TGL Volume 5, Chapter 23 (3)

“You tell them!” That’s right. Everything in Atlantis belongs to me! Err, everything belongs to Ilya, but as the one helping Ilya claim all her stuff, I have more of a claim on it, and these treasures are definitely not these people’s. The problem is I have no idea what treasures belong to Atlantis and what belongs to the people who snuck into Ilya’s home. As such, I have no choice but to confiscate everything in the name of fairness. I wouldn’t want to miss a single one of Ilya’s items on the off chance it might’ve belonged to a sect member originally. “Anyone who touches my belongings shall receive the just and fair punishment of execution!” 

Wait, execution? Mm, why am I surprised? It’s always execution, isn’t it? I asked Ilya about it once, and she told me people didn’t take death seriously because people reincarnate. As long as their souls aren’t destroyed, death is just another transition. That’s what she told me, but I’m not sure I believe it anymore. She’s told me some very questionable things, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because she was too lazy to explain things to me. 

An old man floated to the front of the angry mob of people that had flown towards us. They were keeping a healthy distance from the flying boat, which wasn’t moving anymore. I’m not quite sure when it stopped, but I’m pretty sure the ruler’s the one who stopped it. She was probably following her rule of fun. It’d be fun for her to watch me get beaten by this mob of people, so she stopped the boat to give them a chance to do just that. “Have you lost your mind, Blazing Sun Sect Representative Mu?” 

“Lose my mind? I, Mu Yin, have never lost anything: harsh competitions, life-or-death battles, and most certainly not my mind.” The serious-looking woman took a step forward out of the jet, stepping onto the air. “If you’re looking to cause Big Elder Fluffytail trouble, then you’ll have to get past me first.” 

The old man frowned. “Are you sure you want to go against us for a mere squirrel? She might have the title of being the first disciple of the White-furred Tyrant, but titles are empty without the respective power to back them up.” The old man looked at me for a second before looking away. “One glance tells me she hasn’t touched upon spiritual energy until recently. Is the Blazing Sun Sect really going to go against the Eternal Shadow Sect for her?” 

The serious-looking woman sneered. “I may represent the Blazing Sun Sect, but right now, protecting Big Elder Fluffytail is my individual decision. I promise you now, if you kill me, the Blazing Sun Sect won’t seek any retaliation.” 

The old man grinned, showing black teeth with plenty of gaps between them. How his teeth became so rotten despite there being plenty of ways to clean them without effort, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s his cultivation technique. Ilya explains things away with that a lot. Why is that guy so short? Special cultivation technique. Why’s that woman’s b**bs so big? Special cultivation technique. Why does that guy have seven fingers on his right hand? Special cultivation technique. …I wonder if that’s one of Ilya’s standard answers she gives to get me to stop asking her questions. 

“Everyone heard Blazing Sun Sect Representative Mu’s words just now, no?” the old man asked and looked at the people who were behind him. He turned his head back to look at us. “If you die, the Blazing Sun Sect won’t retaliate, and it’d be quite troublesome for your sect’s reputation if their representative turns out to be a huge liar. Who would possibly trust your sect in the future if your words are as easily discarded as toilet paper?” The old man took a step forward, a layer of darkness coming out of his skin similar to ink touching water. “I’ll give you one chance to recant your statement if you’re afraid of death.” 

“How kind of you,” the serious-looking woman said. “Unfortunately for you, I’m not magnanimous enough to extend the same courtesy.” Without warning, a really bright light shone out of the serious-looking woman. It reminded me of the time Sophia threw open my curtains to let all the sunlight in to wake me up. I didn’t like it. Evidently, the old man didn’t like it either because he screamed while the layer of darkness around him boiled and turned to steam. 

The sunlight coming off the woman must’ve been her spiritual-energy armor because it covered her from head to toe. I couldn’t even get a good look at her because of how brightly she was glowing. Something tapped against my side. Mm? “What’s this?” 

“Sunglasses,” the ruler said. She was wearing a pair of glasses similar to the ones she was offering me. They looked like glasses, but they were tinted black. “They’ll help you see better.” 

Mm? If the ruler says they’ll help, then they’ll help; although, I’m not sure how something I wear in front of my face will help me see better through my divine sense. How do I put these on anyway? This part obviously goes on my nose, and these two sticklike parts go … here? Ah! I was right. They clamp against my head to prevent them from falling off. These must’ve been specially made for humans with squirrel ears on top of their heads. Ooh! These sunglasses really do help. “Why doesn’t that old man just wear sunglasses as well?” 

The ruler smiled at me. “These are rare treasures from Atlantis, not easily reproducible. At least, the ones you find on the market won’t protect your divine sense.” 

Oh, that makes sense. Wait. “When did you get these from Atlantis?” Is she picking up treasures on the side while I’m working hard to figure out what happened? 

The ruler stared at me. Well, I think she was staring at me. I couldn’t see what her eyes were doing because of the glasses. “I picked these up while Atlantis was still around. It was expensive, but I’m rich, remember? I have a lot of good stuff from plenty of extinct civilizations.”

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