TGL Volume 4, Chapter 17 (5)

Where is this stupid guy? How can he move so fast!? “Ilya! Are you sure I’m going the right way?”

“You’re about to reach the edge of the space-locking formation,” Ilya said through Baldie’s choker. “If you don’t catch him in the next minute, he’ll break out and teleport away.”

“Then stop him!” Didn’t Ilya boobytrap the whole city? I know she did! “If I can’t get that snack to Sophia, then I’ll force you to keep Sophia happy for a whole month!”

“And … he’s gone.”

What? That’s the first time I’ve failed to catch someone running away from me! Mm, first time since I learned how to use my qi, that is. I can’t really remember if someone got away or not…. Well, if I can’t remember, then no one probably did! “This is your fault, Ilya. You can hear me, right, Sophia? This is all Ilya’s fault. She’s the one who stopped you from getting that tasty snack, not me!”

Mm? What’s that beam of light? I know there’s a beam of light always over my head, but this is a different beam of light. It’s coming from … over there? It’s not another attack that’s going to melt me, right…? “Hey, what’s that?”

Surprisingly, Baldie was the one who answered! “It looks like a void dragon boat about to take off. It’s a dimensional-traveling tool. Do they want to leave because they got what they came for?”

Hmm, it felt like Baldie was asking Ilya, not me.

“Oh no,” Ilya said. “The legacy holder is on that boat. Will he escape? Whatever will we do.”

Ah? The legacy holder? Legacies are valuable! “Don’t worry, Ilya. I’ll stop him!” The boat’s so far away though…. If I throw a rock from here, can I shoot it out of the sky? Let’s try it.

“Wait!” Baldie grabbed my arm mid-throw! She threw my aim off! Since she was so light, she went flying too. A building just broke because of her body. …It looks like that hurt. I didn’t mean to throw her on purpose! She was just flung on accident, but how dare she mess up my aim!? Ah, she’s running back here. “You can’t shoot that down!”

Huh? “How do you know that if I haven’t even tried it yet? I definitely can!”

“Not can’t!” What the heck is Baldie saying? “You shouldn’t! You definitely should not shoot that down! You can do anything in the world you want right now except for destroying that boat.”

I can do anything I want except shoot that boat down…. That only makes me want to shoot it down even more! “What happens if a rock accidentally connects with it and destroys it? You know, hypothetically.” Mm, why shouldn’t I do that? Ah? Someone inside might die if the boat crashes. Nonsense! A super-glowy boat like that looks expensive, and everyone knows expensive boats have ways to protect their passengers. What if someone on the ground gets hurt? Well, that wouldn’t have been my fault, now would it? It’s the manufacturer’s fault for creating something so flimsy. Mhm. How could a boat fall from the sky after being hit by one rock? Exactly.

“Listen, if you damage the boat while it’s about to tear through dimensions, you can endanger the whole Immortal Continent.”

Endanger…. That means—


—crap! What the hell was that!? There’s a huge plume of dust shooting up into the sky, heading straight for that boat! It’s probably Ilya, isn’t it? She doesn’t want that legacy holder to get away, so she shot an explosion at it. “Good work, Ilya! I thought you were begging me for help with how you were speaking earlier, but you actually had a plan that didn’t involve me!” It’s reassuring to know Ilya can get things done without me. It lets me slack off!

“No, that wasn’t me,” Ilya said. “Hey, Baldie, it looks like your lifelong dream has been accomplished.”

“Pardon me?” Baldie asked. “What do you mean by lifelong dream? That explosion, did someone kill Bloodmoon?”

“Bloodmoon detonated himself,” Ilya said. “If I had to take a guess…, I think he abandoned his body and is trying to possess the legacy holder inside the boat. I didn’t expect him to actually have the courage to do that. I left him a less risky, more profitable path, so why did he make an irrational choice? How odd. To think I wanted him to be my apprentice too.”

“Bloodmoon attempting a possession?” Baldie bent down, picked up a rock, and put it in my hand. “Quickly! You have to shoot down that boat!” Without warning, she clenched her mouth and took a step back, her face completely pale. Mm, that choker looks a little tight on her neck. Is it about to explode? Ah! She snatched the rock away. “N-never mind.”

Mm…, I’m not really following what’s happening. “Ilya, explain!”

“Scarry didn’t want to be our slave, so he blew himself up, and now his ghost is trying to take over someone else’s body while escaping from the Immortal Continent at the same time.”

Oh…, that makes a lot more sense. Why the heck did they call Scarry Bloodmoon anyway? “Does that mean we should stop him?”

“No. Let him go. We already took everything of value from him, including a copy of his memories,” Ilya said. “Sophia said he was a pretty bad teacher too.”

“Um? Stop—”

Eh? He was a bad teacher? Good riddance! Get out of here, hmph. “What about the legacy though?” Legacies are important, right? That boat is expensive too! If I could turn it in for contribution points, I bet I could exchange it for lots of tasty food.

“Do you remember the Slaughter God’s Tomb?”

The Slaughter God’s Tomb? “Yeah….” It brings back bad memories. All tombs are horrible.

“What legacy did you get from it?”

Legacy…? Uh…. “I think I got a crown that stuck a voice in my head….” I don’t remember getting anything else.

“Did you like that legacy?”

“Hell no!”

“The legacy on the boat is about as useful as that crown you picked up.”

It’s useless? “Then why would anyone want it?”

“Same reason people wanted the Slaughter God’s legacy. They’re idiots.”

“Oh, got it.” …I don’t really get it, but I don’t want Sophia to think I’m an idiot if I keep asking Ilya to explain. Mhm. Aren’t I a genius?

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