TGL Volume 5, Chapter 28 (1)

Thanks to the power of teamwork, friendship, and the advice of a mouse-rat-person, I finally caught up to the group of demons who got here first! It turns out all I had to do to destroy the formations inside the tower was use my tail as a broom and sweep up the floor. Somehow, the things that connect the things within the formation can’t withstand the power of my fur. Mrs. Mu explained it much better, but I didn’t bother remembering all the tiny little details. Who cares about the details when all that matters is my tail is the greatest formation destroyer in existence? 

“Wow, squirrels really are impressive!” 

“No wonder why the White-furred Tyrant is the leader of the beasts. With an ability like this, humans and demons don’t stand a chance against her.” 

“If we cut off her tail, do you think we could break formations like this too?” 

Alright, maybe all squirrels are the greatest formation destroyers in existence and not just me. And who’s the one who wanted to cut off my tail just now!? It might grow back, but having it removed is pretty damn painful! The supervisors may or may not have torn it a few times when they were bullying me before the ruler saved me. I wasn’t using my divine sense to monitor these people, but I’m sure Mrs. Mu was. “Who wanted to cut my tail off just now?” Whoever it was, I’ll throw them into Sir Pot and eat them for breakfast! 

“Oh?” Mrs. Mu raised an eyebrow at me. That’s odd. Why does it feel like she’s feeling a bit guilty? Hmm. Before I could figure out what was off about her, Mrs. Mu pointed at the short figure not too far away. “It was that mouse over there.” 

The mouse-rat-person? Why couldn’t it have been the turtle? I’ve eaten rats before to survive back when I was still a slave in the army, and I’d rather not eat a mouse for breakfast. In that case, it’s a good thing I didn’t swear an oath to the heavens. Eating my companion beasts for breakfast? There’s no way I’d think about doing something like that. Ahem, moving on, as I was saying, we caught up to the demons! I know because Mrs. Mu caught sight of them with her divine sense. They’re seven floors below us, and right below them, there’s another wall of black mana that blocks her sight. We have to clear seven floors in the time it takes them to clear one, but I’m not worried about that at all. 

Ilya always said I was a moron because I learned techniques and never used them, but with my brain impurities removed, I’m a moron no more! With the new technique personally taught to me by the ruler, catching up to that group of demons will be as easy as one, two, three! Err, it’ll be easier than that because counting can be tricky at times. Anyways, special technique…! “Dig!” 

“What’re you—!?” 

Bang! Pow! Crunch! 

Mm, digging doesn’t usually make that kind of sound, but since I’m digging through solid … metal? Rock? Ah, who cares! Whatever this tower’s made of, it’s really crunchy. One floor. Two floors. Three floors. Four! More floors, another floor, and this floor— 

“Prince, watch out!” 

Ah! Maybe I should’ve learned math from the ruler. I was about to break the floor that the demons were on! If I did that…, well, nothing bad would’ve happened, but it’d be really awkward. Anyway, the demons are here! “Ah-ha! We’ve caught you now!” 

“Who are you?” one of the demons shouted. Before he could say anything else, a robed demon stepped in front of him and held an arm out to the side. The rest of the demons gritted their teethes and took steps back to position themselves behind the robed demon, but they held up their staves and other weird-looking weapons. Are these guys magic users? I didn’t think I’d ever see magic again from someone other than Ilya and Mirta after leaving the pocket realm. Then again, a lot of cultivation techniques are basically like magic too. 

“This junior greets Big Elder Fluffytail,” the robed demon said and grabbed his hood. He pulled it off, revealing a face that … didn’t look like Ilya’s at all. If Ilya’s a descendant of Patriarch Atlantis, and this person’s also supposed to be a descendant, shouldn’t the two look alike? In that case, there’s only one conclusion: this guy is an imposter trying to steal Ilya’s inheritance! “May I ask why you are here? Is it to kill me?” 

Mm? Kill him? What’s with this guy? I don’t think we’re following the same recipe! “Why in the world would I come here to kill you? I’m not a murderer!” 

“She says she’s not a murderer, but she turned Ferret Jones into stew.” 

These beasts…. “Stop whispering over there! Do you see how big my ears are? I can absolutely hear you!” And I didn’t murder the ferret. Like I said before, Sir Pot was out, and the ferret jumped inside. By the time I realized, it was too late to save him. 

“Wait,” the demon, who wasn’t related to Ilya, said. “If you’re not here to kill me, then does that mean you’re here for the treasure?” 

“Of course, I’m here for the treasure!” I think Ilya made too strong of an impression on me. I thought all demons were supposed to be smart, conniving, and sneaky, but this one’s even dumber than me! “Why would any of us even come here if there’s no treasure? Even you’re here for the treasure!” 

“Well, yes, that’s true,” the demon said, his face slightly cramping. “But the treasure Patriarch Atlantis left behind can’t be operated by squirrels. The formations within will break, rendering it completely useless.” 

…Why are all the good things biased against me? First, Claw had a technique that let him cultivate super-fast by cutting people’s heads off, but that could only be learned by men. Then, there was the fancy and graceful ice techniques that could only be learned by women that I couldn’t learn because the Secret Phoenix Rebirth Technique would make me explode. Now, there’s this super awesome treasure that I can’t wear because I’m a squirrel! “If I want to break it, then I’ll break it!”

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