Book 2 Chapter 136

Eirinn's Bloodline

"What?! Why?!" exclaimed Kurdak.

Just as he thought that he could finally leave, a letter ripped his joy away. Leguna handed him the letter silently. Kurdak grabbed it impatiently and read.

Dear Junior.

We were unable to resolve our relationship conclusively last time. I hereby invite you to face me properly on Shimmer Lake's south bank. I believe you won't refuse such an open challenge. I will be waiting.

In the interest of absolute fairness, I give you more than enough time to prepare. You have until the third day of the eighth month. You may come anytime before then, alone and fully armed. I hope you understand what I mean by 'alone'. Forget surrounding me with orcs. I guarantee you'll regret it.

Oh, one more thing, I happened to meet a really interesting girl. She looked horrendous. I've never met someone so ugly. You might not believe me, so I have included proof in the envelope.

That is all for now. I may be a very patient person, but that wench is not.


Your Senior


"You can't go!" Kurdak yelped, "It's obviously a trap! Balor must be trying to kill you while Wayerliss is gone! It's suicide!"

"I must."

Leguna removed a strand of silver hair from the envelope. Unlike the silver-white hair of old people, this strand glistened like metal. Kurdak had never seen similar human hair before.

"This is..."

Kurdak scrutinized it carefully. Such hair was impossibly rare. What was its significance?

Leguna took a deep breath, his voice shuddering.

"This is almost impossible to find, just like Annie's ice-blue hair. Most people never see anyone with hair like this.. I have. I know of one person with silver hair... Eirinn."

"What?!" his three companion exclaimed.

The three knew the tale. They also knew what the person called Eirinn meant to Leguna.

Leguna didn't say it outright, but he had exerted every ounce of strength he possessed since he met them to find the girl. His contributions to the guild should have allowed him to get new equipment, yet he never did. He must have exchanged his contributions to get the guild to look for Eirinn.

This had something to do with Eirinn, so nothing could stop Leguna. He would even fight Kurdak and Vera if they tried to stop him.

"Are you sure this is Eirinn's?" Kurdak asked, pointing at the hair.

The kid stared at the hair with bloodshot eyes.

"Even if I forgot how I look, I won't forget her hair color. This is hers!"

"May I interject?" asked Kreighdon.

Four pairs of eyes shifted to the orc. Kreighdon took a look at the hair before he continued

"It is so indeed."

"What?" asked Leguna.

"After helping lil' Olly become the great chief, I took a few years to travel the world and came across many races. The silver hair you mentioned is incredibly rare among humans, but I know a race with silver hair."

"What race?"

"Dark elves."

The group had traveled a lot, but their experience could compare to what the saint had seen. They'd only heard a few rumors and myths about dark elves.


Leguna had come across a few descriptions of dark elves before. They were almost as beautiful as elves, but had carnal desires far exceeding humans'. Their thirst for blood, slaughter, and scheming far eclipsed other races. Some even went as far as to say demons couldn't compete with dark elves. And Kreighdon was implying Eirinn was a dark elf?

"Her skin isn't as dark as dark elves. And she's... she's really ugly," argued Leguna.

He couldn't stomach the thought of Eirinn being a malicious, bloodthirsty schemer.

Kreighdon shrugged.

"I'd guess she at least has traces of dark elf in her blood if she's not a pureblood. As for her appearance, I think you mentioned she suffered burns on her face. Who can tell how she looked originally?"


Leguna was at a loss for words. Kreighdon was right. He remembered that, while Eirinn's ears weren't as elongated as elves', they were longer and sharper than humans'.

"Alright, kid. So what if she's a dark elf? She doesn't have to be like our idea of dark elves. What does her being a dark elf have anything to do with whom she is?" consoled Kreighdon when he saw how crestfallen Leguna was.

"You're right."

"What is your decision? I know dark elves have silver hair, that's not to say the hair belongs to Eirinn. It might just be a trick. Are you sure you want to go?"

"I have to.. I just learned Eirinn's race, there's no way Balor could've discovered how her hair looks. This must be hers. I can't take the risk."

"Then go make ready. It's the 20th of the seventh now, you still have a few days. Prepare as well as you can," said Kurdak.

He knew how risky this was.

"No, I have to go now. Balor might hurt Eirinn."

"Use your brain!" Kurdak barked, "If Balor has her, he'll try to exploit this. He's no idiot. He benefits nothing from hurting her."

"But she--"

"No buts. You're the only one who can save her. What will happen if you rush in unprepared and get killed? I'll go to Lance with Vera even if you die. I don't care whether Eirinn lives or not!"

{Ley, he's right. You have to think carefully,} Gahrona chirped in.

With everyone against him, Leguna had no choice.


Leguna returned to his room late that night. He had trained with Kreighdon for several hours. The last-minute preparations might not amount too much, but he had to do as much as he could so everyone would have a little more confidence.

{Ley, are you sure you have to accept this?}

{Yes. This is the only lead I have about Eirinn. I can't lose it no matter what. It's time I settled things with Balor anyway.}

{Alright. Get familiar with Shadow Edge then. Your gifts have been exposed, so this will be your trump card.}

{I will... Thank you, Teacher.}

{Why now out of the blue?}

{You've given me so much help, but I haven't done much for you.}

While the female orc was from a different race, she had helped him out attentively since becoming Lighteater's spirit. She was more important to him than Wayerliss.

{No need. Just keep giving me souls and I'll be happy. Come to think of it, I'm the one who's using you.}

Leguna nodded solemnly.

{If I have the chance, I'll revive you. I promise.}

{Your promise is enough… Come to think of it, apart from Lighteater, you don't really have a decent weapon, do you? That enchanted dagger can't keep up.}

{Flameblade is special to me.}

{I don't mind you keeping it, but it's worthless in the kinds of fights you'll be getting into from now on. If they haven't moved it, my dagger should still be in Bladedge's altar. You're my disciple. Go and get it.}

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