TGL Volume 5, Chapter 1 (5)

How did things end up like this? It feels like I’ve been asking myself that question a lot recently…. Once again, I can come to the same conclusion; everything wrong that’s happening to me is Durandal’s fault. Somehow, I picked up a strange squirrel from the jail. I might not know how other squirrels behave like in the immortal realm, but I know when something is strange! It just isn’t right like a squirrel not daring to eat meat. Speaking of a squirrel not daring to eat meat…. “Are you not hungry, Slayer Junior?” 

“Don’t call me that,” Slayer Junior said. “Call me One.” He stared at the steaming plate of roast … something on the table. I’m not sure what I ordered. I just pulled out a bunch of spirit stones and told the waiter to get me what he’d get if he spent as much as I did. “My mom told me not to eat food given to me by strangers. It might be poisoned.” 

…Alright, maybe this squirrel isn’t so strange after all. “That’s a good idea. People love poisoning squirrels; it’s the only way they can win against us.” Yup. As someone who was poisoned in the past, I know exactly how Slayer Junior’s mom feels. I wouldn’t let Sophia eat food made by a stranger without checking it first! Ah, how is Sophia doing? I hope Softie’s treating her right. I need to find a way back to the Immortal Continent as soon as possible. Of course, I wouldn’t mind taking a side trip to the sect that can fix Durandal’s p**** problems if it doesn’t take up too much time. Hmm, maybe Slayer Junior knows something? He did escape from a mountain range of squirrels, so it’s not like he’s completely clueless. “By the way, Slayer Junior, do you know anything about a sect that gets really close to their weapon spirits?” 

Slayer Junior frowned. “Stop calling me that,” he said and shook his head. “The tribe’s curriculum introduces human sects near the end. I’m not even through with the beginning portion, but I do know there are seven great sects on top of the human cultivation world. They’re the Blazing Sun Sect, the—” 

“Okay, that’s enough.” So, it seems like Slayer Junior isn’t a good source of information when it comes to obscure things. I remember whoever it was that told me about the weapon spirit sect said that it was pretty small. Was it Baldie who said that? Eh, it doesn’t matter. Slayer Junior did say something strange though…. “What was that about the tribe’s curriculum?” 

“Huh?” Slayer Junior blinked. “It’s the mandatory learning that every squirrel in my tribe has to undergo. The ruler of the seven mountain ranges created it to prevent squirrels from embarrassing themselves when they leave their mountain range. Although each tribe has their own curriculum, overall, they roughly teach the same things.” 

Mandatory learning? There’s definitely something wrong with the squirrels in the immortal realm. No wonder why poor Slayer Junior here ran away from home. Being forced to learn against his will, who could blame him for fleeing from such torture? “Don’t worry, Slayer Junior. You’re safe with me now. I won’t force you to learn a single thing, but if you want me to teach you how to eat whatever you want without being poisoned, you can count on me!” 

Slayer Junior stared at me before sighing. “Please, stop calling me Slayer Junior.” He stared at the food on the table before shaking his head. It seems like he wants to eat it, but I don’t think he trusts me enough for me to teach him how to be immune to poisons. Oh wells, that just means more food for me. Ah, I forgot to ask about a way home. 

“Is there anything in your tribe’s teachings about opening an entrance to a lower realm?” 

Slayer Junior blinked. “Isn’t that simple? A space-splitting formation is all you need. There’s one in the seven mountain ranges. It isn’t owned by any one tribe; as long as you have the immortal stones to power it, you’re allowed to use it.” 

Well, isn’t that awfully convenient? All I have to do is return Slayer Junior to his parents, and they’ll be so grateful that they’ll let me use their space-splitting formation to go home for free! This trip to the immortal realm is practically over before it even started! Unfortunately, unless that weapon spirit sect happens to be on the way to Slayer Junior’s home, it doesn’t seem like there’ll be an easy way to fix Durandal. Or is there? “What about a world tree? Is there a world tree anywhere nearby? I need the core of one.” Right. That’s the main ingredient for the virility pill. All I have to do is take a world tree’s core to Ilya, and she’ll fix Durandal right up. 

Slayer Junior’s brow furrowed. “There’s a world tree in the seven mountain ranges, but I don’t think you’ll be able to take its core.” 

Hmm? “Why not?” 

“It’s the ruler’s home,” Slayer Junior said. “She once ripped the head off a demon ambassador because he accidentally stepped on a blade of grass in her yard on a diplomatic visit. If you try to remove the core from her home, there’s no telling what’ll be left of you when she’s done venting her anger.” 

Uh…. “How strong is this ruler?” 

“She’s a transcendent beast.” 

Transcendent beast!? That’s—! …Um. “And that means?” 

Slayer Junior blinked at me. “It means she can fight five supreme immortals by herself. Do you know what supreme immortals are?” 

“Of course, I know!” Right? I’ve heard the term supreme immortal somewhere. I’m just having a tough time remembering, but if I use the context clues, I can figure it out! “Supreme immortal is just the level above immortal.” Ah? Doesn’t that mean this ruler is really damn strong? If a regular immortal could melt my body, a supreme immortal could do even worse! And this ruler can fight five of them at once? Isn’t that a bit too exaggerated? Well, there’s one thing I know for certain. When I return Slayer Junior to his home, I’m going to be on my best behavior!

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