Book 2 Chapter 125

I Treat You Like My Woman

Leguna stroked Lighteater on his back as if he was ready to unsheath it at any moment.

{What? Did you forget what I said already?} Gahrona could tell what the kid was planning.

{But when will I act if not now? Boss is going to turn into a werewolf any moment!}

{Turning into a werewolf is no big deal, and your assignment is to assassinate Hladik. Somebody else will take care of saving your boss.}

{Who besides me would try to save them? I'll save them first. It won't be too late to kill Hladik later.}

{I have no idea how a reckless idiot like you managed to survive this long. You said Host of Darkness is only useful in the shade or in the dead of night. There is still a glow from the sun in the sky so you can't use it yet. How are you going to fight Hladik? If you go now, you won't just be unable to save those two, even if you did you won't be able to get Hladik. He'll be on guard and you won't be able to do anything to him. Or don't you care about killing him at all and just want to get your boss? Have you already forgotten what'll happen to Innilis if you can't kill him?}


Leguna had no retort. He was usually someone who paid attention to the consequences of his actions. But he was now dealing with his most precious companions. His baseline had been crossed and his mind wasn't working properly. His master's reminder brought him back to his senses.

{If can't hold on anymore even now, things will be even harder later on. I'm just a spirit, I can't do anything for you if you get into real trouble. It's up to you; I can't stop you if you want to rush to your death despite my advice.}

Leguna took several deep breaths.

{...Okay. I won't rush in yet.}



Kurdak stared at his surroundings weakly.

"It's even busier than when I fought that idiot—" he turned his gaze to Vera, "—It seems I'm much more famous now."

"How can you still be so carefree?"

Vera was as pale as wax, but her voice sounded slightly sprightly at Kurdak's snide remark. She had already given up hope. She had no hope of making it through being targeted by a force as massive and powerful as the Eye. She just wanted to laugh a few more times before she was killed. She didn't want her expression to be too melancholic when she died.

"I've always been a serious man," Kurdak's solemn voice rang again.

He shifted his body next to Vera and whispered in her ear.

"I can feel it, I'm going to turn into a werewolf soon."

"I know."

"You mentioned that I don't try to hurt you in that form, right?"

Vera froze. Why was he worried about something like that when they were in a situation like this? Even if he wanted he wouldn't have a chance to hurt her.

"Yes. Your werewolf form is much more well-behaved than you."

"Come on, let's not fret the small details," Kurdak muttered exasperatedly, "Do you still have any energy? Enough to fight and run?"

"Barely. It won't last long."

"That's enough. You have to promise me this, the moment I become a werewolf, you'll run. Run to the nearby mercenaries and grab a weapon. Those idiots actually didn't subdue us with yokes. Must be very confident in themselves!"

"What are we going to do? Try to escape?"

"I'm a real idiot… How could I fall for a dumb broad like you," Kurdak mumbled, "Do you think you can escape with so many people around? Hladik alone is enough to give us a run for our money."

"Then stop being so vague!—" Traces of spunk returned to the woman's face. "—Do you want to die? You actually dared to call me dumb! If this were any other time I'd have pulled your ear off already! What do you want to do, tell me immediately!"

"What we're going to do?" Kurdak said mysteriously, "Kill me, of course."


"This is the plan. Since I won't harm you, you can easily deal with me. After you kill me, you can tell the others that you were forced to live with me after being threatened. You'll have cut all ties with me once this is over. Everyone will see you kill me so the Eye's bastards won't be able to touch you. That way you can keep on living."

"What nonsense?!" Vera almost screamed. "You want me to sell you out?"

"It's not selling me out—" Kurdak shrugged, "—It's fine since I won't be aware of it. You have to do this. It's already ideal if one of us can make it out alive. This doesn't have to kill us both."

"I'm not arguing with you!" Vera glared at him and hissed, "Do you think I'll ruin your reputation for my sake? Who do you think I am?"

