Book 3 Chapter 160

Innilis and Eirinn

Eirinn struggled through the fog in her mind. She remembered something really bad happened to her that made her pass out, but that's all. She remembered no details.

What's going on? she thought groggily, Why's everything dark?

Several savage faces appeared in her vision suddenly. They all held daggers, one had one in each hand. One held down her hand and another came over, swinging is dagger. She watched as the dagger dropped and she lost all feeling in her index finger. She only had feeling up to the point where the blade slashed through her. She first felt her skin split open, then her muscles cut, then the blade grated through something that sent painful vibrations up her arm, and then she felt only pain. She watched as her finger, now free of her hand, rolled around limply. The pain overwhelmed her and she screamed. It was less like a scream and more like the air just left her lungs and her vocal chords were in the way. There was no intention in her scream; it was a primitive reaction beyond her control. The men smiled at her, like they were enjoying a baby's laughter.

Why?!?! Why are you hurting me? I didn't do anything… This isn't right! her mind screamed.

She felt pain shoot through her nerves and she opened her eyes. Light blinded her for a moment, but her eyes soon adjusted. Two figures slowly took form over her.

Just two?

"Sis, you awake?" A sweet voice landed in her ears.

Another slave? I thought no one in the tavern liked me.

"She's awake. She just needs some time to wake up properly," another voice landed in her ears. This time it was a male voice, one that felt deeply familiar to Eirinn for some reason.

Who? she thought. The voice didn't sound like one she knew, and yet she couldn't shake the feeling that it was deeply familiar to her. She closed her eyes for a second and reopened them, trying hard to focus on the two faces.

Her vision gradually cleared and the faces came into focus. One had two large emeralds stuck in its face and a halo of gold that cascaded onto the figure's shoulders. It had a button nose and a small mouth. A beautiful girl. The girl gazed at her, a her small lips curling into a bright smile. It felt like love for her poured out of the girl like water from a fountain, but Eirinn was certain this was the first time they'd met.

The other face had thick eyebrows and small eyes. Its skin spanned taught, like clothes that had shrunk slightly. It was refined, handsome even. A young man roughly her age. The pair of eyes gazed at her, several emotions dancing within them. She counted at least four, happiness, concern, anxiety, and nervousness.

I feels so familiar... The face felt instantly familiar, but she couldn't say to whom it belonged. When she gazed into its eyes, however, a name burst into her head like an arrow through cloth.

"Leguna..." she mouthed.

"Yes, it's me," the face gulped, "I'm here… It's alright now Eirinn. I finally found you!" its voice trebled.

Her eyes popped when she heard the words. Her eyes jumped at the face, her glare intense. It was definitely different from the face she remembered, but she could see the familiar shape hiding beneath it.

Is it you, Leguna? Am I dead?

The room was silent. Not even the wind whispered through the window. The three stared at one another quietly. Eirinn's mouth opened several times, but she could not build up the courage to say something.

"This is real, Eirinn," Leguna squeezed through his tears, "It's me. I found you! I'm here."

"Leguna...?" She finally stuttered, "...really you?"

He nodded tremblingly, his face split in half.

"It's me."


The vision she had fought so hard to clear up blurred again. Her face suddenly felt wet. She pulled herself upright unsteadily, mouthing the name over and over again. She felt two strong arms envelope her and pull her into something warm. She buried her face in it and wept silently.

Innilis stuck out her tongue and left.


Hans having gone to sleep, Vera and Kurdak sat in a dark corner of the tavern. The hall was crowded and few noticed them. Innilis suddenly popped out of the crowd like a daisy through the grass.

"What are you doing here, girlie?" Kurdak asked, "Weren't you going to stay with Leguna?"

"I'm not a girlie! Don't call me that again!"

"Yes, You can't call Innie that!" Vera chimed in.

"Fine, fine, Auntie," Kurdak surrendered.

"You haven't answered my question, though. Why aren't you with Leguna/"

"Sis just woke up. They need some time alone."

The couple stared at one another with wide eyes.

"See? Innie isn't a girlie!"

"I know I'm not, but I feel like you mean something else by that."

"You're thinking about other people now," Kurdak answered, pouring the girl a cup of wine, "A toast to you growing up a little more."

"Does this taste good?" Innilis raised the cup with both her hands and gave it a sniff, frowning.

"It's great!" Kurdak answered. He took a huge gulp. "See how much I love it?"

Ugh... thought she as she forced a smile and gulped the cup.

"That's the way... Don't spit it out! Drink it all and you'll feel great!" encouraged he as he saw Innilis down it.

"Isn't this too much? You shouldn't bully little girls, you know. Don't make me tell Leguna," Vera chided as she punched him, smiling.

"I don't see you stopping her."

The two gazed at Innilis's face in wonder as she turned into a chameleon. Her face started out pale, then turned bright red, then purple, and finally black. She usually threw a tantrum when someone teased her, but not this time. She ignored the burning feeling in her throat and swallowed the last wine in the cup. Her eyes turned red.

"Feeling sad?"

Vera thought it might be that she was sad when she was how close Leguna was to another woman. Innilis first shook her head, then nodded.

"I know I should be happy for Big Bro, but my heart hurts. I can't help but feel this isn't a good thing. At first I was really happy that they got to meet again, but when I saw the two hugging, I… my heart started to burn."

Her answer was vague and somewhat all over the place, but the two understood what she was trying to say. She was jealous, but felt it wasn't good to be so. Her mix of emotions, happiness, sadness, and jealousy confused her and she didn't know how to feel about it.

"Don't feel bad, Innie. You know what you're feeling, which makes you a good girl."

"Huh?" Innilis rubbed her eyes.

"It's normal to feel down. It has nothing to do with being a good girl or a bad girl. Instead of bumping in, you thought about how Leguna and Eirinn felt and left so they could be alone. You're a good kid. Kurdak and I don't bother with other people when we're down."

"Ack! Ah! That's right!" Kurdak froze as he struggled to hide the pain he suddenly felt in his foot.


"Really!" Vera affirmed, "You're a good girl, Innie. Ley likes good girls like you!"

Hearing Vera's confident reply, a smile returned to the little girl's face. She suddenly realized something and lowered a red face.

"Who said I cared about being liked by Big Bro?!"

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