Book 4 Chapter 424


As one of the few high-order priests in Melindor and Eirinn's teacher, Madin had advanced to the position of reverend in the Church of the Bright Sun. The church yard was assigned to him by virtue of his post.

This time around, he was also rather eager to help out. Not only did he immediately try to help the unconscious Annelotte and Innilis there, he also provided rooms to Marolyt and the others. He also made sure Leguna's stay was comfortable when he arrived.

After all, their quarters were destroyed by the explosion and they didn't have anywhere to live. It was quite convenient to be given lodging near the church.

Currently, Marolyt and Leguna were talking in Madin's room. It was dawn after heavy snowfall and the sunlight reflecting off the white snow made the city look markedly beautiful. Everyone's moods were soothed by the pleasant weather.

While Annelotte's lost memories was still an overhanging cloud over them, at least she was alive and there could be another chance for recovery in the future. They might as well be optimistic about it.

So, the two men had been discussing how they would gut the culprit this way and that. Annelotte was cherished by both Leguna and Marolyt and anyone that dared to harm her would definitely incur their rage. There couldn't be many in this world who would dare to face the galestorm swordsaint and Dark Requiem at the same time.

But that person showed up nevertheless. She mustered her courage, pushed open the door, and prepared herself to face two of the most powerful people in the human realm.

"What's wrong, Innilis?" Leguna asked when he saw the look on her face.

She definitely didn't get a wink of sleep. Otherwise, how would she look so exasperated? Her black eyes seemed drawn on!

Eirinn knelt without saying a word.

"I was the one who did it!" she articulated each word clearly with all she had.

"What did you say?"

Both Marolyt and Leguna were flabbergasted.

"I said--" She teared up as she grit her teeth. "--This was all… Because of me… I was the one who poisoned Sis Annie…"

"Girl, you aren't lying, are you?"

Mayolyt stood up with his sharp brows locked together. He seemed savage and unrestrained like before and his cold rage seemed to seep out of him.

"No," Innilis said, shaking her head.

Since she had made up her mind, she would take it head-on! When Annelotte said that she didn't recall what happened, she didn't get the relief she felt. Instead, she felt a noose tighten around her neck 'till it was physically hard to breathe.

If Annelotte didn't recall it, Innilis could've escaped scot-free. Who could even fathom the thought of her harming the one who watched after her so much? But even if she could escape detection, she wouldn't be able to run from her own conscience. So long as she remembered what happened, she could only live with the painful burden. It would be much more of a relief to come clean about it.

"You're really not kidding?"

His anger was clear as he stepped forward to press her for the details.

"Pops, calm down!"

Leguna held on to him tightly. He knew that the old man had always been rather hasty. One wrong word from Innilis and she could really die.

Marolyt glared at him but decided to sit down in the end.

"Fine! I'll see how you deal with it!"

"Innie," Leguna said as gently as he could.

He helped her up and asked, "You said that you were the one who poisoned Annie?"



The wooden armrest Marolyt held onto turned into powder in his grip, but he restrained himself and stared at the two coldly.

"Tell me one more time. Did you really poison Annie? Are you sure you're not mistaken? Or did you have other reasons for doing so? Tell me! Tell me everything! I will help you, just don't tell me you really wanted to do it!"

Leguna was on the brink of breakdown from the sudden relevation. He shook Innilis harshly and hoped that it was all a cruel joke.

Innilis couldn't stand it any longer and shrieked.

"No, it was me! It was my fault! I gave her the poison! I made it! I gave it to Sis Annie and lied that it could help recover her energy!"

Leguna's whole body tensed up immediately as his irises turned pure black.

[Calm down, kid! It's Innie!] Gahrona could feel him losing control and used some of her spiritual power to shock some sense back into him.

When his mind cleared up some, he took in a deep breath. After calming down, he asked, "Why?"


She lowered her head even further, but she came clean about everything, including her feelings for him as time passed, the pressure the two beauties around him put her under, her inferiority complex to Annelotte and the corruption of the odd voice.

"An odd voice…"

Leguna's heart skipped a beat. He recalled the girl he met in the Stokian capital, Sasha, was also corrupted by an odd voice. He had no time to deal with this now, however, as Marolyt was losing his patience.

"Just because of that?!--" Marolyt smashed the table into smithereens and stood up to glare at her. "--Just because of your jealousy and your puppy love for this stinking kid, you tried to kill my daughter? To kill the Annie that looked after you all this time? Is that so?!"

"Yes--" She looked as if her soul was sapped out of her. "--It's because of all that. I'm a venomous, vindictive, and jealous woman…"

When he heard her admit it, Leguna's vision went black. He struggled to stay conscious and spat out fresh blood as he slumped to the ground. He struggled to back away and seemed as if he didn't even have the energy to stand up.

"Big Bro…"

Innilis gasped and darted forward to help him, but he shoved her aside. Her short stature, just 1.6 meters, couldn't endure his strength and she was sent rolling across the floor.

She no longer cared about her pain. Her heart shattered with the fall. Leguna had pushed her aside hatefully.

The same Leguna who had risked his life to protect her! He'd always spoiled her, but now he was pushing her away with hate in his eyes.

Innilis closed her eyes in despair. She had predicted this long ago and had prepared herself. But she'd still been woefully ill-prepared for this. Her face drowned in tears again.

Marolyt could not stomach this soap opera any longer. He whisked out Azureflash and raised it at Innilis.

"I was talking to Leguna about how we should torture the culprit. But since you used to be Annie's friend, I'll give you a quick death. I'll kill anyone who dares to hurt Annie. Any objections?"

"No…" she said crestfallenly, "I deserve it. I won't blame anyone."


Marolyt brought Azureflash down at the girl's neck.


Leguna stood in front of her and blocked Marolyt' strike with Lighteater. However, he was so weak he couldn't even take a casual strike from Marolyt. His abdomen had been torn open from the impetus around Marolyt's sword.

"You tried to stop me in the end…"

Marolyt hissed as his gaze froze.

"Pops," Leguna struggled out, "Can you leave this to me? There are still questions that need answering."

"No excuses!" Marolyt barked, "What else is there to ask? She admitted to everything! What do you want? Leave her beside Annie and let her plot against my daughter again?! Move away!"

Leguna didn't respond. He didn't have anything to say. Even so, he refused to move as well.

Innilis saw his back and her eyes seemed hopeful once more.

"Step aside."


"Step aside!"


"I'll cut you into pieces with her."


Leguna didn't say a word, but he didn't move.

"Step. Aside!"

Marolyt's impetus blasted outwards and he shot a lethal sword ray at Leguna at half power. He was going to kill this bastard today.

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