Book 4 Chapter 496

Elvin's Matriarch

"You!" Linq roared as he sweated nervously. He glared at Leguna with rage and said, "You're a demon! A devil! No, something far more evil than those races!"

"Say whatever you like." Leguna said nonchalantly. He gave Eirinn a look and muttered, "I don't care how you see me or what I am. A demon? Devil? How laughable. If this is what I have to do to protect them, then I'd rather become something hundreds of times more evil an ugly. This is my principle, and the main reason I keep fighting."

The dark elf's gaze finally changed to one of heartfelt respect. He could see something in the youth: anchors that held him back, something uncommon among dark elves. The driving force behind dark elves' motivations was profit, nothing more. There was no line they wouldn't cross. However, they strove for benefits to the point that it was no longer a means, but the end itself. Eventually, the dark elves remained in the Dusk Zone so long they became only remembered as myths.

That was why Linq wasn't only just afraid of his power, he also respected it. He understood that only people with things holding them back could create miracles.

Eirinn, when she heard Leguna speak, seemed to be deep in thought. She swept a gaze at him without saying anything.

"Let's continue. Perhaps you should introduce me to Miss Brani. I hope she'll be a good partner to have." Leguna helped Linq up. He knew that being harsh on him for no good reason wouldn't be beneficial in the slightest. So, he tried to console him with a smile. "Relax, Linq."

"I wonder if you can relax with a killer larva in your body?" he retorted.

"Of course not," he shamelessly said, "But you're different. You can't defeat me. Even without the larva, I'll be able to put you to death. Don't forget that I'm an assassin, and possibly the best one humans have to offer. You should know that angering me ends only in death. The larva is merely there as insurance."

Linq's expression darkened. He started walking without a word. "Let's go! We have to greet Miss Brani first. As for Angelista, perhaps you can use them to prove your strength! Though, they're nowhere to be found, I can still testify for you!"


Sala was the matriarch of House Elvin. The fact that she was able to remain in her position was something many found hard to understand. In her reign over the past two decades, she proved only one thing: she was the most unfit matriarch of all since the day House Elvin was founded.

She was cruel, greedy, but not a bright person. She had committed many a foolish mistake over the years and lost the house's advantages to House Andalir. While 20 years was enough for a human to grow to adulthood, it was but a blink of an eye for the long-living elves. That was why while there was quite a vocal disagreement with her being the matriarch, nothing huge had happened yet.

All in all, the best descriptor for her would be 'fool'. That wasn't to say, however, that she didn't have her good points. She was beautiful, for one, known as the most beautiful and sexy dark elf in all of Darklight, in fact. With her looks, she could at least capture the hearts of the male dark elves of low status. It was through that that she managed to remain in her seat for 20 whole years.

Most people in the know were also aware that it was through that very means that she managed to become matriarch off the house.

Currently, that woman was sitting in her throne and looking down arrogantly at Leguna and Eirinn, as if she was considering how to deal with the human male that popped up without an invitation.

Leguna looked around soundlessly and saw that the dark elves were glaring at him with hostility. It made him feel a little nervous. When the two of them first arrived in Darklight, Linq had given them a heavy disguise. That was done to avoid the ambushes and traps laid in wait for them. Without proper preparations, Sala worried that Linq wouldn't be able to safely return with the guests to the house's base.

Currently, Leguna and Eirinn were standing in the main hall of Elvin Manor. On the surface, House Elvin was welcoming a long-estranged member. Leguna wondered how long they could keep up the welcome farce.

"I'm really happy that you could make it back, my daughter." Sala kicked her shapely legs high up. Even though she was a priestess too, she was wearing the most revealing clothing possible. Leguna thought that the clothes looked as revealing as Annelotte's underwear. As for how he knew that… it was part of his job class, you see.

Per Ross's blessing, all-female dark elves could be her devotees. The deity was clear on when she rewarded and punished. A good sacrifice earned a devotee her favor. Sala had once expended much of the household's might in a sacrificial rite and was forcefully elevated from a 15th-stratum high-order priestess to a 19th-stratum one.

As the head of House Elvin, Sala thought that she should be the strongest one in the house. So, she elevated herself to the 19th stratum. Yet, her increase in power didn't bring the house any changes and instead caused everyone's trust in her to erode no matter which echelon of the house hierarchy they belong to.

"Mother…" Eirinn's eyes finally welled up with tears. She had a spell dictated on her so she could now understand the elven tongue.

The woman sitting high up was beautiful and youthful She shared about seventy percent of her looks like Eirinn. The most obvious difference was her much darker skin tone. Eirinn felt that it would be more appropriate to call Sala her elder sister than mother based on her youth.

"My child," Sala said as she rose from her throne and stretched her painted nails out, motioning for Eirinn to kiss her.

Eirinn did as requested in a seemingly practised manner of seasoned old nobles.

Leguna watched on and felt a little weird about it.

"Well, then, let me see how you've grown over the years!" Sala said with a smile and used an analytical divine miracle.

Boundless gold light shone out from all over Eirinn's body. It was proof of her kind heart. The dark elves in the hall shielded themselves from that hateful light that they were deprived of from living so many years underground.

"That means you're Pyro's priestess, right?" Sala said with a satisfied nod.

"Yes. My lord is the most benevolent existence in this world. Being able to serve him is my honor," she said devotedly. She was incredibly grateful for being given the ability to help others by Pyro.

"Then…" Sala smiled calmly and a few of the male dark elves fell into a daze. "My good daughter, can you do something for your dear mother?"

"Of course!" she nodded harshly. Wanting to help others was her only desire.

"Become a sacrifice for me! Give me your heart! Let me gain another favor from Ross!" Sala cried. The fully armed warriors joined in with their cries.

"Mother, what do you mean?" Eirinn looked at the blades being swung around and widened her eyes in fear. She didn't know why her mother's expression suddenly shifted.

"What do I mean?" she said gleefully, "It means just that. You're Pyro's priestess and a divinely favored. There can't be a better sacrifice for Ross. I want to give you to her so that she'll look unto me once more. Maybe she'll even make me a myth-realm priestess! Daughter, since I gave you your life, it's now time for you to return it. Help me become the next myth!"

"No! How could it be?" Eirinn backed away in disbelief. One could tell from her expression that she had suffered a huge shock. One dark elf took the opportunity to strike and pierced his enchanted sword towards Eirinn.

Leguna looked up and saw the female dark elf beside Sala eyeing him before he made his move.

Sala only saw a blur, before she felt a cold touch from the back of her neck. She looked down with shock and saw a dark longsword pressed against her neck.

Leguna had suddenly used Shadow Blink. As nobody was aware of that ability of his and priestesses being rather physically inept in the first place, Sala wasn't able to react to that attack in time.

"I believe it's time we had a good chat," he whispered. Based on looks alone, Sala was indeed enchanting and alluring. Even merely moving closer to her made him feel a lustful impulse. However, Gahrona helped him suppress it. It was a crucial moment and nothing could afford to go wrong.

"Who are you really?!" Sala asked in a low voice. Initially, she didn't pay much heed to that human assassin who was of a mere 16th stratum. What could he do anyway? Little did he know that the youth would have a terrifying ability like that! It was the nightmare of all ranged classes!

"Matriarch Sala, huh? I'm Leguna. Leguna Dark Requiem."

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