Book 2 Chapter 109


Considering he would be on the run for the coming days, Leguna didn't dare to fully unleash Host of Darkness. He just infused two-tenths of his dark-aspect impetus into his body. Based on previous experience, it was enough to raise his combat capabilities quite a bit but would only weaken him afterwards instead of knocking him out completely.

Though it was only two-tenths, it still allowed his stratum to rise to 13. His other capabilities were strengthened by approximately 40 percent as well. He could feel the power surge in his body. It was a very refreshing sensation, if he wasn't careful, he might become addicted.

Power really is the most wonderful thing, thought he.

He wondered to what extent he could push his power if he used everything for Host of Darkness.

The Eye's members observed the kid's stratum increase by two strata. They looked like they'd seen a ghost. They didn't panic, though.

It's just one more person. It doesn't matter if he's in the 11th or 13th stratum, we'll pummel him all the same!

"It's just a secret ability to raise his stratum. Nothing to be afraid of! Attack!" roared the high-order magus.

He had already used a lot of his mana to protect the magi dueling Annelotte. The instant dictation of a level five spell also shaved off a good chunk. He was afraid Leguna would come at him with all he had. If the kid really charged him without caring about his life, the magus might not survive either. So, he hurriedly dictated a few defensive spells before ordering the others to attack.

Leguna circled around carefully, Lighteater in hand. The enemies he'd faced in York were far from comparable to these guys; almost all of them could give him a run for his money individually, not to mention together. He will have done well if he can stay alive for more than a few moments being surrounded by at least ten of them.

He had charged forward and activated Host of Darkness to attract their attention. He was aware of Annelotte's dictation speed. A level five spell would only take the girl three or four seconds. As long as he could keep everyone's attention focused squarely on him, she could complete the spell quickly and unnoticed.

He made as much of a commotion as possible as he skipped around, without fully committing to an attack. He led his opponents away from Annelotte. The high-order magus was completely terrified to see Leguna dashing towards him screaming at the top of his lungs and hurriedly called his subordinates to defend him.

A few of the magi also dictated petrification spells in an attempt to curb Leguna's movements. But given speed was what the boy specialized in, how could he be struck by spells so easily, especially when he was in top form and prepared? While he tumbled and ducked by the spells, he didn't suffer any injuries.

I can't hold on any longer! thought he.

Though he pounced about crazily, he was incomparably nervous. The slightest mistake would end him. Who wouldn't feel tense in such a situation?


Just as he was about to crumble, Annelotte's clear voice finally rang out.

He abandoned all his previous movements and dashed in the girl's direction instantly.

He didn't have an easy way to go, though. He had strayed a little too far in luring the enemy away. He had to cover ten meters, and duck between about ten people who stood between him and Annelotte.

"Darn it, I can only go all out!"

Seeing he wouldn't make it, Leguna chose to gamble. He mustered all the strength in his body and sought out that ethereal and mystifying sensation from before. A puff of pale black smoke suddenly burst out of his body. His blurred figure vanished.

"Go, quick!" yelled the boy as he popped back into existence next to Annelotte.

The girl started at his sudden reappearance. She had already steeled herself to keep the spell up for a few more seconds, but now he suddenly appeared right next to her. She immediately unleashed the spell, and the three vanished.

Their pursuers blinked.

"What happened?"

"What just happened?"

"Weren't the three standing there us just a moment ago? How did they vanish?"

A chorus of rumbling burst out of their mouths.

"A transference spell, you imbeciles!" cursed the high-order magus.

Even he had his attention drawn by the boy. When the girl called out, he suddenly realized what was going on. Just as he was about to interrupt the spell, the boy appeared next to her out of nowhere. The three vanished before he could finish his dictation. He had just watched his cooked duck escape the pot, so his mood wasn't the best.

Despite his present sour demeanor, one question kept running circles in his mind: how had the kid instantly covered ten meters to appear next to the girl?


Leguna checked his surroundings. They were still in Azurewater but he couldn't pinpoint where exactly.

