TGL Volume 5, Chapter 24 (3)

It’s a great thing the serious-looking woman, Mu something-or-another, pressed random buttons on the jet’s display. If she didn’t, these Eternal Shadow Sect people wouldn’t have attacked us, and if they didn’t attack us, I wouldn’t be Soul Scouring all of them right now! Well, I might’ve found a different reason to Soul Scour them, but I didn’t have to. Mm, I should really thank that serious-looking lady because these Eternal Shadow Sect people knew a lot of things—like a lot, a lot. In fact, they know enough for me to own a new mountain in the seven mountain ranges! Okay, I don’t think it’ll be a new mountain, but the owner did promise she’d give me one if I figured out what happened to Atlantis. 

“Hey, Teach—, err, hey!” I forgot what I was supposed to call the ruler. She went undercover, and I almost blew it for her! “I figured out what happened to Atlantis!” 

“Oh?” the ruler raised an eyebrow at me. If she was reading my mind, shouldn’t she have seen what I saw earlier just now? “Tell me, how did Atlantis fall?” 

Mm, Ilya once told me all squirrels were vain. Now, I understand what she meant! The ruler was clearly the one that destroyed Atlantis, but she wanted me to find out about her great deeds by myself! “My teacher destroyed it.” Yep. That’s right. According to the information I dragged out of the Eternal Shadow Sect’s people’s heads, the ruler clashed with Patriarch Atlantis, and as a result, the place was destroyed. 

The ruler beamed at me. “That’s right,” she said and bobbed her head up and down. “The White-furred Tyrant brought down Atlantis. The next question is why did she do that?” 

Uh…. “Do I have to answer this to get a mountain?” 


Hmm. There weren’t any reasons inside the heads of these people, but I’m a smart person! Even without being told the answer, I can still figure things out for myself. If I use the clues I’ve been given, I can piece together what happened. Why did the ruler destroy Atlantis? Isn’t it simple? “She destroyed it because it was fun.” Mhm. That’s the answer. The rule of fun triumphs all. 

“No,” the ruler said and shook her head. “Although she did have fun doing it, she didn’t destroy Atlantis because it was fun. She destroyed it for a different reason.” 

“Oh.” Well, even if I’m wrong, that doesn’t matter! “I still get a mountain, right?” I answered her question, and she never said I had to get the right answer! 

“What’s the point of giving me a wrong answer?” the ruler asked and rolled her eyes. She placed her hand on my head. “You have to find the right answer to obtain a mountain. You’re not strong enough to be unreasonable with me just yet.” 

Just yet? How strong do I have to be? 

“Isn’t that obvious? Stronger than me, of course.” The ruler chuckled and rubbed my ears. “Don’t worry. It might seem like it’ll take a long time, but ten thousand years pass by awfully quick when you’re an immortal and don’t have to worry about dying of old age.” 

“Does it take that long to become a supreme immortal?” 

“No,” the ruler said and shook her head. “It actually takes much longer.” She pointed at the serious-looking woman standing by the side of the dungeon, watching over the prisoners. “How old do you think she is?” 

Mm? “She looks like she’s … almost thirty?” 

“And how old are you actually?” the ruler asked the serious-looking woman. She glanced at us. 

“My exact age? I forgot,” the serious-looking woman said and shook her head. “I’m definitely over twenty-thousand years old, but I haven’t reached the thirty-thousand mark yet.” 

Holy crap. She’s basically a living mummy! I think the ruler was trying to point something else out though when she mentioned this woman’s age. Right! She’s the representative of the Blazing Sun Sect, and according to the memories of the person I just Soul Scoured, the Blazing Sun Sect is the current top sect of the humans. Technically, she’s the strongest person below supreme immortals, and she’s not a supreme immortal herself. “When do you think you’ll become a supreme immortal?” 

The serious-looking woman shook her head. “I don’t know,” she said. “Becoming a supreme immortal is easy to say but difficult to accomplish. I have a vague inkling of the direction I should head to increase my strength, but I’m not sure if it’s the correct path.” 

“Ah? Isn’t there a step-by-step instruction manual on becoming a supreme immortal?” If Ilya could make one of those for the kids at her school to become immortals, why can’t the immortals here make a guidebook to becoming a supreme immortal? 

“Of course not,” the serious-looking woman said and shook her head. “No supreme immortal is willing to divulge how they became powerful; at least, not until they’ve reached another step capable of looking down on supreme immortals. It’d be akin to a chef like you giving away all her recipes to her competitors and driving herself out of business. Unless a supreme immortal is extremely confident in their own strength, they won’t divulge any information to immortals like us.” 

Is that true? The ruler’s been saying as soon as I become a supreme immortal, I’ll be allowed to do things. Doesn’t that mean she’s planning on making me a supreme immortal in the future? I think it does. Well, she’s also really confident in her own strength, so if this serious-looking woman’s explanation is true, then everything makes perfect sense. 

“As the great White-furred Tyrant’s first and only disciple, you’re destined to become a supreme immortal at some point in time,” the ruler said and patted my shoulder, talking about herself as if she wasn’t herself. 

“How envious.” 

Mm? The serious-looking woman is looking at me as if I’m a precious treasure that she can’t have. If she’s the strongest person below supreme immortal, and there’s no supreme immortals in the area…, if I can get her to work for me, wouldn’t that make me the strongest person here? Excluding the ruler, of course. Right. “If you catch me a void dragon, find me a treasure that can help someone naturally produce spiritual energy, and figure out why my teacher destroyed Atlantis, then when I become a supreme immortal, I’ll teach you the method! What do you say?” 

A gleam appeared in the serious-looking woman’s eyes, but it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. If I didn’t have my divine sense, I wouldn’t have even noticed. The serious-looking woman took in a deep breath and nodded at me. “We have a deal.”

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