TGL Volume 4, Chapter 18 (4)

“Boss, I bought out every store in the country.” Mrs. Feathers dumped a few interspacial rings onto the table. “What are you planning on doing with so many jade boxes?”

“I’m storing food in them!” That’s right. Ilya once told me about these jade boxes. Mm, maybe she told me about them more than once, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is I remembered it this time! These boxes can isolate treasures like rare medicinal roots. They’ll stay fresh forever inside! And, like the genius I am, I made a huge connection! I can store food inside of these boxes, and they’ll stay fresh forever! Since I’m making a lot of food, it only makes sense that I need a lot of boxes. Mhm.

Sir Pot and I have been getting along very well. Apparently, every time I put food inside him, he gets to taste the food! He memorizes the taste of everything that ever goes inside of him. What am I going to do with this ability of his? I don’t know, but isn’t it neat? Anyways, where did I get all this food when all my stuff was melted? I went down to the ranch, mhm. There’s a section of the sect that rears beasts. The flying beasts are useful for transporting people since they don’t cost any spirit stones unlike boats. The fishy ones also transport people but underwater. The land ones can also transport people. The people there tried to tell me they had other uses than transportation, but I didn’t need them to tell me that. Their main use is being eaten!

Huh? There were more important things to do than cook? Nonsense! Durandal won’t come out of his weapon body at all. If it’s so cozy in there, then he doesn’t need it fixed until it’s completely collapsed! Mm? What about Puppers? He’s outside, doing something. I think he’s practicing with his spear. Isn’t that a little silly though? Why would a sock spirit use a spear to fight? Well, until I get immortal-ranked socks for him to wield, it makes sense for him to use that spear. It’s very dark and glum; I think he got it from the Despair God’s Tomb. I wonder how many contribution points I could get if I turned it in….

“Boss, your life pouch was melted, right?”

Mm? “Yeah.” Oh, right. That was Mrs. Feathers’ home. I think she kept her stuff in there. Eh, what stuff could I phoenix possibly own anyway? They don’t have hands, so I doubt she built things or planted things or…. Hmm. Birds do build nests, I suppose. “Sorry about your home.”

“No, no,” Mrs. Feathers said and shook her head. “I don’t mind, Boss. That immortal was simply dreadful; I can’t blame you for not prioritizing your life pouch. I was just wondering, should I stay in your new life pouch now? You’ve finished clearing it out, correct?”

“Mhm! I gave everything to Ilya. It should be completely empty now.”

“Great, I’ll transfer some stuff inside right now.” Mrs. Feathers opened my life pouch and dumped some things inside, taking them out of the interspacial ring she was wearing around her talon. Her things consisted of a bunch of plants and rocks; she probably picked them up while flying around the country. When all the stuff was transferred, she placed the interspacial ring onto the table. “You don’t need anymore boxes, right, Boss? I can rest now?”

Hmm…. I think these boxes are enough. And why is she asking me permission for rest? It almost makes me seem like a bad person. “You can rest whenever you want. You don’t have to ask, silly.”

Mrs. Feathers stared at me. Then she stared some more. Slowly, she inched towards my leg. “I’ll be going then, Boss. Just let me know if you need anything.” With that, she hopped and wriggled into the life pouch on my waist.

Mm, alright, now that I have all these boxes for my food, I can—


—finally…. Huh? Did something crack just now? “Sir Pot, did you hear that?”

“Yes. I think it came from the sword on your waist.”

From Durandal!? “Durandal! Are you breaking!?” Gah! What do I do? “Mrs. Feathers!” I grabbed my life pouch and flipped it over. Mrs. Feathers tumbled out, and a bunch of plants and rocks fell out after, each one landing on her head. “I need you to find me a blacksmith! The best blacksmith you can find! Durandal’s breaking; I need you to get that blacksmith and his forge and bring him over! Got it?”

Mrs. Feathers sighed and bobbed her head up and down. “Yes, Boss. I’ll be right back.” Instead of putting the rocks and plants back inside the life pouch, she scooped them up with her wings and stored them in her interspacial ring. “You know, the best blacksmiths usually integrate their forges with a massive formation that draws heat from the earth. It’s not possible to store their forges in an interspacial ring. If you really want to repair your sword as soon as possible, you should come with me.”

“Puppers, get in your socks! We’re going to find a blacksmith!” I’ll store Sir Pot inside my … ah! He flew into my tongue. That’s pretty convenient. I think there was still some food inside of him. Can I take the food out of him while he’s inside my tongue…? I’ll try it later, but for now, I’ll get on top of Mrs. Feathers and…. “Uh, Mrs. Feathers? Why aren’t you growing?” How am I supposed to ride on her back if she’s this tiny?

“There’s a whole group of master blacksmiths in our sect, Boss. Ilya gathered them,” Mrs. Feathers said. She flew onto my shoulder and grabbed hard with her talons. Without a sound, my surroundings changed! She teleported me! “We’re here.”

…I thought we were going on a journey, but it looks like we only went for a stroll in my backyard! I don’t think I needed to pack Puppers and Sir Pot at all.

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