TGL Volume 5, Chapter 28 (5)

Damn. Am I just an unlucky person? As Disciple Gu, I entered a lower realm to chase after a supreme immortal’s inheritance. Everyone except for me died, and I was possessed by a demonic cult leader. As Bloodmoon, I obtained a supreme immortal’s inheritance but was chased into a lower realm where I was captured and basically turned into a slave. To escape my captors, I was forced to self-detonate myself and attempt a risky possession. As a mixture of both Bloodmoon and Disciple Gu, I failed to comprehend the supreme immortal’s inheritance I obtained and entered the ruins of a legendary place to make up for it. Upon arrival, I was robbed. After I picked myself back up, I was kidnapped and robbed again by the same person. Now, I’m lying on the verge of death, naked, in the basement of an underground tower thanks to someone else using a heaven-defying treasure against me. 

“The treasure is a huge puppet being controlled by a group of demons!” a familiar voice shouted. “I, Big Elder Fluffytail, promise I won’t forget your contributions if you help me defeat them!"

Now that I think about it, in both of my lives, my bad luck started when I met that woman, Lucia Fluffytail. She’s the cause of every unfortunate event I’ve encountered. 

“Ah? All I did was ask for help. Why’d someone develop a heart devil?” Lucia Fluffytail mumbled. I could hear her quite clearly because she was standing over me. Senior Sister Mu had summoned a barrier with her talisman, but it wasn’t that strong, and the previous attack had overwhelmed it and forced me into my current near-death state. Lucia Fluffytail’s tail swished to the right, and her eyes lit up. “I know! The demons must be scared, and they know they’ll be defeated if I unite everyone!” 

It's true that there’s no individual who can defeat the puppet. Its strength is already greater than Senior Sister Mu’s, and she’s the strongest individual under the realm of supreme immortal. 

“Hmph!” A loud snort echoed through the area, and seven red streaks dashed over my unmoving body. When the streaks came to a halt, seven vermillion birds came into view. Honestly, it was hard for me to tell the difference between the seven of them. To both Disciple Gu and Bloodmoon, they all looked the same with no identifying features. Luckily, there was one bird that stood ahead of all the others. It turned around and spread its wings, causing its form to enlarge by several times. “If you can’t defeat this puppet, then scram! This treasure belongs to us!” 

I rolled my eyes to the side to look at Lucia Fluffytail. Surprisingly, she didn’t look displeased at all. In fact, she was beaming. “Alright!” she said and bobbed her head up and down. “The treasure’s all yours.” 

The vermillion bird stiffened before relaxing its wings, letting them settle against its side. One of its underlings chuckled and said, “I thought the disciple of the White-furred Tyrant would have a bigger backbone. Who knew she’d be so easily intimidated?” 

I don’t think Lucia Fluffytail is intimidated at all. I’ve seen her terrified expression, and she’s seen mine too; after all, we both suffered through the same fear-inducing training given by her bodyguard. Speaking of which, where did her bodyguard even go? I’m not sure if the giant puppet could withstand the might of that white-haired devil’s big stick. I digress. If Lucia Fluffytail isn’t intimidated, then the only reason she’s backing off is because she wants to see these birds get clobbered by the puppet. 

“Hold on!” a deep, booming voice said, coming from the stairs leading up. Four streaks of light entered the room from the stairway, stopping right before colliding with the group of vermillion birds. Four hulking individuals appeared, standing two heads taller than Senior Sister Mu. Their cheeks had scales on them, and antlers grew out of their foreheads, curving backwards into their hair. The lead individual pointed a scaled and clawed finger at the leader of the birds. “Have you asked us dragons for permission before spewing your nonsense everywhere?” 

It's interesting how vermillion birds and dragons arrived after the small coalition of beasts. It must’ve been due to the treasure-sniffing mouse. With him at the lead, the coalition of beasts must’ve been awfully close to the treasure already, and if the demons didn’t have prior knowledge thanks to their heritage, the treasure-sniffing mouse would’ve discovered this place first. 

“Hmph!” the lead vermillion bird snorted. “Who do”— 


“Gotcha!” Lucia Fluffytail’s bodyguard had materialized out of nowhere and struck the only black-scaled humanoid dragon in the group of four right on the head. His antlers shattered, and his neck caved inwards, his head sinking into his torso until his ears were level with his shoulders. She grabbed him by his hair and roughly shoved him into a bag before disappearing. 

—“you think you are!? You….” The lead vermillion bird’s words trailed off as its beak hung open, its eyes wide and unblinking. It closed its beak and swallowed as the three dragons whirled around, looking for their lost companion. 

“Who was it!?” the lead dragon shouted while transforming, his body stretching and elongating like an eel’s. The injured beasts on the ground were shoved to the side by the dragon’s violent transformation, its body so massive it enlarged the space we were in every time it moved by scraping away layers of dirt and metal with its scales. “What mongrel has the audacity to ambush our dragon clan!?” 

When faced with danger, people react in different ways. Some people freeze up. Some people run. Some people fight. Some dragons lose their rationality and try to provoke existences beyond their understanding. Luckily for the dragon, before it could come face to face with death itself, a beam of light was emitted from the other room. The demons were attacking with the giant puppet again. Rather than waiting for everyone to settle down and agree to deal with the puppet together, the demons must’ve though it better to eliminate the danger before everyone could unite.

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