Book 2 Chapter 126

Annelotte's Effort

The rain poured heavier and heavier. It was summer, though, so the rain didn't make anyone feel cold.

Vera changed her mind the moment she got the weapon. Killing Kurdak was the cruelest thing that could happen. She wouldn't do it until she had absolutely no other choice. Her heart was overcome with joy knowing that Annelotte was there to save them. She was incredibly confident in the girl four years her junior. It went as far as becoming a kind of dependence, a crutch, if you will.

Had it been Leguna, she would have killed her lover and herself to keep him from rashly interfering and throwing his life away. But Annelotte's presence inspired great confidence in the woman's heart. Since the girl said they could be rescued, they would be.

The fire of hope burned in her mind instantly. She turned quickly as she thought of ways to work with the girl.

She now had a weapon. She still had to divert the Eye's attention and buy Annelotte some time, so she still had to pretend to fight the werewolf.


Leguna saw Vera's actions and was confused.

{What's Sis trying to do?}

{Didn't you see who Vera bumped into?} asked Gahrona.

{Who?} Leguna was too surprised so he didn't notice who she'd bumped into.

{Your little girlfriend, you dolt!} Gahrona was hopelessly frustrated by her disciple's slow-wittedness.

{Haven't you noticed? The lass didn't come to get her guild's protection, but to save your companions!}


The girl's actions forced him to suspect she didn't care for his friends. As a result, he could only think of one reason why she would come here: to watch the show. It never even occurred to him that she might be there for the same reason he was.

{She... Why didn't... she tell me?} the kid muttered.

{Tell you?—} Gahrona laughed coldly. {— I've only met her once, but I can tell she is has a prideful personality. Do you think some as self-important as her would tell you 'I've come here to help you, so stop being mad'? Your snide remarks to vent your frustration angered her as well. She's self-important and prideful already, do you think with her being angry on top of that she'd tell you her plans on her own?!}

{I...} Leguna was speechless. He just realized he'd made a big blunder. He peered at Annelotte through the rain. Her gaze was fixed on Vera.

Somehow, after realizing Annelotte's true intentions, Leguna felt immense joy though still regretful. The cold, yet gentle beauty he was familiar with had at least not changed. He had only misunderstood her.

As if she could feel Leguna's current emotions, Gahrona decided to burst his bubble.

{You better not jump for joy so soon. Don't forget she said she was going to leave after this.}

{Oh, yeah—} he didn't seem to care much, though, {—No worries, I'll apologize after we saved Boss and Sis. I'll just let her beat me up to vent. It shouldn't be a huge problem.}

{I don't think so. You really hurt her this time. I heard you say she's always shut her heart to others. Though she, with much difficulty, mustered her courage to open up to you, you smashed her against the wall. I don't think this is something she can forgive you for.}

{I know, it's all my fault.} Leguna looked a little glum, but confidence soon returned. {But I'll definitely make up for it!}

{Leave that for later. Focus on what you need to do now. She must be trying to get those two to get up close to one another. It'll be easier to dictate a transference spell that way. Her sudden involvement will cause quite a commotion. The best time to strike will be when everyone's focused on them.}

"Annie alone? Can she do it?"

How would she escape with two captives under the watchful Eye?

{Who knows? I'm sure she has her plans. You have to be ready to complete your mission when the time's right.}

The werewolf looked at Vera cautiously. He felt incredibly unnerved at her facing him, a longsword in hand. She had never hurt him before, but it seemed that record was about to be broken.

Vera hesitated slightly, She didn't know whether Annelotte was prepared. She carefully approached the werewolf.

Annelotte observed Vera. She unleashed her senses to identify the magical effects applied in the nearby area. As she had suspected, the Eye had applied spatial disturbance spells to the area to prevent anyone from barging in. It wouldn't be an issue for her, though. She knew of a necklace in the guild's treasury that could stabilize the surrounding space temporarily so she could dictate a transference spell. She had left early exactly so she could get it.

She had caused the acting chairman a lot of trouble. Arikos had been dragged out of bed in the middle of the night. He couldn't do anything to her, so he had no choice but to flip about in the treasury until he found it sometime around dawn.

Annelotte used a stilled spell to keep others from noticing. She lowered her head and softly dictated a conference spell in a voice nobody could detect.

{It's ready. Rush next to Kurdak in two seconds!}

Vera counted to two and dropped the sword before rushing to the werewolf.

The werewolf initially kept his guard up. But when he saw her drop the weapon and rush towards him, his guard dropped and he stared at her, flabbergasted. He stood as a statue, mouth agape, as she leapt into his arms.

At the same time, Annelotte completed her dictation. The moment Vera sank into the werewolf's arms, the black-haired middle-aged woman appeared beside them.

The timing was perfect!

Annelotte unleashed the necklace's effect and she stretched out her hands to touch the two. She immediately unleashed the transference spell.

This had been her plan all along. She would appear out of nowhere and instantly vanish with her two targets. It sounded simple but was incredibly effective. Not many would take a transference spell into account when a spatial disturbance was in place. Not many, however, was not the same as no one. That thought of this happening had crossed Hladik's mind.

Annelotte's hands were moments away from touching the woman and wolf. They would vanish the moment they did.

Hladik acted. He was an experienced high-order magus and had long detected the subtle magical disturbance in the area. While he wasn't certain what was going on, he had made enough preparations. The moment Annelotte appeared next to Kurdak, he acted. He used half a second to register the situation and instantly cast his spell.

A beam of light struck Annelotte. Though it didn't cause her any harm, the girl furrowed her brow.

It was a level four defensive spell, Dimensional Anchor. While it couldn't cause her any harm, it kept her from 'blinking' out of existence and moving somewhere else. Even with the magical necklace, she couldn't escape.

"Don't you think it's laughable to show off your meager magic in front of me?" Hladik said coldly, "Annelotte, I presume?"

Annelotte's arms swung weakly beside her and she lowered her head.

"Sorry, I've failed," she whispered.

Vera combed her wet, red bangs and smiled.

"It's not your fault, Annie. You've tried your best."

"Really?" Annelotte murmured, "Someone doesn't think so. Even so, I just have to give it another go."

Annelotte wiped her disguise away and showed her true looks to everyone. Her long, ice-blue hair and startlingly cold beauty stunned everyone.

"I've long heard even elves cover up in shame in front of your beauty. It appears your looks can really level cities. Apart from that, your magical talent is something rarely seen. If you join Eye of Arcana, I guarantee you'll be the most brilliant pearl in the world, human or otherwise," Hladik said elegantly, "What do you say? It's not too late to turn back. I promise to hold nothing against you, as long as you kill the man and woman behind you and tell me where Leguna is."

Annelotte stared at Hladik silently. She bowed and saluted him gracefully. She had requested a magus's duel once again. This time with Hladik!

Hladik was stunned by the little girl's actions. She was a water swayer, but that couldn't make up for the four strata difference in their power. This wasn't a duel, it was suicide!

"You want to challenge me? Don't you think it's insulting?"

Annelotte didn't reply. She just saluted again.

"Since you insist... I accept your challenge—" He returned the bow and salute. "—You comrades are welcome to join in and attack all at once."

Annelotte nodded. Though Vera wanted to step forward, the girl stopped her.

"You're hurt all over and you don't have a weapon. Don't join, you'll only hold me back."

Vera's jaw dropped, but no words came out. Annelotte was right, but it didn't make it easy to swallow. She loathed her weakness.

I hope you will use this chance, thought Annelotte, before she nodded to Hladik and began to dictate.

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