Book 2 Chapter 112

Blood-Colored Wargod Kreighdon

While the orc openly mocked the humans, both the Eye's people and Leguna, Annelotte, and Innilis couldn't help but be awed at the sheer size its physique. None of them were enraged by his words.

Well, they were mainly not angered by it because they only heard: 'Hahahahahahahaha! #$%@$ @%#[email protected] %#%@$# @@%#$% (#@%)* @)%*)#*%) Hahahahaha! #)%@#$%"

The high-order magus looked at the orc wordlessly before he turned back and asked someone next to him, "What is that thing saying?"

"I don't know..." replied the attendant blankly.

"I knew I should've dictated Language Clarification," muttered the high-order magus.

The orc originally seemed incredibly domineering. But upon seeing the humans' blank faces, his expression became awkward. After clearing his throat twice, he switched to the common tongue and complained, "Oh, damnit. I forgot you idiots don't speak orcish."

Unfortunately, he was too embarrassed to redo his speech in the common tongue. It would only make him look even more foolish. However, the high-order magus didn't even bother to look down on the orc's intelligence. He stared at their unwelcome guest alertly. While he didn't know who exactly it was, the feeling the orc gave him was even more fearsome than a huge beast's. It made him tremble.

It was an incredibly huge orc. It was at least 2.5 meters tall and its muscles protruded like cliffs. His long black hair was tied into braids, little skulls dangling on their ends with the rest of the hair tied into a huge braid that hung from the back of his head. It would be considered rather handsome among its kin. The lines on its face were straight and pronounced. Its two tiger-like eyes exuded a threatening chill. Apart from the green skin and canines visible even though his mouth was closed, it was no doubt an incredible hunk among humans as well.

It wasn't armed, but clad in intricately crafted armor, the areas around its vitals were well-shielded with additional plates of unknown make. The most surprising aspect of the armor was its faint magical glow; enchanted armor! Such armor was exceedingly valuable in the orcs' kingdom. One wasn't qualified enough to procure such a set without great power or status.

Annelotte looked at the huge orc and hurriedly flipped through the information in her head. "Kreighdon..." she whispered finally.

"Kreighdon?!" Leguna's irises dilated the moment he heard the name. He had lived on Lance for more than two years and was no longer the rookie mercenary he used to be. Especially after becoming Wayerliss's disciple. He had gotten to know how important information really was. So, during his free time, he would use his position in the guild to read the reports on in the archive to better understand the situation, important figures, and intricacies of the continent.

Kreighdon was a name he had read about in a report on orcs he had flipped through roughly a year earlier. It was also one that had left a deep impression on him. The orc used to be the chief of a strong tribe, Blood-colored Warsong. He was a saint-ranked warrior. Given his impressive physical capabilities and his background as a member of Blood-colored Warsong, he was known as the Blood-colored Wargod. Even orcs from other tribes shuddered with fear and admiration at the mention of his name.

The reason he had such a deep impression of Kreighdon was that, apart from his impressive might, the orc had a valorous and frank personality. While he was stronger than most, he lacked leadership skills. He couldn't lead his tribe on the path back to glory after being made its chief. At that time, Oljharok was born in Earth-shaking Hammer. Not only was the young orc really strong, he also possessed wisdom and foresight, not to mention his endless charisma. Oljharok soon led Earth-shaking Hammer south on campaign and conquered many other tribes.

While Kreighdon didn't have the talent for commanding troops, he had unmatched power. When Earth-shaking Hammer turned their blades towards Blood-colored Warsong, he faced Oljharok's army of 50 thousand orcs on his own for the sake of his tribe and home. Using his terrifying might and ability, he slaughtered a path of blood that led straight to Oljharok and demanded a duel.

Oljharok was also a heroic figure. Though he knew he was no match for his opponent, to prevent his tribe from being sacrificed pointlessly, he accepted the duel. The high-order shaman that had just broken through engaged in a one-on-one battle with the orc wargod that had long established his reputation in the northern part of the wild flatlands, Blackwater Bay. The event was known as the Duel of Blackwater Bay.

The duel's results as expected. Though Oljharok had broken through to the high-order, he was still inferior to Kreighdon, someone in the saint realm. However, Kreighdon didn't claim Oljharok's life at the end of their duel. Instead, he and his tribe joined Earth-shaking Hammer.

The decision was strongly objected to by many in the tribe but Kreighdon didn't care and did his best to assist Oljharok, eventually helping him establish his empire. The empire's formation brought peace and stability to the lives of the orcs. Only then did Kreighdon's tribesmen understand the reason behind their chief's decision.