"I treat you like my woman!" Kurdak growled, "You have to live, even if you have to ruin my reputation and kill me to do it! That's the least I can do for you as my woman! Don't f*cking nag me just because you want to be stubborn! You have to stay alive, for my sake! That's all that matters to me!"

Vera stared at her man silently. Neither said a word, but both knew she would not do something like that.

Kurdak stared at his woman.

"Lass, don't forget... There's still Ley," he finally murmured.


"There's a good chance the kid is hiding somewhere nearby, maybe in the crowds. Just think about it... If you don't do this, he's certain to rush out roaring and risk his life to save us. If that happens, we'll all three die. And then there's Annie too."

Vera did not reply.

"For your sake, for Ley's sake, and for Annie's sake, for everyone's sake… Kill me."

"You think they'll not rush out if I kill you?"

"I don't know. What I do know is that if you don't, they will for sure. Promise me. Consider it my final wish."

Tears streamed down his woman's face as she stared at him. She had sworn on her father's grave that she would not cry again, but she bawled uncontrollably.

"Okay," Vera choked as she wiped the tears off with her bloody and soot-covered hand, "I promise."

"That's my girl!" Kurdak cracked his familiar smile one last time.

Deep down, in the darkest recesses of her heart, Vera swore she would slit her own throat after killing her lover.

Maybe it's because I'm weak... I'm so weak I can't save you like you did me... I might be too weak to save you, but I'm not too weak to go with you. Wherever you go, the world of the living, heaven, or hell, I'll go with you.

Darkness slowly descended on the world. The usually star-covered skies were hidden by black clouds. The moon shone through the only gap in the darkness, splitting the night sky like a torch. The world greedily lapped up its ghostly light.

The crowd grew and their chatter slowly grew in volume as well. The heavens opened and cold raindrops splashed down on the world, covering it in a thin film of glistening moisture. None one noticed. They were all glued to the two silhouettes in the middle of the plaza. No one wanted to miss the moment one of them turned into the beast the Eye said it would.

"Agh!" Kurdak groaned, "I don't think I can hold on... Remember what I said... Kill me..."

Vera stared into her man's eyes, silently, and slowly nodded.

Changes rippled through his body moments later. His hands were the first to change. Grey hair burst out of his skin. His knuckles swelled and his fingers grew longer and longer. His nails glistened in the moonlight like mithril daggers. His spine elongated and his muscles thickened. His rough face also twisted. Fur covered it. His jaw and cheekbones snapped. His nose and mouth grew out of his face, snouting into a wedge-like tip. Sharp, white teeth peeked out at the crowd from under his lips.

At first, gasps rang out in the crowd like waves rippling away from the center of the plaza, then a commotion broke out as everyone began to comment and discuss what they were seeing, as if to check that they weren't hallucinating. Before this they had doubted the Eye, but they could not refute was stood so clear in front of them.

The beast slowly opened its eyes. The turquoise-colored pupils surveyed its surroundings coldly. He realized a large number of pale, hairless moles surrounded him, all watching him alertly, weapons in hand. Hostility and hatred oozed out of them like bitter bile.


It bellowed with all its might. The pale moles shuddered. He turned to the one nearest him. She was familiar. She was the one always by his side when he awoke. Had she not been there he would have started tearing the moles apart already.

The woman gazed at him with a sudden smile. She stroked his chest softly. Her chest heaved as she took a deep breath. The werewolf watched as she suddenly turned around and started running away from him.

Vera's eyes were drawn to a middle-aged, black-haired woman. She couldn't take her eyes off the woman for some reason. She appeared to be carrying a weapon, so she might as well relieve her of it.

The Eye's members didn't react to her sudden departure at all. They had no fear that she could escape, there were just too many people present.

The woman didn't dodge or try to make way for Vera. Instead, she stood firm and let Vera run into her. She didn't even try to fight her for the sword, she let go of it the moment Vera grasped the handle.

"Run to Kurdak! I'll think of a way to get you out of here!" whispered the woman at the moment their eyes met up close.

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