TGL Volume 5, Chapter 28 (2)

The treasure left behind by Patriarch Atlantis. I’m not sure what realm he achieved in his lifetime, but the name of Atlantis has lasted for many years after the demon clan’s decline, mostly talked about in the realm of legends. Even though Lucia Fluffytail is unable to use the treasure for herself, that doesn’t mean the flame of greed in her heart has been extinguished. If I make a move now, it’ll be possible for me to secure the treasure for myself. “If you don’t want the treasure, I’ll buy it from you.” 

“You want to buy the heaven-defying treasure from Big Elder Fluffytail when you can’t even afford clothes?” the transformed mouse asked. He laughed and went up to Lucia Fluffytail’s side. “I’m the heir of the treasure-sniffing mouse clan. If you’re upset you can’t use the treasure, I’d be willing to trade you something for it. There’s definitely something within my clan’s treasury that’ll catch your eye.” 

This mouse is a treasure-sniffing mouse? Not only that, but he’s the heir of the whole race? I can’t compete. Even if the sect leader of the Blazing Sun Sect came, he’d still fail to outbid this mouse if they competed in terms of wealth. According to the few lessons Disciple Gu had taken on animal studies, treasure-sniffing mice can detect treasures as easily as flies can find poop. If I can leave a tracking mark on this mouse, I could get my master to capture it later. 

“Treasure … sniffing?” Lucia Fluffytail asked and tilted her head. “You can sniff out treasures? What’s your name?” 

The mouse lowered its head, but from the way his tail wiggled, it was easy to see he was quite chuffed. “This lowly one is named Laoshu Aidami.” He scurried to the side and pointed past Lucia. “I’d love to have a chat with you to get to know you better, but I think those demons are up to something.” 

“Oh, don’t worry,” Lucia Fluffytail said and placed her hands on her hips. “If they’re going to try something, Mrs. Mu’s definitely going to stop them.” 

“I’m going to what?” Senior Sister Mu asked. She was standing off to the side, and in front of her, on the wall, there was a sprawling formation pattern that seemed to be alive. It flickered and moved like a dragon made of lightning. Senior Sister Mu turned her head to the side. “Oh, they’re advancing forward at a time like this? How ballsy of them.” 

Lucia Fluffytail blinked and turned around. All that remained of the group of demons were two guards that had been left behind to block our group from entering the black mist. Their staves were pointed at us, unwavering despite their trembling arms and legs. Lucia Fluffytail scratched her head and glanced at the group of beasts. “So…, why didn’t anyone stop them from going in?” 

The transformed turtle came forward. “We were told to shut up, do as Mrs. Mu says, and don’t act without her permission.” 

“Right…,” Lucia Fluffytail said, dragging out the word. “I did say that, didn’t I? Well, good job following orders. Now, go and catch them!” She took in a deep breath and punched through the ground, opening up a massive crater. Unlike the previous times, there was nothing down below. That didn’t discourage her though, and she continued to punch and claw her way downwards. A moment later, she jumped out of the hole she dug. “Ahem. I was burying an acorn like squirrels do. I didn’t get lost! What’re you standing around for? Hurry up and chase them!” 

Clearly, this was the last floor of the tower, and the mist the demons had walked through had led to a different room instead. The group of beasts rushed towards the black mist; despite the turtle being the slowest one there, he dictated the pace and went through first. I think the other beasts were traumatized by the ferret being cooking, and none of them wanted to go through the sensory-deprivation zone first. As for the two guards that were blocking the way, they had retreated the instant Lucia Fluffytail smashed the floor. It was hard to truly be loyal in the face of death. 

Senior Sister Mu frowned as she took one last glance at the wall before following after the group of beasts. As for Lucia Fluffytail, her eyes glazed over, her pupils and irises turning completely white. She stared at me, and for a second, it felt like my heart had been ripped out of my body. Was she thinking of killing me? Why now? 

Lucia Fluffytail took another step towards me, but it covered all the distance between us. Before I could even react, I was slung over her shoulder. If she had wanted to, she could’ve ripped my head off, and I wouldn’t even have had a chance to put up a last struggle. As someone with two souls living in one body, how am I so weak? What have I been doing to let someone who I could crush like a bug surpass me in an instant? When I return to the Blazing Sun Sect, I’ll have to reconsider some things. Bloodmoon had an impressive way to boost his cultivation, but he refused to use it in Disciple Gu’s body for fear of being discovered. After obtaining one supreme immortal’s legacy, his ambition died down. I should thank this squirrel woman’s bodyguard for tricking me into having pieces of my soul devoured. My mind has been cleared, my doubts resolved. 

I don’t know why I’m the only one being carried, but it’s not like I can do anything to resist. The black mist blocked my senses, and when my senses returned, it felt like I had become heavier. No, that wasn’t right. There was something on top of me: the two demons that had escaped earlier. They must’ve tried hiding inside the mist to evade our detection, but they were still caught by Lucia Fluffytail. How did she do it? Are squirrels really just a naturally gifted race?

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