Book 4 Chapter 331

Loss of Control and Promise

After slicing Kadir's arm off with Ebony, Leguna slashed pierced the dagger into his back and picked his angle carefully so as to not hurt Kadir's heart.

After that, he clutched Kadir's neck with his left hand and lifted him up before sending him flying with a kick.

"Ebony's Cruse -- Pain! Ebony's Curse, Rot!" Leguna yelled with his weapon raised.

"Aaaaagh!" Kadir let out an ear-numbing groan.

The power of the curses alone shouldn't have been able to cause a mid-order magus like Kadir so much pain. But as he was heavily wounded, he wasn't able to muster even half of his power, allowing Leguna to begin torturing him with the curses.

"Hahahahaha!" Leguna licked his lips and laughed maniacally.

"Big Bro... Leguna..." Severe pain assailed Innilis and that was the last thing she could say before she fainted.


[Kid! Kid!] Gahrona sent a metal rush to Leguna.

"Ugh..." he groaned audibly in pain.

[Have you finally snapped out of it?!] she cried.

[I...] He looked at both hands and saw that they were covered with fresh blood. Kadir had already been turned into a corpse. But thanks to Gahrona, it hadn't been turned into mincemeat like Nabir had back when he killed Jaehart and Minnie.

[Are you back in the right mind?] she asked, struggling to suppress her anger.

[Just now, I...]

[Just now? You actually left the injured and unconscious Innie on the ground because of your desire for revenge against that stupid magus!] she mocked.

[How's she now?!] He felt a chill down his spine. If something happened to Innilis while he was out of control, he might hate himself for life. Maybe, he'd even take his own life.

[How is she? What do you think?] she mercilessly said, [she was already quite badly injured from the explosion just now. How long do you think the weak girl can last if you continue to ignore her?]

[No... no! Impossible... Innie...] Desperation filled his voice.

[If you really understand the weight of the situation, stop being so reckless and emotional! Torture? Venting? Aren't you a bigshot, Sir Leguna? I admit that sometimes, people have to be punished for their sins. But before doing so, make sure to be aware of the situation! Don't lose control and turn into an idiot every time something happens! If you continue to be like that, I'll ignore you for good!]

[Innie...] It was as if he couldn't hear her scolding at all. He was wallowing in endless regret and despair. [Even though I made it in time... and stopped him... But because of me... Noooo!]

[Listen here!] she shrieked again, [Gerd took Innie away already! She'll be fine after the priests heal her!]

[Really?] Life began to return to him.

[Since when have I lied to you?] Her tone then changed for the colder. [Don't think you'll get off this easily!]

[Alright, fine...] He relaxed after hearing that Innilis was fine. Anything else no longer mattered.

[Hey! You lost control again! It's a huge deal! You have to control this! Otherwise, you won't be able to protect your precious Innie, Eirinn and Annie! Keep yourself restrained, not just for your sake, but theirs too! I don't want anything like this happening again, no matter what! If it does, I can guarantee that you won't have the tears to regret something like this!]

[Yes, I'll take your teachings to heart!] he seriously said, without the slightest hint of sarcasm.

The issue was that his berserk state was as its name implied. He lost control not out of his own volition. Ideally, even he would want to retain his calm at all times. But every time someone he treasured was in danger, he felt that he fell into and endless abyss. Within it, no pity, empathy, and worry could be found, only endless malice and bloodlust. It was as if he thought he would no longer get hurt anymore after killing every single person in the world.

He wanted to stop that from happening as well. During the past year, he had done his best to prevent that from happening, but he broke the streak when Innilis was in real danger.

Gahrona sighed powerlessly and said in a gentler tone, [Come to think of it, you really can't be blamed for hit...]


[Even I am not confident I'll be able to withstand the corrosion of the darkness... It's something that fellow left behind after al,] she said wistfully.

[What are you talking about, Teacher?]

[Hehe...] She didn't answer that question and continued to mumble, [If you humans who become heaven's chosen really are that easy to control, I'd be looking down at those lofty fools above.]

After making up her mind, she said, [Forget it, Ley. I don't expect you to not make a single mistake. But I need you to promise me one thing: protect these girls no matter what happens! No matter what kind of pain you're going through. You must promise me to never give up hope no matter what. Fight for the sake of those girls! Can you do that for me?]

[Of course! You didn't need to remind me!] He got his emotions in order and said, [I've long set my mind on it. I will definitely strive hard for them! It isn't just a promise to you, it's a promise to myself!]

Gahrona mulled about in silence. [Then, I'll look forward to what you have to show for it.]



Annelotte felt rather restless for some reason. She knew that it was an irrational gut feeling, but it bothered her nevertheless. She could clearly remember the last time she had that premonition. It was when she was bathing more than a year ago when Vera and Kurdak were captured by the Eye.

That was why she was on full guard. Even though a good night's sleep was hard to come by, she wanted to remain prepared for what would come. It bothered her that something might be happening while she was deep in sleep.

Can it be a stalker? she couldn't help but wonder. It wasn't some first time some deviants devoted their time to following her around. Ever since she participated in the tournament hosted by the empire, she gained the reputation as Chino's most beautiful.

Ever since then, she noticed quite a number of pitiful male stalkers observing her from hiding. That only abated after she joined the tightly guarded bureau.

Yet, she didn't expect that stalkers would come scurying the first day she returned to Galestorm Manor.

Aren't they afraid of father? she thought. Some stalkers had shown up in the manor before, but they were chased away by an enraged Marolyt. Had she and Lisana not tried their best to stop him, he would've cut those poor sods apart with Azureflash.

So, she thought that some suicidal stalker had come for her. Then again, it was the first time she felt that aware of someone's presence. Could they really have hidden their presence from her sleeping father in the other wing? If that was the case, then they were definitely quite capable. Perhaps she should introduce them to the bureau to work under Leguna.

Right as she was thinking that, a fatal slash of air coursed towards her. Annelotte started and evaded with a jump uncharacteristic of magi, narrowly avoiding the strike.

"Oh?!" the assassin mused as he walked through the entrance and glared at Annelotte.

"I didn't think that a young magus like you could actually avoid my Crazy Blade Dance. Congratulations," said the assassin confidently.

Annelotte collected herself and cursed, something she rarely did. "Moron!"

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