TGL Volume 5, Chapter 23 (2)

I don’t know what goes on through Senior Mu’s mind. Then again, it isn’t my job to figure that out. My only job is to make myself as small as possible to prevent Lucia from scouring my soul. Luckily for me, Senior Mu’s actions work as a massive, attention-grabbing barrier protecting my presence from discovery. 

“What did you do?” Lucia asked and came up to Senior Mu’s side to stare at the screen. “What’s with the glowing?” 

Senior Mu’s eyes widened, turning rounder, as she turned to look at Lucia. Senior Mu’s head tilted to the side, and she blinked twice. “I pressed a cute-looking drawing on the screen. Was I not supposed to do that? I’m sorry. What happened? Is there anything I can do to help fix my mistake?” 

Lucia feigned a cough and backed away while waving her hand. “No, no,” she said. “You didn’t do anything wrong. I know exactly what you did, and I completely approve of your actions.” 

Amazing. Senior Mu used a method that any ordinary mortal could perform to deflect a squirrel’s aggression. Is that her true face? I suppose I’ll never know. I’ve only known her for the short amount of time the expedition took to form and the less than half a day we spent together. Supposedly, people’s true natures are shown under intense duress, but Senior Mu’s reacted many different ways, not fitting a singular personality. 

“Look,” Senior Mu said and pointed out the door which was still open. Despite how fast we were moving, not a single gust of wind entered the interior of the ship, and the familiar whipping sounds of traveling through the air at high speeds wasn’t present either. Outside, the flying jet roared like a dragon passing by, but inside, a baby could fall asleep without an issue. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t see what Senior Mu was pointing at. However, I did notice an extreme amount of spiritual energy gathering at the belly of the flying boat. 

“That tower looks like an important building, huh?” Lucia asked. She was leaning through the open wall with only one arm supporting her body. Her free hand was used to shield her eyes from the non-existent sun. “There’s certainly a lot of people gathering around it. What do you”— 


That god-awful sound came from the jet ejecting the stored up spiritual energy. A laser flew from the belly of the boat to beyond the vision of my divine sense. However, I had a feeling I knew where it was going since it flew in the same direction Senior Mu had pointed and where Lucia was currently facing. The spiritual energy was so thick it practically formed a beam of light connecting the jet to its target. It was a shame I couldn’t see the jet’s target. If only I hadn’t been so stupid as to blind myself. It was a subconscious action caused by the not-fully suppressed soul lingering on in my body. Although I’m interested in the result, I’m not going to draw attention to myself by asking them what happened. If I wait patiently enough, I’m sure I’ll find out. 

Lucia blinked three times in a row before using both hands to rub her eyes. Even when she stopped supporting herself with her arm, she didn’t fall despite remaining in a leaning position outside of the boat. “Say,” she said, a furrow appearing on her brow. “Did the jet do that? There’s no way, right? It must’ve been someone’s attack that came from behind us.” 

“I’m not sure,” Senior Mu said, “but those people coming towards us don’t seem to be very happy.” 

Lucia placed her hands on her hips. “Well, at least there’s a lot fewer of them than before. Imagine if that whole crowd from earlier rushed us; we wouldn’t stand a chance!” 

“We?” Senior Mu asked, raising an eyebrow at Lucia. Her voice wasn’t accusatory though; it sounded as if Senior Mu was pleasantly surprised despite her facial expression saying otherwise. Before Lucia could answer, Senior Mu stepped up to the squirrel-woman’s side and crossed her arms in front of her chest, staring out of the ship with a stern expression. The people outside still hadn’t entered my perception range, so I wasn’t sure about the numbers. The two women weren’t exactly specific whilst talking. Senior Mu snorted. “Since you’ve opened up to us and showed such hospitality, it wouldn’t be right for me to stand on the side while you’re in trouble.” Senior Mu shoved her shoulder past Lucia’s and forced the squirrel-woman backwards by two steps. “Stay behind me. I’ll protect you.” 

Weren’t strong individuals supposed to be proud? Unyielding? At least, that’s how the cultivators from righteous sects love to portray themselves. At first, I really thought Senior Mu was one of the aloof individuals who solely focused on cultivating without caring about personal gains. Now, I’m questioning whether she obtained her position through her strength or through the way she so naturally licks someone’s boots. 

“Blazing Sun Sect Representative Mu, what was the meaning of that attack just now!?” 

Although I can hear the person’s voice, he’s remaining outside my range of perception. From the way he’s speaking, he sounds like a holy child’s bodyguard. I wonder which sect he belongs to. Five of the seven great sects approve of using bodyguards to protect their disciples while the remaining two sects believe hardship and true life-or-death encounters are the special ingredients to nurture their geniuses. Speaking of which, I could’ve chosen to accept a bodyguard, but I didn’t because my privacy is much more important than my safety. 

“Isn’t the meaning obvious?” Senior Mu asked in return. “Big Elder Fluffytail is the only one whom deserves to obtain the treasures of Atlantis. Anyone who wishes to touch her belongings shall receive the just and fair punishment of execution.” 

It’s clear Senior Mu is sowing enmity between Lucia and the group of people outside. Lucia’s bodyguard, however, doesn’t seem to care. In fact, I’m betting she’s hoping a fight will break out, so she can feed Lucia another berserk pill for fun.

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