"Where are we?" asked he as he lifted Innilis onto his back.

The girl was quite fatigued after having to go on the run in the middle of the night, so he carried her on his back so she could get some sleep.

"North of Starfall. The human realm is south. The Eye won't struggle to find us if we head that way. We should head north instead," replied Annelotte.

"What about Boss and Sis? Escaping like this doesn't solve their situation."

Leguna couldn't stop worrying for the two.

"Wait. Just wait a few days for the chairman to return and everything will be solved. We killed Farsi and Nabir. Kurdak has quite the reputation in Starfall, so even though Hladik is biased to his own, he can't kill them casually. It's different for us. If we really end up in his hands we're dead for certain," explained Annelotte.


Leguna accepted Annelotte's suggestion reluctantly after an extended moment of silent contemplation.

"How did appear next to me like that? It was like a blink," asked Annelotte.

Leguna smiled at her.


She looked away.

"If it's related to your gift, then it's a secret. I won't mind if you don't tell."

"Hehe, it should be my third gift."

Seeing how she was behaving, he felt the urge to laugh.

Gleefully, he explained, "I think it's a teleportation ability. I can only use it if I'm already using Host of Darkness. I haven't got the hang of it yet, but I have a name: Shadow Blink. What d'you think? Cool and classy innit?"

"Not at all," replied the girl plainly.

Secretly, she was very surprised. Any ability that had to do with space and movement should be feared. And if it really was a teleportation ability, Leguna's ability would grow to a terrifying level. It seemed the boy had gotten strong.


Noon burned through the windows. The leaves hung silently from the trees. It was the worst kind of weather.

Hladik burned inside even hotter than the day. He'd used his position in the guild to mobilize a number of assets a few days ago to hunt down the bastards who had killed his beloved disciples. He was incredibly disappointed at what had come of it. He only captured a man and a woman somewhat related to his actual target. Leguna, the little shit was still roaming free. He felt like he would explode like a volcano every time he thought of how the bastard had escaped the punishment he so richly deserved. He was most enraged by the fact that he couldn't vent his anger on the two he had captured. The chairman had warned him he couldn't use any extreme measures against the two.

The Mercenary Association and Moonshadow had said that Farsi and Nabir's deaths had little to nothing to do with the two. They were willing to let the Eye 'invite' the two over to help with the investigation, they weren't allowed to be treated like criminals and be locked up. The guild would be condemned by both of the other two guilds if they did.

Some other party may have been involved, but the city's citizens were incensed when they head what had happened to the two. Kurdak had once again appeared in the spotlight since his duel with Orwen. Most of the people sided with him and believed he was innocent. While the Eye did indeed wield great power, they didn't dare commit such a vitriolic act in the public eye.

As a result, the two had enjoyed good treatment and food for the last two days even though they were captured. Not only were they not subjected to torture or interrogation magic, they were even living more lavishly than they had ever before. The most obvious proof was that Vera felt her waist had begun to expand. Every time Hladik happened upon the thought, the blood in his body boiled.

He currently stood troubled by the window. He was completely heartbroken over his beloved disciple's death. And all he could do was feel bad about it. Who wouldn't be mad if they were in the same situation?

A soft knock echoed against the door. Everyone knew the vice-chairman was in a rather bad mood, so they were always cautious around him.

"Come in!" yelled Hladik.

"No news of the brat?" asked he, furrow-browed.

"Apologies, Vice-chairman, two of the squads we sent found him, but they were wiped out," answered the warrior with a lowered head and voice.

"You fool! What use are you then?! You couldn't even catch an eleventh-stratum assassin?! Didn't I give you the magical locator coordinates?!" cursed Hladi, crimson-faced.

The warrior kept silent for a few moments before he mustered his courage.

"Sir, I couldn't find the kid but I know Kurdak's darkest secret. Would reporting this satisfy you?"


Hladik froze.

"This is enough to ruin his reputation!" exclaimed the warrior, raising this head.

It was none other than Gran, the one who had encountered Leguna and the rest two years earlier in Nightsong!

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