TGL Volume 5, Chapter 18 (2)

Puppers’ introduction of me was pretty arrogant-sounding. Despite that, plenty of people are coming up to me to be my friend. I thought my brain, which was now free of impurities, would be smart enough to remember their names, but nope. There were just too many people. Who knew squirrels would be so popular in the immortal realm when they were hated to the point of extinction in the Immortal Continent? I should’ve come up here a long time ago. 

“Greetings, Big Elder Fluffytail,” an old man said and cupped his hands at me. “This junior is Taiyang Huo from the Blazing Sun Sect. It’s a little embarrassing for me to admit, but I’m merely a supreme immortal working as a temporary elder within the sect. I’m actually an acquaintance of your master; though, some may think my relationship with her is closer to friends because she personally gave me a nickname.” 

An acquaintance of the ruler? Judging by the ruler’s expression, she really does know the person. I guess that means I’ll have to treat this person with the respect he deserves. “Oh, hey! I’ll be sure to let my master know you said hello.” Even if this guy is a little old and referred to himself as junior, and even if he has a disciple who’s too scared to show his face, that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is he’s a supreme immortal, and unless the ruler wants to break her cover, he can kick my ass, so damn right I’m going to be polite. 

The old man gave me a faint smile, but his expression stiffened as he stepped to the side and turned his head. “You unfilial disciple! What are you doing hiding behind me? Hurry up and greet Big Elder Fluffytail!” 

The disciple that was hiding half of his body behind the old man glanced at me before staring straight at the ground. Am I intimidating? With this dress the ruler gave me, I should be turning heads everywhere! Right, there must be something wrong with this fellow. “Greetings, B-Big Elder Fluffytail,” the disciple said with his head still pointed at the ground. “This junior is just a newly ascended immortal. There’s no need to remember my name or anything.” 


There was a slapping sound akin to a wet fish hitting a wooden cutting board. The old man had slapped the back of his disciple’s head. Although I’ve had my limbs torn off because of the ruler’s subordinates, she didn’t technically injure me herself, so in that sense, she’s a nicer master than this old man in front of me. …Right? I think she is. 

“What’s the matter with you?” the old man asked. His pupils were shiny, glowing like the sun. “Introduce yourself properly! Is this how a holy child of the Blazing Sun Sect is supposed to conduct themselves?” 

“Sorry, Master,” the disciple said. Despite his words, his face looked pretty unwilling. For some reason, his countenance reminds me of someone else…. But that’s impossible! I haven’t met any humans from the Blazing Sun Sect since I came up here. The disciple cupped his hands at me, raising his head to be on the same level as mine but avoiding me with his eyes. Evidently, the ground was nicer to look at than my face. “Junior Gu greets Big Elder Fluffytail.” 

Hmm. Why does something feel off about this guy? 

The old man slapped his hand down on his disciple’s shoulder. “He may not look like much, but my disciple here was the only one to escape from a recently discovered forbidden zone. Everyone else who went in, and this includes dozens of promising experts from all the seven great sects, didn’t make it out.” The old man smiled at me. “Who knows? If you find yourself in a tricky situation, you can find my disciple and cling to his side. Some of his luck might rub off on you.” 

Or I’ll be killed like all the other people who clung to his side in the forbidden zone. This is the second time I’m hearing about a forbidden zone. I wonder if they pop up often. It’s not every day that everyone venturing into an unknown land dies, but as it turns out, large clusters of people dying happens often enough to be talked about. Ooh! Was the Immortal Continent declared as a forbidden land after Ilya caught everyone who invaded? If I’m remembering correctly, the Blazing Sun Sect was one of the sects who invaded us…. Hmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. 


Ah? What did the ruler say? “Bloodmoon? Where?” I’m not sure if days are longer in the immortal realm, but it certainly feels that way. The sun’s still up, and there’s not a moon in sight much less a bloody moon. What is a blood moon anyway? Is it like a blue moon? I know blue moons are a thing, but I haven’t actually seen one. The moon always looks white or orange to me. 

“What was that?” the old man asked, looking at the ruler. “Did you say Bloodmoon?” 

For some reason, the disciple had a very stiff expression on his face. I think I get it now! Blood? Moon? The ruler’s obviously referring to someone’s period cycle! This disciple must actually be a woman. If Snow can look like a beautiful woman despite being a guy, who’s to say this disciple can’t look like a hideous man despite being a woman? Bloodmoon. That’s such a strange code word for period. If my brain hadn’t been flushed of all those impurities, I’d still be confused as heck right about now. 

“No,” the ruler said and trained her gaze on the stiff disciple. “You must’ve misheard me. I said, ‘Make room.’ There’s someone waiting to become acquainted with the young master.” 

The old man turned his head to the side, and a scowl instantly appeared on his face. “If it isn’t Elder Sang. The Mourning Wood Sect must not care about their harvest this time around if they sent you to be in charge of the juniors.” 

Mourning Wood Sect? I’ve heard of these guys before! Don’t say it, Lucia. The humans and squirrels have a truce. “Hello, Elder Sang of the p**** sect!” …I said it just now, didn’t I? I thought too hard about not saying it that I said it. Who knew having a super-powerful brain would backfire like that?

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