TGL Volume 4, Chapter 24 (1)

Gah! It’s been way longer then a month since I passed Durandal’s tribulation for him. It’s been a whole year, and he still hasn’t recovered. One. Whole. Year! The blacksmith said Durandal was perfectly fine, but if he’s perfectly fine, how come he’s not responsive? Mm, two weeks after the tribulation, Durandal tumbled out of his weapon body. I thought he was all better, but he isn’t! He’s still braindead! I tried doing everything to him, but I couldn’t get a single response. Ah…, why does Durandal have to be like this?

“Mommy, is everything okay?”

Mm, at least there are still plenty of good things in life, even if life doesn’t include Durandal right now. Sophia turned seven, and she’s well on her way to becoming an immortal! I think. Hmm. “Yep, everything’s fine. How strong are you again?”

“Mommy….” Sophia frowned. It’s not my fault numbers are hard to remember! Mm, Ilya changed the ranking system. Instead of warrior, spirit warrior, and divine warrior, she renamed them rank one, rank two, rank three, and so on! A rank one is a low-ranked warrior, and a rank nine is a, uh, is some kind of divine warrior, I think. I liked the old system a lot better. It was so much easier to remember. Low, middle, high, simple, yeah? Much easier to understand than one, two, three.

“Mm? Don’t frown! You know Mommy isn’t good at remembering things! Here, have a cookie.” Mm, it doesn’t matter how strong Sophia is since I’m here. As long as I’m here, Sophia is just as strong as me because she can call on me to kick anyone’s butt at any time. Mhm. Other than Sophia getting strong, another good thing happened. The door in the sky went away! Mm, well, not exactly. Ilya said something like the light between two doors was canceling each other out instead of adding together. I have no idea why it happened, and I’m not even sure if that’s the right explanation, but the light is finally gone! Mm, there’s now two doors in the sky following me, but I don’t really care about them.

“Okay.” Sophia bobbed her head up and down, eating her cookie. When she was done, she looked up at me. “Remember, Mommy, you’re not allowed to kick my classmates this time.”

Err…. “What makes you think I would do that?”

“You kicked Ti Tu last time.”

Ahem. A few months ago, Sophia’s school had a contest or something, and Sophia was pitted against a very vicious person. “I was protecting you from him!”

“Mommy, no one hurts each other while running.”

Nonsense! Feelings get hurt when people lose. Anyways, moving on, there’s another important event happening at Sophia’s school today. Some kind of entrance ceremony? Ilya said I should show my face and hit anyone who acts up. Mm, I don’t mind doing things like this. Public appearances? My beautiful face was born for this kind of life! Besides, I don’t really have anything to do now. If I want to collect something, all I have to do is post a mission on the board. It’s very convenient, but at the same time, I’ve been feeling really bored lately.

“Mommy, when is Durandal going to wake up?”

Hmm. “That’s a very good question.” I have no idea! I’ve been lugging him around with me though. Durandal’s still alive, so if I feed him a virility pill, even if he’s not exactly conscious, I can still make a few siblings for Sophia. Unfortunately, Ilya hasn’t given me a virility pill. She says we don’t have the necessary ingredients here. All we can do is wait for more people from the immortal realm to come down here to give us stuff. Maybe I should go up there…. Gah! Stupid, brain, what are you thinking? It’s dangerous up there!

“Mommy, we’re here!” Sophia slapped the railing of the flying boat, and it went down to the ground. Mm? It’s dangerous to let a child drive a flying boat? Nonsense! No other flying boats are allowed in the sky. Who is she going to crash into? Besides, Sophia’s better with directions than I am, and I’m not ashamed! Children were meant to surpass their parents, so it only makes sense she’s better than me at this, mhm. “Remember, don’t kick anyone.”

“I know, I know!” Jeez. There’s no reason to tell me twice. “It’s just an entrance ceremony, right?” There won’t be any reason for me to kick Sophia’s classmates.

“It’s a welcoming ceremony, Mommy,” Sophia said and stored the boat in her interspacial ring. She doesn’t even have to use spirit stones to power it anymore. I’m so proud of her. She grew up so fast. “There’s a bunch of sects, and they’re going to join our sect. Um, Auntie Ilya said there’s going to be an exchange, and we’re going to fight with each other.”

“Oh, I see, I see.” It’s nice that Sophia knows to explain things thoroughly to me. I don’t even have to ask. “Wait a second. Why didn’t Ilya tell me this? I’m going to have to fight with someone?” I thought I was only here to bully people if they stepped out of line. Did Ilya use too big words that I couldn’t understand?

Sophia shrugged. “Let’s go! I have a fight today too. I’m one of the best in my class.”

Eh? Sophia’s just a kid! “What do you mean you have a fight? Is it another race? A game of go? Cards?” She might have gotten into one or two tussles with her classmates, but those weren’t real fights! Now, she’s a warrior! …I think. She’s going to fight with qi and stuff! That’s dangerous as heck!

“Um, all my classmates voted for me. I get to represent them in a fight. Auntie Ilya said it won’t be hard; I’ll be fighting someone my age.”

What the heck is Ilya making my child do? It looks like Sophia really wants to do this though. If I tell her she can’t, she’ll definitely get upset, and I can’t let that happen. Mm, alright. It’s settled then. If it looks like Sophia’s about to get hurt, I’m going to kick her opponent away! Ah, wait, I shouldn’t be kicking. I’ll throw her opponent away!

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