in a dark blue silk robe.

"Apologies," he said without seeming to mean it, "Sala had me do quite a lot of things so I overslept from fatigue."

"Fine. I knew that was what you'd say." She didn't really seem to care. She knew that Leguna was quite unhappy with the choice he made to turn against Sala that abruptly, but Brani had a reason to get him to do that. "I only wanted to make sure whether you're as useful as Linq says you are."

"Did you get your conclusion then?" Leguna asked as he sat down in a chair.

"You are valuable… but the price you demand is too high."

"I don't think I got much from you, though. I have to get the antidote from House Andalir, and Eirinn doesn't belong to you in the first place. I'm only taking back what I should. Miss Brani, let me remind you that this is a cooperative relationship. It's not a transaction, nor am I working for you as a mercenary."

"But so far, it seems that my sister is already House Elvin's property, no?" Brani smiled. "According to my informants, she's been arrested by my mother already. I wonder if the famous Dark Requiem can save a young girl from the hands of the house?"

"Don't threaten me with Eirinn." Leguna knew that Eirinn was one of Brani's bargaining chips. If he showed too much concern for her, negotiations would turn against his favor. Expressionlessly, he said, "She's in Sala's hand now not yours. And… how are you certain I won't have my ways to save her?"

Leguna sounded utterly confident when he said that, much to Brani's surprise. Did he have some trump card he hadn't shown yet?

According to the original plan, Brani wanted Leguna to serve her for a few years after their transaction. However, it now seemed that Leguna had a little too many variables that were hard to grasp. She decided it was better to observe him for the moment first before coming to a decision.

"Alright, Miss Brani," Leguna said, furrowing his brow in annoyance as he leaned into his chair, "I believe I've shown you many things today. Isn't it about time you showed your goods too? At least, convince me that I'm not the only one carrying the weight here."

"Do you really want to see it?" she asked suggestively.

"Of course. Apart from Linq, you haven't shown me any of your assets. Do you think I should consider switching partners in this case? At least Sala's much more powerful than you on the surface, and she seems like she'd be easier to fool."

"Seriously… men are just so impatient sometimes… If you really want to see it, I'll give you a good show! Don't miss it!" Brani stepped out of her bed and undid one button on her sleep robe in the gentlest motion possible. The robe fell to the ground, revealing her smooth, dark skin.

She had just come out of the bath, so she had been wearing no other clothes. Now, even the last piece of clothing was off. She stood before him completely bared, like a precious black pearl found only in the deepest of oceans.

"What are you up to?" While Leguna felt his heart beating wildly, he managed to keep his composure; that much at least was expected from an assassin like him. His expression didn't seem even the slightest bit fazed.

She approached him and stroked Leguna's neck before whispering, "Why… I'm showing you… my assets…"

"You know well what I'm referring to," he said, still unmoved.

Brani was surprised at how Leguna could keep his calm. She bent down slightly and let her two full lumps rest on Leguna's shoulder. "You should also know… what I'm talking about…"

Leguna pushed her aside hatefully and said, "Alright, Miss Brani, if this is your idea of a prank, please stop now. My patience is limited."

Even now, Brani couldn't hold back her shock. Dark elves were distant cousins of normal elves so their beauty was automatically amazing. And having inherited her mother's genes, Brani stood up even more and countless male dark elves had wanted to be her pet. Yet, Leguna didn't even react when she came up to him and hugged him.

[Don't worry, I won't tell Annie about this…] Gahrona said with a hint of schadenfreude.

[I can't be certain she won't find out…] he replied internally. He pretended nothing was up and said to Brani, "I admit that you're beautiful, but if you want to control me with that, you're most likely going to fail. At least, I believe Eirinn is far prettier than you are."

"Sheesh, you must be one heck of a man to say something like this to a woman!" Brani stretched herself lazily, letting her two melons jiggle in the air. However, she didn't seem angered over what he just said.

"Prove yourself," Leguna repeated.

After making sure it wasn't working, she sighed and clapped her hands.

Two male dark elves acme out from behind the bookshelf in her room. There should be a path behind it.

"What's the meaning of this?" He got wary of the situation.

"Please allow me to introduce them." Brani didn't mind standing fully naked before all three of the men. She went to the largest and toughest looking dark elf and tapped his chest muscles with her index finger. "This here is Gassos Elvin, an 18th-stratum, high-order warrior."

Gassos looked at Leguna with hostility. He had seen what he could do during the meeting in the main hall. As a warrior, he couldn't help but feel the urge to compete and fight it out with him.

Brani seemed a little humored by Gassos's reaction. She stood on tip toe and whispered something to him. After that Gassos bowed to Leguna a little unwillingly.

After introducing Gassos, Brani looked at the other dark elf. He wasn't as huge and brawny as Gassos, but he did look like a handsome, middle-aged man. He seemed to have understood something as he bowed gracefully. "Really nice to meet you, Sir Leguna. I'm Wesley Elvin, 16th-stratum magus. I'm the only high-order magus of House Elvin."

"Gassos and Wesley are my elder brothers, but they're also my pets. How are they, Mister Leguna? Gassos is the leader of our elite guard and Wesley is the head of the magic department. Linq also has quite a lot of influence in our intelligence department. I wonder if you're satisfied with seeing my hand?"

Leguna mulled it over for a while. "It's enough."

Leguna didn't know what Brani did to make his two elder brothers obey her like that, but at least now his tasks seemed much easier if he could have their help.

"So, happy cooperating?"

"Happy cooperating!"

In the next couple of minutes, all four of them discussed their future plans, but that wasn't the most crucial. What stood out the most was how Brani didn't seem intent on getting dressed no matter how long had passed. Leguna felt rather awkward and was worried whether he'd be able to survive Annelotte when he went back.

When they finally came to an agreement on how to move things forward, Leguna didn't want to stay near Brani for even a moment longer. He jumped out of the window almost haggardly and blinked away into the darkness.

Brani looked out the window and curved her lips into a smile. "I doubt that you won't fall for me!"

"Is this human really trustworthy?" Wesley asked, "You seem to still not understand him well…"

"But I trust Linq. Since he told me that we can use this man, we will use him. While Linq isn't really strong, he has never disappointed me. He would always be able to get out of a predicament better off than when he got into it."

"Don't worry. It's not as serious as you think," Gassos said. "Brani already controls half the house's power. Even if she turns against Mother right now, we still stand a chance for victory. Leguna's nothing more than a catalyst for this. I believe that we'll succeed with or without him anyway."

"That's right…" Brani showed a side she didn't show Leguna before. She licked her lips excitedly. "I can't wait… I already can't! I want to be the next matriarch of House Elvin! I want you all to kneel before me!"

"Relax, Brani. You still have to wait." Wesley gently stroked her left hanging jewel. "I am willing to serve you as long as you spoil me and satisfy my desires…"

"My sword also serves you, Matriarch," Gassos said.

Looking at the two subservient men, she trembled with excitement. "Come to think of it, it's been some time since all three of us did it!"

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