Book 4 Chapter 458

Master Londo is Here

Geoffrey had instantly cast disintegration. Since Yumir had lost face for him, he would be reclaiming it by killing Londo.

It wasn't an easy feat for a 16th-stratum magus to instant cast a level-six spell, since those were quite a high level. Quadrupling the mana cost by instant casting was quite a huge burden on magi.

But Geoffrey didn't have to worry about it. That wasn't because he had a far higher mana recovery rate than Annelotte. Instead, he had better equipment that doubled his mana capacity outright!

That was why he could use spells like this without reservation. He had double the normal amount of mana of normal magi. Thanks to this overwhelming power, he fought brashly without bothering with the finer detail and control in combat.

Despite his rough and unrefined fighting style, his spells were still fatal to Londo. The huge man used all his impetus to resist the disintegration spell, but it didn't do much.

In the end, it cost him an arm to take the spell. His fingers were gradually turned into emerald crystal. The slightest shake caused it to shatter and scatter. The wound that was left on Londo's arm looked like it was cut clean off by a blade and blood immediately stained the white, snowy ground.

"Ugh…" Londo groaned painfully. The disintegration spell tore at the nerves and it was barely bearable to him.

Seeing blood made Geoffrey lick his lips. The disintegration spell was his favorite as not only did it have great damage, the pained look on his target's faces also greatly excited him.

"Londo! Come back!" Kurdak knew that the first prince was definitely trying to kill Londo, so he wanted him to stop. Perhaps Geoffrey wouldn't kill a defenseless opponent.

However, Londo continued to leap at Geoffrey like a wild beast after taking the brunt of the pain.

"Leader! Leave! I'll hold them back!" Londo yelled as he tussled with Geoffrey.

"Darn it! Obey my orders!" Kurdak yelled in a panic as a fireball struck Londo. Though he had used impetus to weather the blow, his skin was still charred and red. Most terrifyingly, his bleeding left stump fizzled. It had been cauterized by the heat.

"You obey my orders!" Londo cried, "I'm a few years your senior! I call you Leader to give you face, so now call me Big Bro! Listen to Master Londo!"

"F*cking hell!" Kurdak cussed. He knew the most rational thing to do was to run, but he couldn't do it. Londo was still there, and the soldiers around him, Agnas included, had their eyes glued to him.

Londo evaded another of Geoffrey's fireballs and landed a slash on Geoffrey's waist. However, the multitude of physical attack barriers made the strike harmless. The prince was still blown black by the sheer force and his roll on the ground abated part of the blow. Thanks to the barrier, he wasn't even dirtied from the dirt and grime from rolling on the ground.

Elegance and bravado while overwhelming an opponent was the style a magus should adopt. Geoffrey was quite satisfied with his performance, but he had forgotten that his foe didn't have a single article of enchanted equipment.

After Londo drove Geoffrey back with a slash, Londo yelled, "Don't treat me like a fool!"

Kurdak didn't know what he was getting at.

"Desertion and attacking a governor are crimes that'll get your head cut off! It's pointless even if you have many achievements!" Londo said as he fought, "Even though I'm not a smart cookie, I know you've committed a crime! Only death awaits if you're captured! You can't let them get you!"

"Careful!" Kurdak called out.

"Guaagh!" Londo wasn't able to evade the icicle spell at all. The right side of his body was covered in a dense layer of ice. Fresh blood flowed out of those small pierce wounds.

Kurdak grit his teeth and prepared to help Londo. While he was also injured, he couldn't just watch Londo get killed by Geoffrey like that.

When he charged in, Geoffrey smiled sinisterly. He teleported a distance away from the two warriors and said, "Now, you have another crime on your list: attacking a prince."

Kurdak didn't feel too good about either.

After that, Geoffrey didn't hold back and took out a few spell scrolls from his dimensional pocket before holding them in the air with Magus's Hands.

Geoffrey grabbed one of them, gave it a simple read, and tore it. The scroll's spell was instantly cast and it let out chain lightning. A lightning bolt tens of thousands of volts shot forward like a snake in water. Kurdak was barely able to avoid it and the bolt struck a pine tree behind him, snapping it in half.

Just as he was thanking his lucky stars for his quick evasion, Geoffrey tore his second scroll. It was one containing the disintegration spell. he aimed it at Kurdak with a savage look on his face. While he wasn't trying to kill him, taking a limb or two away from him was something he didn't mind doing.

A look of despair appeared on Kurdak's face. His evasion had tugged on his wounds and now, he no longer had the energy to dodge.

At that moment, Londo leapt over and bumped Kurdak away to take the beam in his stead.

Since Geoffrey wasn't trying to go for the kill, the spell wasn't as powerful. It obliterated Londo's left leg.

"Darn it!" Geoffrey freaked out over not being able to hit Kurdak. He was truly enraged by the actions of the bumbling fool. He tore his third scroll which contained the level-seven group petrification spell.

In an instant, Londo, Agnas, Kurdak and everyone else apart from Geoffrey were frozen by the spell.

Geoffrey walked calmly among the petrified people, relishing in the feeling of absolute domination over their lives. He stepped on Londo's left leg and squashed his heels like he was stepping on an insect.

"You dare stop me?" Geoffrey asked as he continued his stomp. He looked down at Londo's face, red from the pain, and relished in the pleasure.


Even a tough guy like Londo was cold with sweat from the torture. He groaned, but didn't want to yield to Geoffrey. He didn't let his scream out from his chest by gritting his teeth tight.

Geoffrey was quite dissatisfied with Londo's act and applied more force. "Cry! I want to hear you shriek!"

"Yield to him, Londo!" Kurdak said. He knew that Geoffrey was beyond angered and if he was pissed off further, Londo might die!

"Ptooey!" Londo struggled to move his lips, but he didn't beg for mercy and spat instead. His phlegm didn't even touch Geoffrey and flowed out of his lips.

But that was all it took to enrage Geoffrey. His gaze turned cold in an instant as he kicked Londo in the abdomen nonstop. "I want you to yield! I want you to suffer! I'm a prince! Heed my orders!"

"Ptoooey…" Londo struggled to spit again, but he seemed to use much more force than before. The spit landed on Geoffrey's boots.

Londo smiled with satisfaction. Even though his face was contorted from the pain, he was smiling from the depths of his heart as if he gained a huge victory.

"You're courting death!" Geoffrey kicked the hardest he could at Londo's head, knocking out two teeth from his mouth.

"Stop resisting! Londo! Yield!" Kurdak struggled to yell.

But Londo merely smiled. "Leader… You're… the only one… I'll ever yield to… but even you can't get me to yield to anyone else!"

"Bastard! Stop talking! Shut up!"

"And Leader… Master Londo here… knows that this isn't enough to keep you…. You better be ready!"

Before he finished, he struggled to stand up once more. Even though he lost a leg and was incredibly haggard, he hugged the tree beside him and stubbornly stood up. It was almost a miraculous feat.

"Stupid prince! With Master Londo here, you'll definitely not get Leader!" Londo yelled the loudest he had in his life and charged at Geoffrey with strength he somehow had.

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