Book 4 Chapter 374

Annelotte's Arrival

[Are you certain you want to do that?] Gahrona couldn't help but ask Leguna who was gearing up.

[If I don't kill him, how can I face Eirinn? She's been out for three days!] He grit his teeth tight. [Saron dared to torture Eirinn like this before me, so he better be ready to die!]

[Looks like I won't be able to stop you,] she said with a sigh. [Don't forget that he knows you're coming.]

[Doesn't matter. I have to kill him.]

Gahrona mulled it over for a moment and said, [Forget it, do whatever you want! Even though I'm your teacher, I can't lay everything out for you to do. I won't stop you if you choose this, not like I can do anything about this, anyway. But, you have to remember one thing.]

[What is it?]

[I won't let you use Host of Darkness beyond the 8th stage. Even if you're about to be killed by him, I won't let you use that power. Remember, seven's the limit!] she said with a solemness never before heard.

While he didn't quite understand what she meant, he didn't feel like arguing about it. He gave a cursory nod and said, [I understand. I'll use that power carefully.]

[Remember! 7th stage only!] she repeated.

[Got it.]


Leguna looked at the unconscious Eirinn, her face still filled with fear and pain. He moved a few hairs away and revealed her terrifying face in its entirety.

Even though people would have nightmares after seeing her face, he found it so pure and cute. Perhaps he was just used to it.

"I will crush this pain you've been feeling all this time. I will also make those who dare harm you disappear. This is my promise to you, and also my token of gratitude. Eirinn, wait for me."

He leaned down with the intent on kissing her forehead, but after a hesitant pause, he went for her lips instead.

"I'll come back in a few days," he said before he left.

"Big Brother Leguna... Don't... go..." she mumbled in her sleep after the door was shut.

The commander of the camp stood outside the door with his aide obediently There were also two medics outside on standby.

"Sir Leguna..." The commander saluted. He knew that the half-elf priestess had suffered a huge shock which sent Leguna into a mad frenzy.

Even though it wasn't expressed that obviously, the high-order commander could feel the air of danger radiating from him. No mistakes would be tolerated!

"Commander Wutz, I'll leave her in your care," he said sincerely after a bow.

"Please don't worry, Sir Leguna. I will have my personal guards make sure Miss Eirinn's safe. These two are the best medics our unit have. With them here, Miss Eirinn will be fine," the man hurriedly said.

"Then I'm counting on you." Leguna bowed to the rest before he took out a letter from his pocket. "This is a letter I wrote and I need you to send this to our bureau in Melindor. Address it to Xeno."

Leguna was no blind fool. He knew his excursion might cost him his life, but he couldn't stop himself from going at the sight of her suffering. No matter what, he needed to seek Saron out.

He left some instructions on what to do for the bureau, but he didn't mention what they ought to do if he died. He couldn't care less anyway if he really did. As for Eirinn and Innilis, he believed that Kurdak and Annelotte would take care of them.

Though, that was only a precaution. He didn't think he stood completely no chance. Even if he didn't use Host of Darkness to its full capacity, with the 7th stage's power and the element of surprise, there's a good chance he would succeed.

"I will see to it, Sir." The commander agreed without any questions. He didn't know where Leguna was going or what was written in the letter, but since Leguna gave the order, he would do as he said.

"Then I'll be dealing with some other matters. I'll leave her in your care," he repeated, before he rode away from the camp.


The next day, Eirinn finally regained consciousness. She opened her eyes gradually and noticed a woman dressed in military uniform carefully feeding her some liquid food.

"Oh, you're awake," the female soldier said with a hint of joy, "Nice to meet you, Miss Eirinn. I'm the adjutant of Commander Wutz, Christine. I've been sent here to take care of you after you collapsed."

Eirinn's eyes widened as she looked at the corner of her bed in fear, as if the woman was a threat to her.

"Don't be afraid, Miss Eirinn." She got into a non-hostile pose with both her hands raised. "We won't harm you."

"Big Brother Leguna..." She looked around in a daze and when she noticed his absence, tears flowed down her cheeks. "Where's Big Brother Leguna? Where has he gone? Does he not want me anymore? Teacher's dead... Big Brother Alpacino's dead too... and now Big Brother Leguna doesn't want to be with me... What should I do?"

Even though her crying face only exaggerated her ugliness, Christine had her orders. Patiently, she said, "Sir Leguna has gone to deal with some matters and will return in a few days. Don't worry. Nobody here will harm you. It's safe here."

"No... it's not! You're lying to me!" she said as she bawled, "He doesn't want me anymore... I'll be sold off as a slave and beaten... I don't want to be beaten... I don't want to eat rotting food... Waaaah..."

Christine looked helplessly at the half elf. She was almost completely gone. Now, she trusted only Leguna, and he was nowhere to be seen. What should she do?

Christine gave it some thought and got the two medics to enter. "Take care of Miss Eirinn for now. I'll report to Commander Wutz about this."


"Is that so?" Wutz furrowed his brow. He had promised he would take care of Eirinn before Leguna left, but now, she was crying her heart out nonstop. What would he do if she got even worse?

"Sir, what should we do?" Christine asked.

"We'll write a letter about Miss Eirinn's situation and send it to Melindor."

"To whom?"

"Miss Annelotte. I heard she has a good relationship with Sir Leguna, so perhaps she'll know what to do about this. Make sure to send it as an urgent document. I want it there in a day!"

"Yes, Sir."


Wutz believed his idea was quite good, but he didn't expect Annelotte to react so drastically to it. She used transference spells and quick travel on horseback to arrive within a day.

"What's going on?" Annelotte didn't even bother to greet and went straight to the matter. She had focused all her attention on the magic cannon research, so she was unaware of what happened to Eirinn and Fort Kesta.

Wutz was stunned for three good seconds from her looks, but he soon snapped out of it. He hurriedly saluted and said, "Well, I'm not sure about the details, but Miss Eirinn somehow collapsed and when she woke up, she kept asking for Sir Leguna. But he's out to deal with some matters."

"He's not here? Where's he gone?" She furrowed her brow troubledly. Wutz's explanation was too barebones. She didn't have a good grasp on the situation, but she knew it wasn't time for that. When she heard that Eirinn was under great duress and only wanted a brief assessment of the situation.

She ignored the mana it would cost her to use transference spells that often and sped to Eirinn's side as quickly as she could.

"Miss Eirinn had stabilized a little over the past two days. At least, she isn't as terrified as before. But she's still under great stress and I worry for her health, so I wrote you a letter," Wutz explained.

"Alright, I understand. Thanks for your work here. Leave the rest to me."

"There are guards outside the room and ask them if you need anything. We'll be counting on you," Wutz said before he left.

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