Upon reading the report, even a human would admire the orc. Though Oljharok was the orc's first hero, had it not been for Kreighdon's earlier benevolence and later aid, there was no way he could've created his empire. Additionally, though Kreighdon had taken up a supporting role, he made the wisest choice despite others not sharing his understanding. Such broad-mindedness and magnanimity inspired reverence in others more often than not.

But, no matter how much respect he had, he was ultimately an orc, and Leguna was human. When orcs met humans, there was only life or death. Thus Leguna shrugged his admiration away and regarded Kreighdon with caution.

"Dare I ask if you, Sir, are the legendary Blood-colored Wargod, Kreighdon?"

It seemed the high-order magus had also identified the orc. Kreighdon nodded.

"Yes, I am Kreighdon. Tell me, who are you? Nevermind, I'm not interested."

The high-order magus's nerves snapped with anger. While Kreighdon had used the common tongue to communicate, he wasn't that proficient and his accent was rather weird. Added to that was his arrogant choice of words, his words just could not be construed as anything other than mockery. It was a huge taboo for a revered high-order magus.

However, he had no choice. If it really was the Blood-colored Wargod of legend, then even the whole squad couldn't do anything. The magus swallowed his anger.

"I believe you, Sir, know that saints and myths ought not involve themselves in matters between races. May I inquire as to the reason for your presence?"

Kreighdon pointed at Leguna, Annelotte, and Innilis. "I'm here for them."

The high-order magus furrowed his brow.

"You want them to go with you?"

"Yes," Kreighdon replied shoddily, "I will take them with me. You guys better leave."

"This..." The high-order magus was rather troubled. The cooked duck really was going to fly away yet again. Was it addicted to flying?

Kreighdon didn't bother listening to any more of their blabbering. With a wave of his hand, he declared, "Alright. This is the end of this matter. You better leave. I don't mind wiping you out for offending me if you don't."

"Very well," the high-order magus said, suppressing his rage, "Please permit me a final question. Do you do this as a representative of the empire or on your own?"

Kreighdon gave the high-order magus a look and snapped disdainfully, "That's not for you to know! Scram!"

The magus's face darkened, but he didn't dare vent his rage. With a wave of his hand, the group withdrew from the area. When they were gone completely, Kreighdon turned his attention to Leguna.

"Eleventh-stratum impetus... How did he take lil' Olly's fancy? Then again, it's the first time I've seen such a pure shadow-aspect. Well... At any rate, lil' Olly talks sense. I just have to bring him back," muttered Kreighdon in orcish.

Leguna put Innilis down. He put himself between his companions and the orc. He held Flameblade in his left hand and Lighteater in his right and faced Kreighdon as a nemesis-to-be while the latter muttered away. Even if Host of Darkness could raise his abilities immensely for a short time, gaining seven or eight more strata was pointless against a saint-ranked warrior beyond the 20th stratum. Even so, he wanted to keep the two girls protected even if it was a meaningless gesture.

Kreighdon looked at him with interest before for a moment.

"Will you come along peacefully, or will I bring you along by force?"

"Will we be spared if we do?" asked Leguna.

Kreighdon started, before he shook his head, "Even I don't know. I was told to take you alive, so I don't think you'll be killed immediately at least."

"Will you spare those two if I come with you? Take only me," continued Leguna.

"No," Kreighdon replied, "I have to take all three of you."

"Alright. But before that, I'd like to test if you can truly take us away."

He activated Host of Darkness again, only using a fifth of his power. Kreighdon stared at the boy, shocked, as his power rose beyond the high order in a few seconds. He couldn't help but nod.

"Not bad. It seems some parts of you do indeed shine brighter than others'."

"That's not up to you to judge!" barked Leguna.

The rush in power brought him a sense of confidence. Perhaps he could escape. His fantasy was crushed a moment later. Kreighdon's speed exceeded reasonable levels and left a large crater not unlike what a fireball would make where he'd stood a moment earlier. Before Leguna could respond, the orc grabbed him by the throat and shoved him into the ground.

"Proof enough?" asked he.

Annelotte sent an icicle flying at the orc. But with a simple blast of his impetus, the girl's signature was disintegrated.

"Little girl, aren't you afraid of hurting your lover?" asked Kreighdon smiling.

Annelotte's face paled immediately. Facing Kreighdon had brought her pressure she'd never felt before and it made her quite uncomfortable. However, a slight blush was visible on her face. With an angered tone, she said something to Kreighdon that caused everyone to collapse flabbergasted

"He's not my lover!"

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