TGL Volume 4, Chapter 22 (2)

Did I…, did I break Durandal? Is it my fault…? “What does it mean if Durandal’s sea of consciousness fractured into trillions of tiny pieces?” Fractured means broken, right? What good is a sea of consciousness anyway? This hurts my head.

“It means Durandal’s perfectly fine, Lucia,” Ilya said. She was trying to teleport away, but I stopped her in time! “You can let go of me.”

“Durandal’s perfectly fine? Are you blind?” Look at him! Durandal’s eyes are glazed over, and he looks all droopy and relaxed like a wilted plant! How can Ilya say he’s fine?

“Let me check,” Ilya said and pulled her hand-tool-thing out of her interspacial ring. “I’ll browse through his mind myself, see what kind of damage you did to him.”

“Stop!” I can’t let her do that! That’s like if I smashed a pumpkin and asked Ilya how to fix it and she pulled out a hammer to smash the pumpkin some more! What’ll happen to Durandal’s head if she Soul Scours him again? Maybe his body will fracture into a trillion pieces next! “You can’t do that. You’ll break him!”

Ilya put away her hand-tool-thing. “Then what do you want me to do?” she asked. “I’m not a blacksmith, and neither is the doctor. If you want to fix a weapon spirit, you have to ask a blacksmith.”

Ilya’s a genius! Huh? Wait a minute. “Why didn’t you suggest finding the blacksmith in the first place?” Right, she was the one who told me to fetch the doctor. So much time could’ve been saved! Mm, speaking of which, I shouldn’t be wasting time thinking about this. To the blacksmith, I go! Let’s see, where was it? Here? It was here!

“Is there any reason you brought me here, but not Durandal?” Ilya asked.

“Of course!” Ah, the blacksmith is over there. Alright, I’ll snatch his arm and teleport him back to where Durandal was. “If I didn’t take you with me, you would’ve teleported away.” Ilya wants to escape. I don’t know why, but my tail is telling me if I let go of Ilya right now, I might never see her again, and I’m on the verge of losing Durandal already; I can’t let Ilya go too!

“E-excuse me, Sect Leader Fluffytail, w-what are you doing?”

Mm, this guy got a lot more timid; it’s ruining his image as a burly blacksmith with lofty ambitions. “My weapon spirit suffered some damage, and you have to fix him.”

The blacksmith steadied himself and fixed his posture before approaching Durandal. “What’s wrong with him? Even if the grade of the materials were lower than the grade of his seed, there shouldn’t have been any issues like this. Did something drastic happen in this short period of time? It hasn’t even been an hour since you left my workshop.”

“Yeah, I Soul Scoured him, and when I was done, he became like this.”

The blacksmith flinched for some reason when I said Soul Scour. “Why would you do that to your own weapon spirit…?” He cleared his throat and took a step back when I stared at him instead of answering. Staring at people sometimes explains more things than words do. “I understand. Weapon spirits are innately different from people. I see you’ve brought the heavenly doctor here to examine him, but I’m sure you haven’t found satisfactory results.”

Why does this person talk so much? Get to the point!

“A-as I was saying, weapon spirits are closely linked to the state of their weapon bodies. If you haven’t noticed, weapon spirits don’t die if this form of theirs is destroyed.” The blacksmith looked around before pointing at the sword on my waist. “Since your weapon spirit seems to be a quasi-immortal, an earth-realm-ranked sword isn’t enough to provide him energy to recover. As long as you move him to a sky-realm-ranked or even immortal-ranked sword, he should be fine within a few weeks.”

Ah! I can’t believe it. I didn’t think of killing Durandal to force him back into his weapon body. Mm, it seems like that’s not enough though. I have to move him to a sky-realm-ranked sword, but Durandal was asking for me to move him to a better one, and I did say I’d get him a better body if he let me Soul Scour him…. “Alright, it’s settled! Make me an immortal-ranked sword to move Durandal into!”

“Sure,” the blacksmith said and held out his hands. “Do you have the materials? You said you’d bring them to me, and I promised I’d make it free of charge.”

Oh, right…. There were supposed to be materials. Where am I supposed to get them though? “Ilya?”

“I have everything you need,” Ilya said. It’s great that she can read minds, but just because I think it’s great right now doesn’t mean I’m giving you permission to do it! Stay out of my head after this, okay? “The invaders had a lot of good stuff. Even if you ignore their bodies, we can still make a ton of weapons out of these things. It’ll be a bit costly to make an immortal-ranked weapon, but I think it’s worth it if it’ll settle you down.”

Mhm! Immortal-ranked weapons are always worth their costs. It’s even better when they settle me down! …What exactly does that mean? Is Ilya taking a jab at me? She totally is, right? Mm? What’s Ilya taking so long for? “Is something wrong?”

“Do you want to add an elemental attribute to Durandal?” Ilya pulled a bunch of jade boxes out of her interspacial ring. “Most of these ores are attuned to certain elements. I don’t think there’ll be enough for a neutral-attribute sword. The Blazing Sun Sect has a lot of earthen-fire cores that’ll be perfect for making a weapon for you since you’re cultivating the Secret Phoenix Rebirth Technique.”

“Uh….” Adding an attribute to Durandal’s weapon body. “There won’t be any weird side effects, right?”

Ilya poked the blacksmith with the corner of a jade box. He flinched. “N-no. There shouldn’t be any side effects.”

Hmm…. “You’re absolutely sure Durandal’s not going to shoot flames out of his penis?”

“He, what? No!” The blacksmith’s face turned dark. “There’s no way that’ll happen! What do you think weapon spirits are?”

If that’s the case…! “Make me a fiery immortal-ranked weapon!”

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