Book 3 Chapter 210


Leguna stood up and jumped backwards. His body curved in an arc as he jumped through the air to avoid Annelotte’s spell.

Though it failed to connect, Annelotte didn’t look dissatisfied. Instead, a smile crept onto her face.

Finally getting serious, eh? she thought.

[Annie’s dictating as quickly as I can swing my sword!] Leguna couldn’t help but comment. He was only barely holding on. An assassin’s damage-dealing capability couldn’t compare to a magus’s in the end. If he were stabbed by Balor, he could still run around fine. But if he was hit by one of Annelotte’s spells, he would be at least half dead, if not entirely.

[I told you, you aren’t her match,] Gahrona said nonchalantly. She was rather delighted at the sight of Leguna being suppressed, [Don’t forget Annie’s a magus. That’s the scariest class. Don’t think just because you managed to kill two idiots that you are strong. If you meet a strong magus, you might not even stand a chance to figure out how you lost.]

{I have my hands full already. Leave the comments for later, Teacher!] Leguna shrieked as he dodged two ice arrows, an ice beam, and a fireball.

He just noticed a centimeter of his hair had been singed off and half his face was charred black. He also had two frost burns. They weren’t serious, but the crowd could tell he would lose soon if nothing changed.

Annelotte continued with an ethereal smile on her face. She calmly dictated spell after spell. Though none harmed Leguna too badly, they reduced him to a miserable state. She felt an odd satisfaction at watching the brat squirm in pain. She didn’t have to worry about mana thanks to her robe, so she just kept going.

She unleashed two more glacial blades and stopped things at that for the time being.

[Phew, she’s finally worn out.] Leguna’s tongue dangled on his chin like a dog’s. His black hair now had two distinct lengths, and his body was pockmarked with wounds.

[Hihi.] Gahrona snickered.

Annelotte smiled in satisfaction at the bedraggled sight of the brat. She placed a thin finger on her luscious, pink lips.

Hmmm... I’ve used most of the evocation spells. Let’s try some conjuration spells!

Leguna finally got a taste of all the variety magic had to offer; stun spells, oil spells, weakening spells, and more. Most laughably, he almost got hit by Stupefaction Touch, which would have turned him into a fool for a short moment, not that it would have made much difference.

He was once again forced to dance. Faced with so many spells, probably about as many as he could throw out shadow needles, he cried like a hyena.

“The heeeeeeck!”

The pressure kept mounting and Leguna kept getting pushed deeper and deeper into a hole, but it eventually lightened for a moment. He used the moment of reprieve to dash at his opponent.

[Tch, she’s been playing around a little too much. She’s used up too much mana...] Gahrona complained worryingly. Annelotte had dictated 50 low-level spells at least. She did it so quickly others were completely mesmerized, but it consumed a massive amount of mana. She should be running out soon, or should she?

[Who are you rooting for, really?]

[Annie of course,] his teacher replied without hesitation, [I hate certain kinds of people, and womanizers are one of them. I’m a woman as well, so it goes without saying I’ll root for my own kind. Hmph, if you weren’t my disciple, I wouldn’t feel the slightest bit bad if Annie roasted you with a fireball.]

Leguna was speechless. Vera, Innilis, Annelotte... Leguna suddenly realized that, apart from Eirinn, all the women around him were fierce. Gahrona also seemed to want to be one of them.

He suddenly had an odd thought: if Gahrona could be seen, the female orc might just form some anti-patriarchy feminist union. She might lead the three girls to oppress poor little men like him.

The thought made him balk at the notion that he had to get Gahrona a physical form again.

Aren’t I just digging my own grave?

It appeared he was correct. Annelotte’s mood had improved somewhat thanks to beating him. At least, her expression seemed much warmer and softer than before. It was still the same ice-cold face, there was a hint of joy in her gaze. She looked plainly at him, her hands behind her back radiating a magical glow.

That’s enough playing around. Time to end this, she thought.

Leguna was only five meters away. She released the magic in one of her hands and vanished into thin air.

Blink spell again!

Leguna reacted quickly. He turned around and searched for his opponent.

He was utterly flabbergasted by what he saw. Dozens of Annelottes filled the arena. She had dictated the mirage spell a number of times, causing dozens of ‘Annelottes’ to face him.

The first moved and waved her hand during her dictation and sent out a petrification spell. Leguna moved to dodge, but the next Annelotte had begun her dictation. Leguna dodged again, and the third started dictating at the same moment. This happened over and over.

How can she split her attention to this extent?!

This time, both Leguna and Gahrona were stupefied.

Gahrona knew the mirage spell had similarities with Balor’s Shadow Clone. They could maintain their avatars with their will to fight. But even Balor could only control one at a time. Annelotte’ could make eight fight at the same time!

Leguna also knew most of the mirages were just illusory avatars, so he could only gamble. He used Shadowedge and gathered a bunch of shadow needles before flinging them at the mirages. Those struck dissipated right away, but he was struck by a few beams in return. Fortunately, they were also illusions and didn’t have any real effect.

But just as Leguna was about to charge in for victory, his body froze. The real Annelotte had struck him with a petrification spell.

The genuine glacial girl approached him slowly. The hint of joy in her eyes had vanished, replaced by a cold sense of pride. She dictated as she accosted him. The petrification spell lost its effect at around the same time she reached him.

But Leguna remained unmoving. Annelotte’s last spell had manifested. She had charged up all her mana and was ready to fire at any moment. With but a single twitch, she could shoot it at him and he would not be able to dodge.

Death’s Finger!

Leguna stared at her in disbelief. He was shocked. Shocked at her strength. Even Gahrona, who had quite a good guess at her abilities, didn’t think she would surpass her expectations this much. She had completely dominated Leguna without his Host of Darkness! Leguna couldn’t believe it either, especially not that she was willing to use Death’s Finger on him.

“Surrender,” she mouthed coldly.

Leguna opened his mouth slightly, but only a grief-ridden smile came out. He raised his right hand slowly.

Annelotte didn’t dissipate her spell even after the judges reacted to Leguna’s gesture. As if to vent, she shot it past Leguna’s cheek into the wall behind him.

“Do.. do you really hate me that much?” Leguna forced the words out, his head lowered, “You... you used Death’s Finger.”

Annelotte was taken aback, but she didn’t answer.

“If that’s really so. I’m sorry,” Leguna murmured, “Sorry for hurting you. It’s my fault.”

Annelotte’s eyes reddened slightly, but she recalled the thing a certain someone assigned her. She hardened her heart and spoke coldly.

“Understand now? You’re too weak.”

“I do...”

“If you still want to protect... those around you... get better. You said you wanted to protect me, but how can you protect someone stronger than you? You certainly can’t even support me with things comparable like what I already have. You just make me laugh.”

“I know.”

“It’s not just power, though. You have no authority either. You can be however strong you want, but you can’t compare against a thousand strong enemies.”

“Power and authority, huh?”

Is that what you look up to? Will only this attract you?"

“Yes. Power and authority. You can only protect people once you have those, and a lot of them.”

“If... If I get them, will you come to my side?”

He didn’t know whether he would be happy at hearing her reply. She had changed. Her words did not sound like her own. Or at least, he hoped they were not her own.

“You only get to ask that question once you already have them.” Annelotte didn’t think she could go on, so she turned and left quickly. Behind her, Leguna looked at the ground blankly as if his soul had been hollowed out.

Sorry, but... her thoughts lingered.

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