TGL Volume 5, Chapter 23 (4)

It seems like coming here wasn’t a complete waste of time. Despite the losses I’ve suffered—including the loss of my eyes—there’s still a hint of silver lining within the dark clouds. It’s my first time watching two individuals this powerful clash with one another. I never had the chance to see the strength of a supreme immortal when I was Bloodmoon. Although Senior Mu isn’t quite a supreme immortal yet, she’s been rumored to have the strength of one, a pseudo-supreme immortal if I were to use the naming sense of the Immortal Continent. 

“Hey,” Lucia said to her bodyguard. They were both wearing a pair of tinted dark glasses, but from the runic carvings along the rims, it was clear they weren’t ordinary at all. For some reason, the style of the runes reminded me of the interior of the jet I was currently in. Speaking of which, this jet is awfully sturdy for something so small. The ripples from Senior Mu’s battle with her opponent can’t even be felt from where I’m sitting. “How’s that serious-looking woman fighting? I don’t get it.” 

“Yeah,” the bodyguard said and shrugged. “She’s a talisman master, so I don’t really get how she’s doing what she does. Squirrels aren’t destined to be great with formations and such. Of course, if I had to fight her, I’d still kick her butt without an issue because even if I don’t know the underlying theory behind her techniques, I can still deal with the output.” 

“Ah?” Lucia tilted her head. “What do talismans have to do with formations?” 

The bodyguard pointed outside. “Do you see those weird symbols floating in the air beside her?” 

I could. They were golden characters. Although they didn’t look like any written word out there, if one were to use their imagination while severely impaired, the symbols could feasibly be those for the word sun. I was probably right because Senior Mu was launching those symbols at her opponent, and whenever the golden characters were within range, they’d explode like a miniature sun blossoming into existence. 

“Are those symbols formations?” Lucia asked. “I didn’t know formations could be used like that. I always thought formations were big and tedious. I’ve seen people set up huge formations before; sometimes, it took them days!” 

“Those are called formation arrays,” the bodyguard said. “Array masters focus on building large, elaborate formations. If Ilya were here, she’d be recognized as an accomplished array master. As for talisman masters, they create tiny formations that influence the world in the direction they want. Those golden symbols drawn by Mu Yin attract spiritual energy and convert it into an energy akin to the sun. When she activates them, they explode out with the energy they’ve accumulated.” 

“But how does she draw on the air?” Lucia furrowed her brow. “I’ve seen Ilya create formations before. In fact”—Lucia puffed her chest out and thumped one hand against it—“I’ve helped her set up one or two of them. She never draws on the air. She places down these little shells and spirit stones and stuff.” 

“Like this,” the bodyguard said. The tip of her finger glowed with a white light, and she gently scratched the air in front of Lucia’s face. A white streak was left behind after her finger passed. “She leaves her spiritual energy behind. It’s similar to how your fire still lingers in the air when you use your spiritual energy.” 

Lucia blinked. “So, you’re saying I can learn to fight gracefully like her?” 

A smile appeared on the bodyguard’s face. “You could,” the white-haired woman said and placed her hand on her bulging belly. “But it’d take you a tremendously long amount of time to learn. Instead, why don’t you try learning how to fight gracefully with a hammer?” 

“Fight gracefully … with a hammer?” Lucia blinked three times. “How do I do that?” 

The bodyguard stood up and arched her back, stretching out her belly. She extended one arm towards Lucia. “Hammer.” 


“I’ll show you,” the bodyguard said. “Give me your hammer.” 

“Sure!” Lucia said and bounced to her feet. A hammer appeared in her hands, and she passed it over to the bodyguard, not caring about the white-haired lady’s unborn baby at all. 

“I don’t use flames when I fight,” the bodyguard said. “I’ll demonstrate without any spiritual energy to show you the basic concept of graceful fighting.” Then, she leapt out of the jet and flew towards the battlefield. Senior Mu probably wouldn’t mind the extra help. She portrays herself as a prideful person, but I’ve seen how quickly her nature changes. Unfortunately for me, the fight was slowly but gradually leaving my range of perception. 

Thankfully, my bad karma didn’t sabotage me this time. Lucia got up and slapped the screen on the control panel of the jet. She pressed on it a few more times before a display appeared with images of what was happening outside. Senior Mu was fighting twenty people by herself, her hands blurring as her body weaved in all directions to dodge the attacks coming towards her. Every time she moved, floating symbols were left in her previous spot. Sometimes they flew towards her opponents and exploded. Sometimes, they formed barriers that blocked attacks capable of restricting her movements. Her fighting style was very succinct: dodge, block, and attack. It was a little surprising that I could see her, but the jet must’ve had some function to reduce the glare coming off of her body. 

Lucia’s bodyguard had left the boat, but it didn’t look like she was planning on taking action any time soon. She was standing at the edge of the battlefield in the sky, the ripples of spiritual energy causing her hair and dress to flutter. Without warning, she zoomed forward while swinging her hammer, striking an unsuspecting disciple on the head, sending him straight into the ground. The odd thing was it looked more like the disciple had launched himself into the hammer’s path rather than him being targeted by a hammer. There was most likely an underlying principle I couldn’t understand, but Lucia seemed to glimpse something judging by the way her ears perked up.

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