Book 4 Chapter 436

Reuniting with Kurdak

"Boss! We're here!" Leguna stood up and waved before running over.

Annelotte also got up, but she didn't make a sound and only stood there emotionlessly.

"So it was you!"

Kurdak heard the call and came over. He did see a man and woman sitting against their backs in the distance, but he wasn't sure who they were. He only felt relieved when Leguna called out to him.

Only when the huge man approached him did Leguna see how he looked. His imperial armor was a little won out and the tough metallic gear gave him a masculine air. Additionally, he had served as leader of his own unit for a few months and his combined experiences caused him to let off a domineering air, further adding to his intimidating look.

"Boss, why did you decked out in full gear? Aren't you tired wearing that?" Leguna asked with a confused look. All that gear probably weighed up to 50 kilograms and Kurdak also had Lava Blade slung behind him. The greatsword was thick and broad and probably weighed as much as the armor. Even Leguna would have trouble carrying all that and only a high-order warrior with great endurance like Kurdak could move about freely in that getup.

Annelotte looked concernedly at his equipment and put her guard up. Kurdak's attire was too unsuited for the occasion. He could've put all those items in his dimensional pocket and come to see Leguna in plain clothes. Why would he be wearing it all?

Someone of his level definitely had dimensional pockets. Even if they didn't buy any, the court magi association would make one and assign it to them.

So why would he have them all equipped? She could only come up with one logical, bone-chilling conclusion: he was about to use it!

She was even more alert than before, but she didn't bring it up to Leguna. One of her labels for him was 'treasures friendship'. If she mentioned her suspicion for Kurdak, the stubborn Leguna might even get mad at her. So, she reserved her judgment until Kurdak actually acted.

She didn't panic at all and roughly remembered his capabilities. Currently, Kurdak was at the 16th stratum after years of war, but he still wasn't the match of two gifted like Leguna and Annelotte. Putting aside emotional factors, Leguna might have a slightly tough time dealing with Kurdak, but Annelotte was confident she could defeat him within two minutes.

She couldn't help but feel shocked at her own thoughts. She recalled that her relationship with Kurdak used to be rather good, yet, now she was thinking about how quickly she could defeat him so casually. It seemed that her amnesia did affect the way she saw other people. Did that mean she was being too cold to Leguna?

The thought of that caused her much confusion. She tried her best to clear them out for now, seeing as Leguna had begun making his way to Kurdak. Helping him out to prevent any accidents was the priority.

"Boss, why did you come back alone?" Leguna said happily, "Where's Sis Vera?"

"Ah, she's doing fine." Kurdak cracked a smile and patted Leguna's shoulders. "Kid, you look like you've grown."

"Hehe…" Leguna scratched his head, happy to see him. The care Kurdak had given him was priceless. He was both a father and elder brother to him, and Leguna could feel safe and unworried with him around. Even Annelotte couldn't provide him with that.

That wasn't because Annelotte was weaker than Kurdak. He simply saw her as his cherished woman and his male pride forbade him from leaving anything for her to deal with. He was a man, perhaps a childish one by normal standards, but he wouldn't shirk back and had to stand before his female companions.

"Come, let's go to where Annie is," Kurdak said with a pat to his back and pushed him forward.

"Wow, that was a little too forceful!" If it were anyone else that dared push him like that, he would give them a beating. Only Kurdak could be brash with him!

"But of course. Fighting has been all I've been doing lately!" He then whispered, "Eh, so how's it going? Did you make any progress with Annie?"

"Don't bring it up, boss…" He sounded dejected at the mention of it.

"What's going on? You look like you're heartbroken."

"Annie is…" Leguna took a deep breath. "She lost her memories…"

"What?!" Kurdak said with a start, "I heard something happened to her sometime back, but I heard she only passed out for a few days and reawakened without complications. Where did the amnesia come from?

Leguna gave it some thought before deciding to brief him about it.

Kurdak would never imagine the cute and energetic Innilis would actually poison Annelotte. However, he gave Leguna's chest a light punch. "Alright, Innie's still young so it isn't her fault she's tempted by others. Don't blame her too much. She has had a hard enough life as it is. Forgive her for it this time!"

"I know. And Annie's mostly fine now, anyway. She retained some important memories so her behavior didn't change too much."

"That's good to hear." He stretched his hand out to Annelotte. "Hey, Annie. Do you remember me now?"

"Of course, boss!" She made a plain smile and shook Kurdak's rough hand.

She winced for a second. Kurdak had used a little too much force for a second. Was she overthinking it, or was Kurdak trying to hint something?

Before she understood it, Leguna came over. He felt relieved after seeing Annelotte accept Kurdak so easily.

"Boss, look! She isn't that much different from before!"

She humphed coldly at him as if dissatisfied with how friendly he was being.

"Heh! I can tell that Annie didn't change much towards us, but to you… hehe…"

"Don't burst my bubble, boss!" He looked like he was about to cry.

"Hah! Who asked you to start a harem and get all the beautiful girls? You deserve it!"


Leguna blanked out for a second as if he suddenly thought of something.

"Oh, did you see Miss Lamir? She said she was looking for you!"

"Of course," he said with a slightly gleeful look, "Sigh, that woman wants to be mine so badly and I can't chase her away at all!"

"Drop the act!" Leguna said contemptuously, "You? Chase her away? I wonder how General Manhattan will react if you dare!"

"Hmph! I doubt he can do much against his grandson-in-law!" Kurdak boasted.

"Oh, so have you accepted her?" Annelotte asked.

"I didn't have much of a choice," he said helplessly, "It sure is tough being popular. I finally understand your pain, kid. It must've been tough."


Leguna's tears were just about to flow out, as if he had finally found a kindred soul after 20 long years. He gripped Kurdak's hand emotionally and at a loss for words.

However, Annelotte didn't buy their shtick.

"Boss, did Sis Vera agree?"

"Well--" He scratched his nose awkwardly. "--To be frank, she's kind of freaking out. I don't really know what to do."


Leguna felt a chill down his spine at the thought of an angered Vera.

"I've come here to ask your help. How did you pacify your three women?"

"Boss! Say that again and I'll really get mad!" Annelotte hissed.

"Alright, my bad."

He raised both hands in surrender and looked expectantly at Leguna.

"I… I don't really know."

"Hah! I knew I couldn't rely on you," Kurdak muttered.

"Tch, think of your own way if you're so smart!"

"Hmph!--" Kurdak shook his head a little arrogantly. "--I knew I couldn't count on you, so I already had a thought in mind. But, I'll require both of your help!"

"Sure thing. What is it?"

"Come closer…"

He waved for the three of them to gather in a circle as if they were having a secret discussion.

"This method is…"

Before he finished, a crimson blade shot towards Leguna and Annelotte!

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