Book 2 Chapter 123

Galestorm Swordsaint's Rage

Indomitable sword intent descended. Wayerliss's figure disappeared. The skyscraping tree behind him was split into three sections a moment later. The parts were as smooth as mirrors.

That wasn't the end of it, however. Before he could regain his footing, another round of intent shot at him. He was forced to dodge immediately as his feet touched the ground.

What the hell?! cursed he internally, He's actually using his wind walker abilities to keep me at a distance!

Though he had tried many times, he had to admit he felt helpless every time he fought Marolyt. The old man used his wind walker gifts to infuse countless wind blades into his sword intent, allowing him to strike far beyond the limits of his sword's reach. If there was anyone that could cut down someone else from tens of meters away, it was Marolyt!

This wasn't the most annoying bit, either. Not only was he more threatening than a saint-ranked ranger at a distance, he could suppress most fighters in close combat. Distance aside, Wayerliss couldn't suppress him even in close combat. He couldn't fight back, neither up close nor from a distance. He had defeated countless enemies in the last century. He had never met a saint-ranked expert as vile and shameless as Marolyt.

Curse it all! Do the gifted eat shit growing up?! There must be a limit to how disgusting someone can be! What kind of gifts will Leguna awaken... I'll use him to gross you out soon! thought the chairman venomously.

He didn't have the time to consider the plausibility of his off-handed thought as a sudden gust blew by. Marolyt's form moved with the wind and appeared beside him in the blink of an eye.

The swordsman's rage filled the sky. When he fought Wayerliss, he was using 70 percent of his power. His opponent flopped around helplessly like a leaf in a storm. Had he been the least bit careless, the saint-ranked assassin so many feared and respected would be dead.

He grit his teeth as he parried Marolyt's slash. However, the waves contained within the Galestorm Swordsaint's attack still struck him. Even though it couldn't harm the elf much, he blinked when the air blew at his face. Marolyt's left hand stretched out at that moment. That elegant long arm was as powerful as a clamp. It clasped his throat accurately before power gushed through it like a torrent, making him shudder.

Damn, I'm still not his match, thought he bitterly.

Even though he had been humiliated completely in all his battles with Marolyt for decades, he didn't really mind. He believed if he were given the chance to launch a surprise attack, the old man would suffer. He told it to himself all the time, at least.

Marolyt's left arm clenched his throat and lifted him up before smashing him into the ground. The chairman's back crashed into the soil. The strength of a saint was enough to split the skies and crack the earth, and Marolyt wasn't holding back. A shockwave blasted out in all directions, the two in the center. Dust billowed off the ground and trees shook in the area.

Marolyt panted as he glared hatefully at Wayerliss. As an elf, the latter should have looks of which even Marolyt would be jealous. However, the scar on his face ruined everything. A well-placed scar could be attractive and manly, but this one streaked across his entire face. It ruined his looks. Marolyt had wondered why Wayerliss didn't get a priest to fix it up. But he knew a schemer never had to show up before anyone. Being handsome or not wasn't something he cared about at all!

Wayerliss was also panting, but he didn't feel any fear for the Galestorm Swordsaint. The chairman still wore a teasing smile.

"What's wrong? Want to kill me?"

"Don't think I don't dare!" barked Marolyt.

He raised his turquoise longsword and pushed it against the elf's throat. The sword was turquoise all over but named Azureflash. Nobody knew why.

"Of course you dare. You just won't. You won't kill me because I was the one who raised Annie for the last ten years, I'm the one she's closest to!"

"And you actually hurt her!" Marolyt spat venomously, "You brought me back to the empire because you wanted her to go on an adventure, and now, your wish is fulfilled! The orcs kidnapped her!"

Wayerliss furrowed his brow helplessly. He stared at Azureflash.

"Relax. I told you I care for her just as much as you. I won't allow her to be in any actual danger. Also, can you please let go? At the very least, I want to talk peacefully."

Marolyt let go slowly. "How would you like to talk?"

Wayerliss stretched his body.

"You're always so rough when you lash out. I thought you didn't care for much given how crazy you usually act. I didn't think you'd have a soft spot. I really touched a tiger's butt," complained he in a murmur.

