TGL Volume 1, Chapter 13 (2)

Ilya’s sturdy! I hate to admit it, but she’s a lot more competent than I was when I was her age. Which wasn’t too long ago! I’m not old. Gosh. She also eats a lot. I really, really want her to cook for me, but the last time someone did that, I was poisoned and Durandal nearly died. Maybe if I watch her as she casts the barbeque spell on the meat, it’ll be fine. But there’s no way for me to know if it’s barbequed or barbequed and poisoned. The safest bet is to not play, so I’ll continue being bitter—err, not jealous of her food at all! How come magicians don’t have to worry about running out of mana in the vicinity? It’s not fair.

And she also has the clean spell which I am also completely not jealous of. I’d ask her to use it on me, but I haven’t talked to her in a long while and it’d be awkward to start now. Besides, I have it too! But if I overuse it, I might not have enough mana to cast barrier and haste when my life is in danger, so that’s a no-go. Especially since we’re in the desolate mountains in the north. Wasn’t it super convenient that Rogath’s laboratory was situated right outside the mountain range? I didn’t have to cross the human kingdom or the demons’ territory. It’s almost like there’s someone out there plotting out my life and helping me avoid all human interaction. It’s great! And with that super-long-ranged teleportation, anyone tracking me will be bamboozled by the lack of my traces!

I still can’t believe Rogath let me go like that though. Does he really think I’ll uncover the Godking’s legacy part two? The legacy’s a once in a lifetime lucky chance; I already spent mine on finding Durandal. There’s no way I’ll find what’s her face’s necklace too. But I’m not complaining! Rogath was even kind enough to give me his four favorite spells—the ones he used on me. He told me I’ll probably only be able to use them once every two weeks though, and no other magic tool will work for a week after their use. It’s in the form of the totally cute red ribbon tied to the base of my tail by the way. It used to be white, but, eh, beast blood does that, you know?

Speaking of beasts, the ones in the outskirts of the mountain range aren’t much different from the fat bears I used to kill in the southern pass. They’re definitely a step up though. I bet I’ll find ones stronger than the three-headed lion in the center of the range. I wonder if Ilya will survive. She’s been having a really tough time keeping up with me. She almost died like … two times? I guess that isn’t too bad, but for someone as young as her, it can be awfully scary.

Well, I’m sure she’s been left some life-saving items from her teacher. Maybe an instant teleportation button, or a three-week shield, or an instant-kill needle. …Now I’m scaring myself. What if she does have an instant-kill needle? Do those things even exist? Hmm. Somehow, it feels like my focus bones are becoming less effective over time. Obviously, I need to consume more. There we go. Why’s Ilya looking at me like that? Does she want one? I guess I can give her a spare.


It wasn’t out of kindness! Don’t thank me. It’s because your teacher would definitely punish me greatly if anything happened to you. But I’ll let her think it was kindness. I’ve been giving her a lot of my bones; she probably has a positive image of me in her mind. Did you know I could sell these bones for at least 50 gold each? More for the bigger ones too. But it doesn’t matter since I won’t be going to civilization for an awfully long time.

I say a long time, but I plan on going as soon as Durandal wakes up. With all the beast cores, bones, and p****es I’ve gathered, I’ll definitely be able to buy a mansion! I’ll have dozens of servants to cook for me and clean for me and do everything I don’t want to do. Then I’ll hire some financial advisors, invest in the right things, and maybe start a dojo where I can put Puppers to work. I’ll be set for life and Durandal and I can live happily ever after! I’ll pay for surgery to alter my appearance, or if the emperor is willing, I could pay him off and free myself of my bounty forever. Anything can be solved with money; Durandal was right. Screw angular momentum—money makes the world go round!

I feel like I’m forgetting something though that would ruin that dream. But I’ll deal with it when the time comes. Mhm. For now, I have to focus on getting stronger. I’m definitely approaching the peak of high-ranked spirit warrior. I can even hear things and make out details during the Path of Slaughter. Durandal should wake up when I reach the peak, right? I’ll be as strong as the Godking was, so…

Holy shit. I’ll be as strong as the Godking was! Aren’t I qualified enough to be a legend!? Wait. Lucia, you’re forgetting the existence of mages. Any seventh-circle magician is stronger than a high-ranked spirit warrior—remember Rogath? The guy you were just talking about that rendered you helpless with eight words? Darn. It seems like I’ll have to transcend the peak to become a divine warrior. But how do I do that if no one’s ever done that in the past? …I’ll worry about it after I get stuck at the peak.

“Lucia! Help!”

Again? Didn’t I already kill a tree like ten minutes ago? What’s trying to kill her this time? “Unrelenting Path of Slaughter: Flying Blade!” I renamed Flying Qi Blade into Flying Blade because Flying Qi Blade was too unwieldy to shout every time. Now, what was trying to kill her…? Oh, would you look at that: Purple rare spirit monkeys.


Aww. Ilya doesn’t know about the specialty of the beasts. She looks absolutely terrified with large, rabbit-like eyes. How cute. “Don’t worry. They were spirit beasts.” See? I’ll prove it to you. …Hmm, no beast cores. Welp, can’t get lucky all the time. I’ll prove it to her during the next batch we run into.

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