TGL Volume 4, Chapter 20 (5)

Let’s see…. Where are Durandal’s deepest and darkest secrets hidden? Obviously, they’ll be at the deepest part of his mind! Of course, I’ll go through all the bubbles, err, memories on my way down there. Right, Durandal is going to be the father of my kids; obviously, I have to learn everything about him right down to the way he thinks, mhm. This is for the happiness of my future kids, definitely not for the sake of my curiosity.

Mm, this first layer of bubbles should be his most recent memories. He … sneaked out and heard me at the blacksmith!? When did he leave his weapon body!? While I was cooking!? The audacity! How dare he take advantage of me while I was at the most crucial point of making my food! Hmph, it’s decided then. I’m going to put a collar on him and keep him in my sight forever. He’ll never have a single bit of freedom ever again. Ah? This is an overreaction? Nah. This is a perfectly reasonable reaction.

Anyways, moving on to the next memory of his…. He’s meditating, but he seems kind of cramped. Oh, this is a memory of after he was stuck into a new weapon body. I guess the bubbles aren’t in the right order. Well, they do float around a lot. If it’s that cramped inside his weapon body, it’s no wonder why he came out to compromise. I should’ve stuck him in an earth-realm-ranked sword a long time ago! It would’ve solved all my problems. I’ll be sure to remember this. If he ever annoys me in the future, I can use this as a punishment.

Next there’s…, oh, is this the inside of the sky-realm-ranked weapon body? It’s like being inside a small pagoda! There’s so much space, and it looks pretty comfy inside of there…. No wonder why Durandal can stay inside for so long without being bored. There doesn’t seem to be a bed anywhere, and I don’t see stairs leading up or down. I think this door is fake too; it won’t open. Maybe I can’t open it since I’m inside a memory. What is Durandal doing anyway? He’s just sitting there, meditating. Alright, this was a recent memory of his. It was pretty bright too. Something noticeable should happen….

Any second now….

I’m pretty sure I can speed up the memory, experiencing them faster…. I’ve done it before. How come it isn’t working now? Ah! There was a blur! Let’s go back and watch the memory again but slower this time. Mm, Durandal’s nose twitches, and he … sneezes? There isn’t even any dust inside this sky-realm-ranked weapon! How is he sneezing? Is he sick? Hmm…. Wait. That’s the end of the memory? What the hell?

Okay, okay, I’ll look at another one. He’s in the pagoda again, and this time, he’s swinging his sword. How can he bring a sword inside of here? Isn’t that the one I got for him that’s usually stored in my interspacial ring? There’s a lot I don’t know about Durandal, huh…? Well, that’s why I’m here, picking through his memories. I’m going to learn everything there is to learn! Okay, he’s swinging his sword. Is this Madness Strike? It looks like he’s doing Madness Strike over and over…. Durandal, he, he actually trains!? I have to watch this! How many times does he Madness Strike? One. Two. Three. Uh…. Um. Err. A lot! He’s swinging his sword a lot, and he’s not stopping at all. I’m pretty sure weapon spirits don’t have to eat or poop or sleep. Doesn’t that mean he can swing this sword forever without stopping? I’ll speed this memory up. He’s just swinging his sword over and over.

There’s this memory over here. He’s poking with his sword. Mm, poking isn’t the right word. What was it again? Tussling…. Tagging…? Thrusting! He’s thrusting his sword over and over. He takes a step forward with his right leg, and he thrusts with his right hand, extending his arm fully. Then, he reverses the actions to come back to his original position. And he repeats it! It just doesn’t stop. …Doesn’t Durandal ever got bored? At the very least, he should come out to say hello or something. Ah, right, he didn’t want to because of me. Hmm….

Mm, there’s another memory. Durandal is meditating in this one. Shouldn’t I experience what he’s thinking of during his meditation? Maybe my mastery of Soul Scour isn’t as great as I thought it was. Or … he could be thinking of nothing because he’s meditating. But I didn’t hear his thoughts while he was swinging his sword either…. Could it be? Weapon spirits don’t think!? No, that can’t be right; if Durandal couldn’t think, then there’s no way he could be smarter than me. I’m not saying that he is! I’m not dumber than someone who can’t think! Ahem, moving on. All these memories are of him training and meditating. Doesn’t he ever do anything else? He doesn’t even touch himself!

Alright, it’s clear this first layer of bubbles only has stuff about the five years he’s been inside his weapon body. I’ll skip them; I don’t care about his training. Why does he even train? It’s not like he has to; he has me! I’ll protect him from everything. Err, I couldn’t really protect him from that beam of light, but he obviously couldn’t have done it either, so it’s not my fault.

Mm, this memory is a bit dim. It must’ve happened a while ago. Let’s see, Durandal’s in his pagoda, and he’s feeling a deep sense of…, what kind of feeling is this? Bitterness? Resignment. Yes, that’s the one. He feels utterly helpless, but why? Ooh, I recognize that woman! She’s me! Is this how I look like to Durandal? Mm, I’m exactly like how I look when I see myself in the mirror: beautiful. Ah! This is during my tribulation to becoming an immortal! Durandal was a part of it? I don’t remember what he did. Is he charging towards the sky right into a lightning bolt? That light is pretty—


—bright…. Oh. That’s the end of the memory. I remember now! Durandal sacrificed himself to help me. Right. Let’s see. Where’s the next memory?

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