"Cut the crap. I'll get ten man-eating demons to deal with you if you don't. I dare you, test me."

"You forgot to take your medication, didn't you?"

He saw the Galestorm Swordsaint was on the brink of exploding again, so he stopped teasing. He took a strip of paper out of his chest pocket and handed it to the man.

"See? She's being treated and fed well. As long as Leguna kills Hladik, she can leave."

"Those savages are actually using my precious daughter as a hostage?!"

Marolyt on the brink of flipping out again.

"Hey, let me explain first, okay? Calm down.—" Wayerliss slapped his forehead, —this old man becomes completely reckless whenever something happens related to Annie...

"Talk quickly. I will control myself as best I can," said Marolyt after taking a deep breath.

Wayerliss nodded.

"As you can see, I've chosen Leguna to be my successor and I want to give him the last trial and a huge gift."

"What trial and gift?"

"The trial is Hladik, of course. As for the gift... I'm still not too sure. But given how extravagant Oljharok usually is, he won't give him something cheap."

"Start from the beginning."

"Fine. Maybe you're still not aware, but I already know that Oljharok has a grudge against the Eye for exterminating his tribe. These last few years he's been thinking about how he should deal with the high-order magus. But, given various factors, he hasn't succeeded yet."

"So? What does this have to do with Leguna?"

"I intentionally spread word in the orc territory of how Leguna could kill a high-order magus and knight by himself. That way, given his identity as a human and his grudge with Hladik, Oljharok would feel he was the best candidate to use to assassinate Hladik."

"So that's why you led me away… So he and Annelotte would fall into the orcs' hands? If I were there, the Eye couldn't have touched a single hair on her head and they wouldn't have left Starfall for the wild flatlands either."

"Exactly," Wayerliss shrugged, "See, you can use your brain after all."

Marolyt couldn't be bothered to react to the insult.

"But does this benefit Leguna at all?"

"Of course. Leguna is the best candidate to assassinate the bastard. But he's still not powerful enough; he might be the one who ends up dead instead. The desire for revenge has already tormented Oljharok for decades, so he definitely won't let this chance go. He'll try to increase the chances for success as much as possible. In other words, he's going to make Leguna stronger. I'm sure you know orc shamans have a secret art which allows an expert's power of the previous generation to be passed down. He'll give Leguna a legacy.

"I see," Marolyt said thoughtfully but he yelled immediately after.

"You shouldn't have involved Annie! She was captured!"

"Hey, that precious daughter of yours chose to go along herself. If she had stayed with the guild, there would have been nothing the Eye could've done against her. However, the dumb girl stepped out! It was her choice, don't blame me!" Wayerliss said with an innocent look, before he consoled, "Don't worry. While Oljharok is an orc, he's actually incredibly rational, unlike his bloodthirsty, battle-ready kin. Annie will be fine there."

"Don't be so sure. If the brat fails, Annie will be in danger."

"You better make it back quickly, then. Leguna will likely make his attempt in four or so days. If you want Annie safe, you better help him out. Her safety will be certain if you do. Don't try and find your daughter. In terms of strength, Kreighdon isn't inferior to you."

"Hmph! What's so great about a mere orc?"

While Marolyt's expression didn't shift, anyone who heard him could feel how empty his words were. Even the Galestorm Swordsaint wasn't certain of his chances against the orcs' number-one wargod.

"Go. Head to Melindor first. There will be a transference formation there. You can still make it," said Wayerliss.

"I sure hope so," Marolyt sighed. He turned around, "For some reason, I feel this is part of a bigger plot you're trying to get me to jump into."

"Impossible," Wayerliss said, "There are only so many things I can predict and calculate. If something goes wrong here and there, I couldn't stop it. It's best you go to Lance immediately. I think you will feel relieved after you're there."

Marolyt looked at Wayerliss doubtfully before he muttered as he left.

Looking at Marolyt's departing figure, Wayerliss smiled unconsciously. There was another paper slip in his pocket that reported Annelotte's departure from Ogrimma and lone return to Starfall, but he didn't tell Marolyt.

All the preparations are in place. Now, it'll depend on the performance of you all. Don't disappoint me, thought Wayerliss gleefully.

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