TGL Volume 5, Chapter 29 (4)

Stop thinking so hard, and just do it. Stop thinking so hard, and just do it. Stop thinking so hard, and just do it. Alright, I think I’m thinking too hard. How am I supposed to just do it? My weapons can’t hurt this giant puppet at all. The only way to hurt the puppet is if I can trick it into using its own weapon against it. Mm? Hang on a second…, own weapon? The puppet planted its swords into the ground in front of its feet to use them as shields and also to cross its arms to store the vermillion flames. What if I pick up one of its weapons and use it against itself? This is what the ruler’s advice is for! Forget about thinking, just do it! I’ll leap towards this sword, and … how in the heck am I supposed to use it? Even if I hug the hilt, my arms don’t go all the way around! Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel that heavy. If I can get a proper grip on it somehow…, but its surface is so smooth! There’s really nothing to grab. Then, I’ll use my Footsteps of the Giant through my hands and wrap my qi around this handle. It works! I can lift and swing this sword around! 

“Look out!” 

Ah! The puppet’s trying to take its sword back! Luckily, I’m a fast thinker when I’m not using my brain. If I thought any slower, I wouldn’t have realized I could take this away with Footsteps of the Giant. Since I can wield this sword, there’s no way I’m letting this puppet take it back! I can’t teleport away with it, but I can slash at its hand before it gets here! “Breaking Blade!” 

The puppet tried to evade, but I’m pretty good with a sword if I may say so myself. I might’ve missed its fingers, but I still easily cut its forearm, and when the blade collided with the puppet’s shell, there was a huge screeching sound along with lots of golden sparks flying out like an explosion of spiritual energy. I don’t know if any significant damage was done, but pushing its arm back is a big deal! None of my other attacks were able to cause a reaction like this. 


Woah! The puppet can speak! At least, I’m pretty sure it was the puppet that was speaking. Its voice was really loud and deep, and it sounded very far away. A few clouds of dust were falling down from the ceiling thanks to the sound; it boomed so much that it shook the room we were in. Mm, I have a question though. “Which part about this is impossible?” 

“You’re not a supreme immortal. How is your body strong enough to repel the Guardian of Atlantis!?” 

Guardian of Atlantis? Is that the name of the puppet? It must be because I certainly didn’t repel anything else unless a ghost tried attacking me without me noticing. As for how my body is strong enough, isn’t that obvious? “I ate a lot of food, so I have lots of strength!” That’s right. Everyone knows that to get stronger, you have to eat meat. As a puppet incapable of eating, how can the Guardian of Atlantis compete with me? 

“That’s ridiculous!” The puppet grabbed the other sword that was still stuck in the ground. I swung my sword at its hand to stop it, but a golden formation appeared for a brief second before a black barrier appeared right where I was about to strike. The barrier had golden hexagonal patterns on it, and for some reason, it reminded me of a turtle shell. “Then again, I shouldn’t have expected an honest answer from my opponent.” 

Mm, this barrier is a bit tricky. It’s basically like my Armor of Slaughter, but instead of qi, the puppet blocks attacks with a turtle shell. Vermillion flames and a turtle shell. Aren’t those basically aspects of the holy beasts from the Immortal Continent? Patriarch Atlantis wasn’t a very original person, huh? All he did was plagiarize beast skills! Well, they’re pretty strong skills, so I can’t really blame him. How do I crack a turtle shell? Don’t think too much, Lucia. If I don’t know my next attack, then those demons won’t be able to predict what I’m going to do either! Alright. I’ll break this turtle shell by swinging my sword even harder! “Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: Breaking Madness Blade Strike!” 

Ooh? What’s this? I activated my Unrelenting Path of Slaughter, and weaknesses actually popped up on the puppet’s body! They’re really weird weaknesses though. The whole puppet is green—probably thanks to the mana that prevents people’s divine senses from entering it—but there’re red lines that constantly move through the puppet. If my Unrelenting Path of Slaughter is working properly, then if I cut those red lines, I’ll be able to do serious damage to the puppet! Mm, the thing is, those lines are moving in a random way, and they never stay in the same spot for more than an instant. I’d have to already be slashing at it to hit it once it appears. 

If that’s the case, I just have to do what I do best! All I have to do to defeat this puppet is attack, attack, and attack some more! No wonder why the ruler said to stop thinking. The answer was really simple. Mm? What if the whole place explodes thanks to the formation Mrs. Mu was talking about earlier that Patriarch Atlantis created? That doesn’t matter at all; the ruler will save me if my life’s in danger. Even if she doesn’t save me, I’m sure she has ways to bring me back to life. I won’t sweat the small stuff like thinking about actions or consequences; there’s only one thing I should think about: using this massive sword to beat this puppet up! It shouldn’t be that hard since I have the advantage of being way smaller. It's like a human trying to duel a really strong mosquito that’s holding a sword.

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