Book 2 Chapter 124


Hladik furrowed his brows and looked at the cloudy skies.

"Sir, it might rain today. Are we going to proceed as planned?" asked Gran.

After the spell appraisal, it was discovered that while Kurdak wasn't a pureblood werewolf, it was without question that traces of werewolf blood flowed through his veins. He could turn into a rampaging werewolf during a full moon. That alone was enough to justify Hladik doing whatever he wanted with the 'non-human'. Tonight was the night his identity would be revealed. Hladik intended to deal with the two mercenaries slowly thereafter. Since Leguna had gone into hiding, he had to vent his anger on his comrades.

As the one who had provided the information, Gran got a huge reward from him. Not only was he given a large sum of money, he didn't have to run errands alongside the enforcement party.

"Naturally," Hladik said, "Since we've made the announcement, we have to carry this out no matter what. Eye of Arcana always keeps its word."

Oh really? thought Gran, You also said you'd catch Leguna. Yet, you can do nothing but vent on these two...

Even if he was even more of an idiot, he didn't have the guts to speak his thoughts out loud. He just hummed in agreement before he started to make preparations for the night.


The sky was dark and gloomy, and the venue the outskirts of Starfall, but quite a few curious commoners still attended. They were really curious whether the famed mercenary was actually a werewolf. Perhaps Vera was one as well.

Many mercenaries also rushed to the city from all over the place. Kurdak had built up quite the amount of goodwill, especially over the last two years, and had a very good reputation. Not only had his party recruited a mid-order magus, their escapades in the flatlands were well-known. Though his party could only be considered slightly above average on the continent, they were unquestionably one of the most elite groups in the city. Given their might, mercenary parties small or large had to show them respect. The party's captain, Kurdak, had become a local celebrity.

Thus the large numbers of mercenaries in attendance tonight. Some were there to voice their support out of admiration while others wanted to see his sorry and pathetic end out of jealousy. While those present had various opinions, they had the same question: was Kurdak really a werewolf?

Leguna squeezed through the crowd. He disguised himself well, no one recognized him. He currently looked no different from a frizzy-bearded middle-aged man. Given the number of people present, it was unlikely the Eye would notice anything amiss.

{These bastards really have nothing better to do, to come out to see this even though it's going to rain,} complained he.

{Stop whining,} Gahrona rebuked, {The crowds are advantageous for you.}


He cursed again. Someone had stomped on his foot.

A middle-aged woman with long black hair standing at the edge of the crowd caught his eye. She appeared average and was clad in the clothing of commoners but he felt familiar with her for some reason. Her cold demeanor and frozen expression matched no one but Annelotte in his recollection.

He squeezed through the crowd in her direction. She appeared to notice him. Her brows furrowed slightly as though she was angry with the middle-aged man she saw.

"Annie?" asked Leguna softly.

"You must have the wrong person!" denied the woman coldly.

Her tone revealed her true identity despite her denial.

"What are you doing?"

"Told you already you have the wrong person!"

"Alright, stop messing around!"

It's one thing if she doesn't want to save Kurdak and Vera, but why is she here? To enjoy the show? How could she do this?

"What are you here for?"

The woman glared at him hatefully.

"It's none of your business. I thought we already agreed!"


Leguna was almost enraged to death. His restraint won out, though, and he calmed his rage.

"Fine fine fine. If you want to watch the show, do whatever you want. Just be careful. Your disguise is a glamor spell, right? There are many members of the Eye here. It's not too unlikely that one of them can see through your spell. Don't say I didn't warn you if you get into trouble!"

Annelotte smiled coldly.

"I don't need your worry. I'm not as dumb as you. This is a normal disguise I had the guild do for me."

"Oh? Really?" Feeling the rage rise in him, he responded mockingly, "How nice of you to have such a big guild backing you. Tsktsktsk, just look, you even have someone to do your make up for you! I wonder how many are protecting you right now. I was worried for nothing! You're far too safe!"

Annelotte didn't take to Leguna's mockery kindly.

"What do you think I am?!"

"What?! Just look at what you did!" he snapped, "You abandoned Boss and Sis and escaped by yourself; you tried to stop me from saving them; and then you left Innie alone as the orcs' hostage and left on your own again! Tell me what kind of person I should think you are!"

Annelotte paled, her lips shuddering. It took her a while to be calm enough to speak again.

"Is that what you think I did?" she asked softly.

He looked her straight in the eyes, his reply was slightly gentler.

"I... I wish it were not, but that's the only way I can see it."


The words she had spoken to Wayerliss two years earlier suddenly popped back into her head.

"Since Leguna trusts me, I will trust him as well."

I trusted you because you trusted me. I believed in you because you believed in me. But you don't trust me anymore… What should I do?

Her expression quickly returned to normal. She stared at the boy coldly.

"Since we can't trust each other anymore, there's no need for me to stay. Once this is done I'll go back to the guild. You can explain this to Kurdak yourself."

"You're leaving?"

"Yes. You should be more or less capable of putting up a fight against Balore, so there's no reason for me to stay by your side."

"You..." Leguna wanted to say something to make her stay, but the thought of what she had done made it impossible for him to say anything.

"Fine. Then just leave."

"Alright. This is goodbye. We won't ever see each other again."

She stared at him coldly one last time before she turned around and vanished into the crowds.

Live well, thought Leguna.

{What an idiot...} Gahrona sighed.

{Yes. I was stupid,} thought Leguna, {I knew she was someone the guild sent and that she had no interest in me, but I still let my judgment laps. I'm a fool.}

{You shut up!}


Leguna was shocked. He had no idea why his teacher had reacted like that all of a sudden.

{This is my own problem, right? I was just being foolish. Why do you have to get angry?}

{Yes. You're foolish. So foolish smoke's coming out of your head! There is no hope for you!} Gahrona exclaimed angrily, {I was talking about that girl. Why are you playing the victim? You disgust me!}

{What do you mean?}

Leguna scratched his head. Why was his teacher suddenly scolding him?


It appeared she had a lot more in store for him but she surrendered helplessly.

{Forget it. You'll know when the time comes. But you have to promise me something now.}


{In a while, no matter what happens, you have to listen to what I say. Only act when I give you the signal,} Gahrona said, {This is for your own good, as well as your comrades'. Otherwise, you'll only die in vain! Promise me!}

Since Gahrona was his teacher and her life depended on his survival, it wouldn't be in her interest to harm him. With a saint-ranked assassin guiding him, his chances of success were much higher.

{As long as you promise you can save my comrades.}

{Of course. However, this isn't something easy to do. You better be prepared.}

{You have my word.}

The skies were veiled in black. The beautiful twilight scenery was dark and gloomy. Eye of Arcana's men brought Vera and Kurdak in front of everyone. They were no longer as glamorous as they were in the past. There were numerous wounds on their body. They had no doubt suffered torture. Their faces were wax pale. Everyone feared they had suffered both physical and mental torture. Normal people could not endure such treatment.

"Sis, Boss..." muttered Leguna.

Seeing his siblings in such a state inflamed his hatred.

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