Book 4 Chapter 405

Learning to Resist

"Sasha, go clean the lavatory! Make sure it's spotless!" a haughty middle-aged woman shouted.

"Yes, Madam!" the figure called Sasha answered, speeding up her hands washing dishes.

Once she finished the last dish, she wiped her hands on her apron and headed for the lavatory.

"Isn't that your job, Miss Dallis?" Leguna said with a furrowed brow as he grabbed onto the raggedly breathing Sasha as he happened to pass by.

"Why's a temporary server here to butt into our business?"

For some reason, Dallis feared this temporary server. It was an irrational feeling, but one that was no less real. Her woman's intuition tended to be more accurate than others'.

"I just can't stomach lazy people who bully others, that's all," Leguna said with a casual shrug, "Why don't we get the butler here to straighten things out and see who's in the wrong, eh?"

Dallis didn't think the kid called Jaehart would be that reckless. Did he not care about the silvers he could earn at all? Even if he didn't, Dallis cared about her job!

After some consideration, the maid working in Sartre's mansion eyed Leguna hatefully and took the cleaning tools from Sasha before unwillingly shuffling to the lavatory to do her job.

Leguna looked at the girl, who had her head lowered like she had committed a mistake and said in an annoyed tone, "Do you really not know how to resist at all?"

Sasha remained silent and kept her head even lower as if she was being admonished.

Leguna looked at her without knowing how to react. He stretched his hand out and stroked her soft, blonde hair and said, "Whatever. At least you have me here. If you're bullied again, tell me and I'll help you. But why do I feel like you're trying to avoid me?"

"It's nothing… Thank you, Big Brother Jaehart," she replied with a flushed face.

Leguna didn't press the question and only thought Sasha just wasn't that familiar with him yet. "I can't be by your side all the time, so I hope you learn to fight back."

"If I do, they'll bully me even more," she whimpered.

"Fight back regardless," Leguna said as his hand messed up her hair, "You see, if you're always so obedient, even I feel like picking on you! But if you resist, something else might happen."

She hesitated for a moment and could only struggle to look up at him with her head pressed down on by his hand.

"Try it!" he said with an encouraging smile.

Sasha carefully stretched out her little hand and pushed Leguna's hand off her head.

Leguna cooperated and pulled his hand away cooperatively. It was her first act of resistance and she had succeeded.

"Just like that. Look, if you don't resist, the bully will feel even more power over you and double down on it. Even though they might still bully you if you do resist, at least there's a chance they might come to fear you and stop. That's the difference."

"Is that really true?" she said with a look of disbelief.

"Since when have I lied to you?--" He rolled his eyes. "--Alright, it is a small step, but one step nevertheless. As long as you dare to try, it will get better. Trust me."

When he finished, he turned and left.

"Big Brother Jaehart…" she yelled.


"Where are you going after this job?" she asked hesitantly with a complicated look in her eyes. It didn't sound like a simple question.

Leguna didn't give it much thought. He repeated what he memorized from the profile of the character he played.

"Who knows? Maybe somewhere else for more work! I have to feed myself, after all."

"Can--" she blushed, "Can you take me along? I feel… happy and safe when I'm with you."


Leguna hesitated. He could definitely choose to lie and promise her that. But if he just packed and left like this, she would definitely end up quite disappointed. So, he didn't choose to do so. "I'm afraid that won't do. I'll be going far away and you might not be able to keep up. Don't you also have to take care of your mother?"

"I do…" she said, her disappointment painfully apparent.

"Don't be sad. If fate allows it, we will meet again. Maybe I can come to your house to be your guest!"

"That's a promise!"

Some glow returned to her eyes when she heard that.

"A promise!"

He waved and left.


Leguna had worked as a server there for two days. It was currently noon of the third day. Last night, Sartre showed off Leguna's equipment to his guests openly but Leguna didn't choose to act.

First, there were too many people on the scene. The risks were huge.

Second, he couldn't quite shake his worry for Sasha. He hadn't met such an obedient and pleasant girl before. Compared to her, even Eirinn could be considered a spunky girl. So, he decided to stay a few days to watch over her. It wouldn't be too late to act after the exhibition was over.

The night was like a disaster to the servants. Putting Sasha aside, even Leguna was busy to no end. He had to refill wine somewhere, deliver additional steak servings and distribute utensils all over.

He worked for three whole days and eventually it felt like the night's work was quite comparable to a whole day's work in the bureau.

Thankfully, he wasn't a real server. If he had to listen to the beckons of some noble old man any longer, he would go retrieve his equipment and scram.

But for the next two days, he still had to play the role of a lowly servant. One of the noble old men was in a bad mood for some reason or another and ran into Leguna blocking his way. He didn't give it any thought and smacked him on the face. If Leguna didn't care for his safety, he would've made two shadow swords to cut the man's fatty head off.

He did manage to endure it either way. Even though it was tiring and aggravating, things were going relatively smoothly. It was best to keep a low profile and stay vigilant when in enemy territory.


Deep into the night, Sasha laid on her bed sleeplessly.

[Impossible… why would Big Brother Jaehart…] The brazier wasn't working well, so she hugged her sheets tight partly because of the cold and also because of the fear.

[Are you still calling him Jaehart?] a voice identical to Sasha's said, [He's not Jaehart! He's Leguna! Leguna Dark Requiem! The head of the bureau of military intelligence and the mastermind behind your brother's death!]

[Is he a bad person?] Sasha thought.

[That's right! He's the one who destroyed your family!] the voice said with certainty.

[It can't be! Big Brother Jaehart took care of me so well over the past few days. He can't be that mean Dark Requiem! Impossible!] Sasha stubbornly refused to believe it.

[He's only trying to use you! That way, he can appear like a normal person and blend into the crowd. When the time is right, he'll abandon you and achieve his goal!] the voice said.

[What's his goal?]

[His goal? How would I know? Most likely, he's here to set a trap in the millennium capital or something else. What I do know is that it probably wouldn't turn out good. The millennium capital might end up like the last Seatide!

"It can't be…"

She clutched her sheets even tighter and sobbed softly, but everyone was no asleep and nobody picked up on the crying.

[You have to stop him! Stand up to him! Avenge your brother and the warriors who died at Seatide!]

{No! I… I can't do it… I don't dare!} The voice said he was Dark Requiem! How would she dare to fight someone like him?

[You can. Didn't he tell you to learn to resist bravely? Otherwise, you'll only ever be on the receiving end of the bullying!] the voice said harshly.

[This is something he taught you, so he must feel really bad if you take your revenge on him, won't it? So, you have t avenge your brother now! All your misfortunes were caused by him! You have to resist and return the pain! Let him taste the sensation of what you lost! You deserve it!]

[No… No…]

Her voice began to distort with uncertainty.

[Oh, and, your mother needs money, right? Lots of it? These silvers you will earn are not enough at all. If you kill him, you'll get hundreds, no, thousands of gold coins! It's a sum that can change your life completely!]

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