TGL Volume 5, Chapter 20 (4)

I always thought the chosens and holy childs of large sects were individuals blessed by the heavens. Their aptitudes and potentials were off the charts, and no matter what I did as Bloodmoon to keep up, it always felt like I was behind. In that case, why is my luck so poor? I’m a real holy child, but that’s because of my soul possession technique. Does that make me a fake? Is that why I didn’t get my blessings promised to every holy child? It must be because ever since I possessed this poor bast*rd, my luck has been as miserable as his. Everything was supposed to be smooth sailing after obtaining that supreme immortal’s inheritance. Unfortunately, I’m too stupid or something to understand the technique inside. 

“You’re still alive?” 

Honestly, I’m surprised I’m still alive myself. After Lucia left the building, it exploded. Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but I’m willing to bet my left arm—or whatever’s left of it—that the building exploded because of Lucia’s direct actions. Other than me, Senior Mu seems to have survived the devastation as well. As for the rest of our companions, it’s safe to say they’re dead. How can I conclude that so easily? Well, living people generally exist with their brains inside of their intact bodies, and they certainly don’t look like melted puddles of red goop. 

Senior Mu appeared in front of me. “How did you manage to survive that?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. It looked like she wanted to dissect my head to see if there was anything abnormal about my brain. Then again, since I’m a soul living in someone else’s body, it’s not unusual for me to imagine people stronger than me looking to open up my head. “Weren’t your defensive artifacts stolen by the squirrel when she robbed you earlier?” 

There’s no need for this woman to rub salt into my wounds. The worst part is she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. “I must’ve been lucky.” Lucky I was inspecting the demons Lucia had defeated. If I didn’t have a living being nearby when that explosion happened, there’s no way I would’ve survived without some vitality-absorbing tricks I picked up in my previous life. 

“If you were lucky, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” Senior Mu said and glanced around. A frown appeared on her face as she teleported a few meters away and crouched down. Although her clothes were in tatters and a large wound on her head was causing copious amounts of blood to pour down her face, it didn’t look like she just survived an attack that killed over twenty immortals. Senior Mu dug around for a bit before standing, holding something blue in her hand. It looked a little like a sharp tooth. 

“Did you find something?” I asked. Senior Mu is treating the object like it’s valuable, dusting it off with her sleeve and appraising it with the sun’s light. Actually, no, there wasn’t a sun present in the sky, but lighting still did come down from there somehow. If that item’s a treasure, it might just be worth mutinying for. 

Senior Mu glanced at me out of the corner of her eyes. She cupped the item and held her palm out towards me. “It doesn’t look like much, but it survived an explosion that killed our fellow sect members.” 

“It seems to be a tooth.” No matter how I look at it, that’s definitely a tooth. “It’s a fang of sorts. Perhaps there was a statue of an animal in one of the upper levels. It must’ve been destroyed in the explosion, leaving only that small portion behind. Speaking of the explosion….” 

“Big Elder Fluffytail did it,” Senior Mu said. “I was keeping my eye on her through my divine sense.” 

So, what Senior Mu is saying is she saw Lucia attack us but chose not to issue a warning. “Why didn’t you warn us?” 

“It happened too fast,” Senior Mu said and shrugged. “I don’t think she’ll be able to do it again. The device she used disintegrated.” Her head swiveled to the side. “Isn’t that right, Big Elder Fluffytail?” 

“Ah?” The air distorted, and a very familiar figure appeared. “Isn’t what right?” Lucia asked while looking around. She let out a low whistle. “Phew! What happened here? It’s a good thing you chased me out of this building because a moment later, it exploded! I came back to check up on you guys.” 

If Senior Mu is telling the truth, then Lucia is lying through her teeth right now. The air distorted again, and a pregnant woman with white hair appeared by Lucia’s side. With her around, I don’t think Senior Mu has the upper hand. I haven’t seen Lucia’s bodyguard take action yet, but there’s no doubt of her prowess. 

Senior Mu’s expression flickered. She gently tossed the blue tooth towards Lucia. “Catch.” 

“Hmm?” Lucia caught the tooth and blinked. “What’s this? A fang?” 

“It’s an Azure Fang,” the white-haired woman said. “It’s something Patriarch Atlantis came up with for his mortal clan members. Normally, only a cultivator can bind objects and manipulate them remotely—for example, a flying sword. With the Azure Fang, someone could use it to establish a connection between the Azure Fang and another object.” The white-haired woman reached over and touched the so-called Azure Fang, and a display popped up. “Then, they could control the object through this display screen, allowing a mortal to wield a flying sword or drive a flying boat or manipulate a puppet. There’re more advanced hands-off versions that remove this display altogether and lets mortals control items directly with their minds, but this isn’t one of those.” 

Lucia’s eyes lit up. “So, you’re saying this is a perfect gift for Sophia?” A smile appeared on Lucia’s face as she stored the Azure Fang in her interspatial ring. She glanced at Senior Mu. “You’re a nicer lady than I thought. Thanks!” 

Did Senior Mu already know the value of the Azure Fang? Is that why she so freely gave it away? I don’t see why else she would— 

“Hold it right there, Big Elder Fluffytail!” a voice said, coming from the horizon. “What was that azure-colored treasure you just received? You might be the White-furred Tyrant’s disciple, but do you think you can still run rampant when she’s not around?” A second after the voice reached us, there was a blur, and a man wearing blue robes appeared on the ground an equal distance away from Senior Mu and Lucia. 

So, Senior Mu wasn’t trying to garner any goodwill from Lucia. Senior Mu was digging a hole for Lucia to jump in.

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