Book 2 Chapter 106

Daver and Leguna

Daver wasn't currently present in Snowrock. He'd had free time since his recent mission with the guild. In recent days, he had been busying himself with his family's affairs. His father was quite satisfied with him, hence his unquestioned support of his studies on the path of magic. He also raised him in the ways of management and was practically training him to be the next family heir. Daver was also blessed with decent talent, hence his excellence in the field of magic and his ability to deal with problems and other people.

He was meeting another merchant guild to talk business in Azurewater, the center for trade in the human realm. The city was named after Azurewater Plains, located in center of the region. For about a millennia now, it has humanity's capital on the continent. Numerous merchant guilds traded there. The rich and prosperous city used to be the largest human city overall. However, with the support of the Mercenary Association and Eye of Arcana, Starfall grew constantly and eventually replaced Azurewater at the top after Moonshadow Thieves' settled there. Even so, though, Azurewater remained merchants' haven.

Daver read his accounts quietly, estimating the returns the business deal would deliver. He had his attendants leave the room; he was used to thinking in absolute silence.

This batch looks pretty good. I can raise the price by ten silvers and it probably won't impact sales.

He raised his quill and made a note. Soon after, he felt a chill run down his spine. He raised both his hands and tried to appear as non-threatening as possible.

"You're finally here to see me."

"You don't sound terribly surprised."

Leguna appeared behind him. If he had really attacked, a 14th-stratum magus like Daver would be heavily injured even if he managed to survive.

"Naturally. May I turn around? It's rather unpleasant to have someone standing behind me like that."

Though he was being suppressed, he showed no sign of panic.


Daver turned around and saw Leguna's fair face. He was clad in a tight dark-blue night-suit, without a mask.

"Were you the one who reported Farsi's death?" asked the boy.

There were only two people who could have revealed the truth. The first was Balor, the second, Daver.

Leuna had come to check what stance Daver took. He was only an 11th-stratum assassin, but quite confident he could face a 14th-stratum magus. He had killed two high-order experts on his own, after all.

"I'd like to know why you're here first. Revenge?" asked Daver nonchalantly.

He hadn't spent a lot of time with the boy but had a decent understanding of his personality.

"Answer my question first," insisted Leguna, completely unmoved.


Daver lowered his head sincerely.

"I'm very sorry. I testified to the guild. I didn't bring it up of my own accord, though, the guild questioned me a few days ago all of a sudden. Master Hladik seemed really enraged, so I could only tell the truth."

"You seem awfully unrepentant," said Leguna coldly.

"It was my only choice. Believe me, I really don't want you as an enemy. I really had no way of keeping everything under wraps. It's far too easy for the guild to check if someone is lying," Daver said helplessly, "Well, look. I knew you were going to come for me eventually, but I didn't say anything to the guild or the family. This should prove my sincerity. I don't want to be your enemy. My hand was forced. If you were in danger because of me, I can apologize and pay you back."

"I don't need your apology!" Leguna's killing intent surged.

Several days had passed since the death of his friend and his sister, but thinking about it again ignited the flames of hatred again. Daver shuddered. Leguna's unveiled killing intent chilled him.

Is he really going to kill me?

His hands dropped to the table when the thought popped into his head. Beneath it was a scroll infused with a stoneskin spell. He wouldn't bet his life on Leguna's understanding, the scroll was one of the precautions he had prepared.

"But I do want reimbursement."

Leguna's killing intent dispersed immediately. The gaze he shot at Daver was hateless, it was just filled with pain and sorrow.

"Just say it. As long as it's something I'm can do, I will help you."

Naturally, Daver didn't think Leguna would come all the way to demand a few sacks of gold. After a moment of silence, the boy continued.

"Do you know what happened in York?"

"Yes. I wouldn't be so humble if I didn't. Nabir and Kratt were quite well known in the Eye. I didn't think you could kill them both on your own."

Though the rational part of his mind still doubted what he'd heard, his gut told him it was true.

"Yes, it was me. But that's beside the point. That bastard actually killed my friend and his sister in his search for me. Only the youngest girl still lives; her elder brother and sister are both dead."

"So, you're saying...?"

Daver didn't understand why this had been brought up.

"The little sister is currently traveling with me. But you should know someone like me can't give her a safe place to grow up. Your family will take care of her and let her lead a peaceful life."

"Just this?"

"Simple, but not what you think. You will let her live happily. If I hear you've wronged her in any way, I'll come kill you!"

"Fine, fine! You sound like a father threatening his son-in-law!"

Daver threw up his hands.

"She's still young. Forget such things for now."

"Hey, I was joking!"

Seeing how serious Leguna was, Daver panicked.

"I'll treat her like my little sister, my real little sister, okay? Don't think you can decide my marriage!"

"That's for the best."

Upon hearing Daver's agreement, Leguna breathed a sigh of relief. He had owed Jaehart far too much. Now he was finally going to make amends, he felt much better.

"Phew. You really gave me a fright. So where's she? Did you bring her along?"

Daver also relaxed.

"Of course not. She's in Starfall. I wouldn't hand her to you before checking your attitude," said Leguna with a shake of his head.

"What? Starfall?" Daver was shocked. "You're guys still staying in Starfall?"

"Yes. So what?"

"Didn't the Eye cause any trouble?"

"None that I know. Nothing out of the ordinary happened when we returned. It's like the guild is ignoring it entirely."

Daver's face looked grimmer than before.

"I still advise you to not let down your guard. You don't know what Hladik is like since you've never been in the guild. I do. He has an incredibly short temper. Someone once offended him and was kicked out of the guild immediately. You didn't just kill his most talented disciple, you even killed his strongest one, Nabir. Hladik won't let you go no matter what."

"But the Eye really hasn't done anything at all. They didn't even stop us from cashing in the orc ears."

Leguna was a little unnerved. He also felt something was off. The Eye was being too quiet. Daver shook his head.

"Be more careful! This will not end so easily. You have to be on your guard!"

Leguna gave Daver a look.

"It sounds like you're really worried."

"Any gentleman would worry if his goddess is in danger."

Daver was basically saying he was worried about Annelotte, and not anyone else.

"Forget it. Your goddess doesn't care about you."

"Send my regards to Miss Annelotte. Tell her I will forever keep her voice and smiling visage deep in my heart."

Daver completely ignored Leguna.

"No way," Leguna refused.

He gazed out of the window.

"This is all. I have to leave now. I'll come over with Innilis in two days."

"Innilis? That's a good name," Daver smiled, "I will stay here for half a month. Just come straight here. Don't worry. I'll take care of her."

"You'd better keep your word," said Leguna softly before he opened the window and disappeared into the night.

"What a sneaky bastard. Can't he use the door like a normal person?"

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