Book 3 Chapter 196

Facing Legg

Leguna was struck flying. His legs rubbed badly against the ground and beat up a cloud of dust. However, he managed to maintain his balance and stopped before standing back up.

"You're still not going to use your gifts?" Legg frowned. The youth was much harder to deal with than he had imagined. He'd been holding out for 30 minutes despite not using his gifts. Things were going south. It took his gifts to fight on equal grounds with an enemy that was not using theirs; he would lose once his enemy started using their gifts.

The audience watched anxiously. The young assassin's performance had shattered their expectations. His movements were smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. His attacks were sinister and unpredictable -- fast and clean like a lightning bolt yet ethereal like a spirit's and lethal like the sharpest blade. No one thought the inconspicuous youth had such terrifying abilities.

While he wasn't Legg's match, the crowd were beginning to expect great things. He had hidden his true power at the start of the tournament, so he might well still be hiding some even now.

The two fighters had exchanged blows for more than 20 minutes. Leguna had been at a disadvantage consistently, but had never been pushed into a desperate situation. His accuracy and control were superior to his enemy, and, combined with his incredible speed and agility, it let him hold out for half an hour. His opponent's body had numerous wounds on his body, but the giant seemed to be oblivious.

"You really want to see my gifts?" asked Leguna after catching his breath.

"I'm just curious," Legg shrugged, "There's also that lass called Annelotte. She was a water swayer. I'm sure you know."

"Of course I do."

"I'm really curious about your gifts. I can feel you have a strong affinity for darkness and shadows, stronger than mine for earth. Your gifts ought to be incredible. Why won't you use them?"

"It's tiring. I also don't want to kill you outright, it would be such a waste."

"My tribe believe power must be on display. It is disgraceful and disrespectful to hide power. Disrespectful to your opponent, and disgraceful to your powers. You have offended me."

"Those he hurt my friends are my enemies. My enemies suffer horrible ends. I do not care if I offend you."

"Then let me see what end you can make me suffer!" Legg rushed forward. The hue of his skin darkened.

Leguna's eyelids twitched. He had guessed Legg's Skin of Terra could be used at different levels, it seemed he was correct. The giant must have just activated a higher level than before. If he got hit, he would suffer serious injury.

Legg closed the distance between them in an instant. His boulder-like fists swung at Leguna, who dashed out of the way. Legg's fists didn't stop when they missed; he slammed them into the ground, shoving dust, bits of dirt, and shards of rock into the air in all directions. Leguna raised his hands to block. Legg completely ignored the debris and marched on, preparing to grab the brat.

But Leguna was as agile as a monkey; he barely dodged Legg's hand. He waved Lighteater and sent it towards Legg's waist. The blade clanged off Legg's skin. The impact cut a small gash just two centimeters deep, even with all the might, it could do nothing more.

"It's actually this hard?!" Leguna exclaimed.

He had guessed Legg's defense would be surprising, but he didn't think it would be anywhere near this powerful.

In the days of Souscarfer Wellingdon, Lighteater was known as Soulscarfer, a quasi-divine weapon. Though it wasn't very powerful for a quasi-divine blade, it cut metal like mud. Centuries of neglect had reduced it to just a normal special blade. Despite that, however, Leguna had cut through many tough and magically reinforced skins before. He had a reasonable understanding of what he could expect from Lighteater, it was surprising that it had under-performed. But this said more about Legg's gifts than about the sword.

[He only has high defense against physical attacks,] Gahrona's voice echoed in his head.

The way she saw it, Legg was nothing more than a huge, clumsy boulder. It would be really disappointed if Leguna couldn't deal with him.

[His impetus is too dense. Mine can't hurt him,] Leguna answered.

He had seen the weakness of Legg's defense and had tried to break it just enough so he could pour his impetus into his body and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, the giant knew his weaknesses well, and protected them closely.

[Use Shadowedge.]

[My gift?]

Leguna couldn't be happier. He'd been frustrated by not being able to use his gifts. He could easily crush the giant with them, but Gahrona had forbidden their use.

[Use it, since your enemy is also using his gift. You may only use one though!]

[Yes! It's still day, so Host of Darkness is out of the question.]

Leguna smiled sinisterly.

"You want to see my gift, huh?" Leguna said again as he sheathed Lighteater, "Let me enlighten this stupid barbarian then."

Two pitch-black shadow swords appeared in his hands. They looked very similar to Lighteater, a familiar feel made for easier use.

"Oh? What's that?" Legg's eyeballs rolled as he inspected the things in the brat's hands.

"You'll know soon enough!"

Leguna smiled and leapt at his opponent.

"He's quick!"

Legg's eyes squinted. He didn't think the brat could get any faster.

Speed Eruption was one of the skills Leguna had learned from Wayerliss's notebook. It was a method to apply impetus on the legs to increase speed and agility. Though it wasn't offensive, it did consume quite a bit of impetus, Leguna could maintain it for five minutes at best. If he pushed it beyond that, he'd suffer for it afterwards.

He focused even more impetus on his legs when Legg raised his hand and moved even faster. He used the moment of confusion it caused to close in for a strake.

His swords were pure energy, so they were very sharp, but they were much better at cutting through the giant's skin than physical blades.

"Guuuagh!" Legg bellowed. Shadow energy rampaged in his body, ravaging his organs.

Leguna withdrew the moment his attack connected.

"I didn't think it would cost that much," he rasped between gasps.

His swords only had one strike in them. They shattered like glass and dissipated in his hands.

[End it quickly. You are worlds from his endurance.]

[Exactly my intention!]

Leguna shook his hands and two throwing knives appeared. He flung them at Legg as soon as they finished forming.

Leg drew a shield from the ground the moment he saw his opponent forming new weapons. The two clanged against it uselessly. A moment later, just as he was about to lower the shield and catch his breath, ten more rained down on him.

The shield cracked. A moment later, it crumbled like mud picked up to quickly. Leguna stopped throwing his knives at the shield at the same moment. When Legg gazed at his arm, now hanging in the air awkwardly, he saw the brat just three meters from him, a new sword in each hand.

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