Book 4 Chapter 399



Leguna's jaw dropped. It was wide enough to fit a whole apple through it. He rode around Lamir twice and looked at her with his neck stretched out like he was looking at a rare specimen.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Is there anything on my face?" Lamir said with a flushed face, unable to stand his odd gaze.

It was embarrassing enough to announce what she just did, but the odd reaction of the youth made her quite uncomfortable. Even a burly man like Kurdak wouldn't necessarily know how to react to that.

"No, I was just surprised that this was how it all developed. It's completely different from the script I had in mind!" Leguna said, puzzled, "Do you really like Boss?"

"Of course. I, Lamir, have my sights on Kurdak, so what? You wanna stand up for your Sis Vera and kill me or something?" she said haughtily.

She knew she couldn't hold back at this point in time. Otherwise, she wouldn't be making any progress regardless.

"Not really," he said with a nonchalant shake of his head, "Even though I won't allow boss and Sis Vera to part, I'm not against boss having ties with another woman either."

"Well of course! You of all people have the least right to comment about that!" Lamir mocked, "You alone took the hearts of three girls! You have no right to object at all! Hmph! Come to think of it, you men are all like that!"

"Oh, geez, sorry for disappointing you then."

Leguna felt his interactions with women always gave him the short end of the stick. For that, he had to endure being called a lecher by Alaine, being beaten by Marolyt, and being envied by Kurdak. And now, even Lamir didn't seem to be able to tolerate his actions.

Darn it! You think I wanted this to happen?!

Ah, wait… I did… I want my harem! I want to hug all these girls in my arms! Is that wrong? Jealous? Do the same if you think you can! So what if I get flak for it? No pain, no gain after all! You'll never understand! Wahahahaha!

Leguna then said, "But I recall that you stopped your advances after seeing how close-knit boss and Sis Vera were. Why are you back at it again?"

After a moment of silence, Lamir looked at the distant forest and replied, "Cause I'm not willing to let it just be."


"I'm Manhattan's granddaughter and the heiress of the Rodelas household. Even though I don't really go about daily life as a scion, even I have my own pride! How is it that I should give up on the man I fell for just because someone got to him sooner? I'm not willing to give up."

"Just because of that?"

"What? Not good enough a reason for you?" she said with a furrowed brow.

"Well, I think it's a little lacking," he said with a shake of his head, "Even if you don't want to give up, you could always make your move when you see Boss. You didn't have to rush headfirst into a dangerous like the battlefield alone without an escort. Hehe, there must be some other reason, right?"

Lamir gave him a surprised look. "I thought you were just some airheaded brat given how cheerful and carefree you usually act. I didn't think you'd be that observant."

"But of course. Didn't my job tip you off even a bit?" Leguna said gleefully.

"You're right," she sighed, "There's another reason I was so anxious to seek Kurdak out."

"What is it?"

"Well… Grandpa is forcing me to get married," she said, her face reddening with every word.

Surprised, Leguna teased, "Oh? I wonder which fortunate young man has the fortune of taking Miss Lamir as his wife…"

"If you dare mock me, I'll show you!" she said with a fierce glare.

Leguna shirked his head back awkwardly. Thanks to Annelotte, Leguna thought he might be suffering from mild gynophobia. Teasing was one thing, but angering women and suffering much pain and grief for it had been ingrained deep within his mind.

"It's Kanjiras, Finance Minister Andro's second son," she said helplessly.

"Oh, him…"

Leguna recalled seeing that fellow during the post-tournament banquet in Hocke. Geoffrey was the one that introduced them.

Later, Leguna found that Kanjiras had quite the reputation in the royal capital. The reason for that was due to a huge scandal that spread all throughout Melindor.

Second sons in noble families usually didn't have the status of the first son. However, Andro's first son died from a terminal illness, so Kanjiras became the sole heir of the family.

Due to his father's position, Kanjiras led a really privileged life. It was said that he even popped his cherry with a maidservant when he was twelve. Ever since then, it all went downhill and his obsession with women had reached insane levels.

Andro was also well aware of what his son had been up to. In terms of capability, Andor himself was only average, but what he had which others didn't was his careful observation skills.

He knew the limits of his capabilities, and being the finance minister was the furthest he could go in his career. He had served his post for nearly a decade and his care and attention made sure that the finances of the empire were in order. Larwin appreciated his talents and allowed him to continue to serve dutifully.

But even someone that careful like him had moments of carelessness. Five years ago, Andro had a secret mistress which nobody else, not even his wife, was aware of.

The reason he didn't openly house his mistress at home was his fear for his wife at home and worry that it would damage his reputation. Additionally, the thrill of his secret rendezvous was a welcome reliever of his stress. He would visit his mistress once or twice in a week and was careful to plan his trips.

But it so happened that Kanjiras coincidentally bumped into Andro's mistress when he was out. He did have a good eye for women and the mistress was in her mid-twenties and sported a great look and a nice, seductive figure.

Instantly charmed, Kanjiras sent someone to tail the mistress and found her address at last.

What transpired later wasn't anything complicated, He made a visit on one fine day and planned to get intimate with her. Given that the mistress was lonely and bored in her home most of her time, she quite welcomed her mysterious noble guest.

Yet, Andro chose that night to make his visit. The father and son glanced at each other and screamed shit in their hearts.

In the end, the old schemer reacted quicker and screamed to chase Kanjiras out of the residence of his mistress.

Perhaps the old man was embarrassed that his affair was found out, he screamed and scolded his son as he chased him through the streets to deflect his embarrassment for the residents nearby to listen.

As a result, Kanjiras's womanizer reputation spread throughout the city. But while most people were aware that he was chased down his father for being caught in the act, they didn't know the one he tried to court was his father's mistress.

The only reason Leguna knew about the details was his position as the head of the bureau. He also believed Larwin's monitors were fully aware of the situation, but the emperor didn't really mind the scandal. Andro's little hobbies didn't really harm anyone and he didn't bother with it. He didn't expect his finance minister to be a celibate monk after all.

But after finding out that Lamir's suitor was Kanjiras, Leguna could understand why she would be so anxious about it. The man was a frequent visitor of brothels and it was no overstatement to call him a spoiled young master.

While Lamir wasn't nearly as impressive as Annelotte, she was a high-order priestess after all. It was no surprise she couldn't even stomach the thought of being married to someone like that. If she hadn't escaped from her grandfather's, she would no doubt have to meet up with the fool Kanjiras if she went to Melindor.

To avoid that tragic fate, she chose to break free from her grandfather's grasp in a fit of rage to seek out Kurdak. Since the man could do so much for Vera, surely he would step in to offer her some aid. He did say to seek him out if she got into any trouble, after all, so she would hold him to his word and see if he would honor it.

"I heard Kurdak's unit is stationed just nearby, so I snuck out of the camp to look for him. I didn't think I wouldn't be able to find him and run into Stokian scouts instead! How unfortunate! Thankfully I bumped into you. I guess I owe you a favor now."

"How do you intend to repay me then?"

"Hah, dream on! I'll see if you dare to get even with me after I become your boss's wife," she glared.

It seemed that she was determined to get her way. She had already assumed the air of Leguna's 'elder-sister-in-law'.

The boy shirked again and asked carefully, "Then… do you need any help?"

"No, I can find him myself!" she said with a confident smile.

"Then… I guess this is where we part ways?"

"Sure. You be careful and watch out for yourself."

She didn't ask where he was headed to by nature of his occupation.

"Hmmm… Then, take care, Sister-in-law."

"You really have a way with words, eh? You take care too!"

She smiled and left without turning back.

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