TGL Volume 5, Chapter 15 (3)

I feel amazing. Ever since my terrifying operation, it feels like the air smells better, the colors are vibranter, and the sounds are sharper. Eh? Vibranter isn’t a word? Of course, it is. It means more vibrant. Anyway, speaking of colorful things, Mrs. Feathers’ Future Husband is called a vermillion bird, but his feathers aren’t just red. When spiritual energy circulates around him, the tips and edges of his feathers turn rainbow, a little like Mrs. Feathers. Since I’m copying the way he circulates his spiritual energy, it’d only make sense for my hair and fur to glow rainbow as well. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t make any sense at all. I can produce flames, and I’m pretty sure I’m controlling spiritual energy, but my fur’s still brown—not that there’s anything wrong with brown. 

The ruler said controlling spiritual energy was much more difficult than controlling qi. She said I’d have to focus my mind, and that’s why I had to meditate. But … I don’t really feel like there’s much of a difference between the two? There’s only one thing that’s really different. Qi fills my body naturally since it’s basically my life force as Durandal calls it. Spiritual energy comes from my surroundings, and I have to breathe to take it into my body. Mm, I don’t have to breathe really since it can flow in through my skin, but it’s really weird taking things in through my skin without breathing. Qi and spiritual energy take up the same space in my body, so whenever I absorb spiritual energy, a little bit of qi is expelled. 

“I know this might be a lot to ask for,” Mrs. Feathers’ Future Husband said from his spot in the middle of the light formation that made his body transparent, “but can you please stop farting so much? You’re an immortal. Have some dignity.” 

Like I said, a little bit of qi is expelled. It’s not my fault! If I didn’t need to observe Mrs. Feathers’ Future Husband in his perfect condition, I would’ve beat him a little to teach him a lesson. Anyways, what was I thinking before I was so rudely interrupted? Right. Spiritual energy and qi take up the same space in my body. It’s no wonder why Baldie and Scarry seemed to be so weak despite being immortals like the hunter that melted my face. There was no spiritual energy for them to use. Does that mean I’ll be weak when I go back home too? Hmm…. Is there a way to make my body produce spiritual energy instead of qi? There’s only one way to find out. 

“Squawk! What are you doing!? Unhand me! Have you never carried a bird before!? Where do you think you’re touching!? You’re going to stuff me in—!?” 

Alright, I didn’t think Mrs. Feathers’ Future Husband could struggle after taking him out of that light, but he could. Luckily, he’s not that strong; it was easy to stuff him into my bag. Mm, I’ll take the formation too…? Never mind. It’s built into the room. Ah? Why’s part of it broken? It was like that when I got here. Right. Ahem, moving on, like I said, there’s only one way to find the answer to my question! Which way do I go to find the thinking room? That way. Woah. This is really weird. I can actually remember directions! Now that those impurities were taken out of my brain, I’m practically as smart as Ilya! Ah? If I were as smart as Ilya, why do I have to go to the thinking room to get my question answered? Good question. If I remember, I’ll ask the encyclopedias afterwards. 

La, la, la. Hum, hum, hum. Doot, doot, doot. And I’m here! In the thinking room, where the thinkers are waiting for me to ask them questions. Is that all they do? It must be boring just waiting around all the time. The ruler’s pretty smart, and she doesn’t have children, so these people probably have a lot of free time. It’s a good thing I’m here to give them some purpose in their lives. “Hey, everyone, I have a question!” 

There was a bunch of rustling sounds as the thinkers moved around, getting into place in their cages. Some of them even whipped out writing utensils and the counting toys with the beads and whatnot. Abacus? I think that’s what they’re called. Anyway, it looks like they’re all ready. “I want a method to make my body form spiritual energy on its own, so when I go home where there’s no spiritual energy, I’ll still be able to protect myself.” Right. This is for protection, not for threatening Ilya. Mostly. 


Someone pressed a button, and a red light appeared, lighting up the frame of the person’s cage. “There are a few ways to do that,” the man inside said. “The cheapest—but hardest—way is to become a supreme immortal. The easier ways are more expensive: You can eat an Immortal Fruit to create a source of spiritual energy within your dantian. These fruits are rare, but it shouldn’t be a problem for your master to acquire one. You can also choose to enter a symbiotic relationship with a plant that produces spiritual energy. Those plants are rare, but once again, it shouldn’t be a problem for your master to acquire one. You can capture a Heaven Devouring Toad, refine it into your life-bound tool, and place it within your heart. Once again, these toads are rare, but it shouldn’t be a problem for your master to get her hands on one.” 

Why did I even come here? It’s obvious what I should’ve done in the first place: ask the ruler! Am I supposed to reward these people? Mm, I think whatever system the ruler put in place is done automatically. “Alright, thanks.” Now, I’ll head to the ruler’s room. As for why I don’t just shout and call her over, pshaw, I know better than to do that. It’ll annoy her, and I won’t get what I want. Asking people for things is an art that I happen to be extremely good at since I never owned anything of my own during my childhood. I’m a bit rusty at it though since, lately, I’ve been able to get whatever I wanted by waving my hammer around, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The ruler’s really nice. Asking her for things is pretty easy.

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