TGL Volume 4, Chapter 17 (3)

I found him, the legacy holder. I don’t recognize him, so he’s not anyone important, but his robes belong to the Blazing Sun Sect. It seems like all the sects are eyeing him even though they have to protect their own lives. Also, the other members of the Blazing Sun Sect are organized in a defensive formation with the suspected legacy holder in the center. However, this may be a ploy to misdirect people into targeting him instead of the true legacy holder. It’s a shame I don’t have any way to confirm it, but if those monstrosities the humanoid beast summoned target the bait, I’ll have to step in and hold them back.

“Go, Scarry! Go, Baldie! Catch them all for me!”

I know I’m not supposed to be happy about receiving the name Baldie, but I really hate hearing the humanoid beast refer to her monstrosity as Baldie. The things she created, they’re hideous. I’ve never seen another technique like it. Black worms made of qi wriggle out of the air in front of her and drop to the ground. Like eels, they swim and wriggle on the ground en masse towards the two monsters. Every time those ugly beasts devour someone, they become a little smaller, but the wriggling worms replenish their bodies, growing them back to their original size. The victims of the beasts are left as twitching and sobbing wrecks, apparently having suffered a fate worse than death. Once they’re disabled, the humanoid beast goes in and strips them of everything they own.

It’s not as if the sect members aren’t fighting back. They launch attacks at the hideous monstrosities, but the attacks are ineffective. The monstrosities split open, dodging everything. In the first place, I don’t think they have a core. Wide-area attacks are necessary to slow the monstrosities down, but even when worms are knocked off of them because of that, they merely wriggle back into place. Of course, if I had spiritual energy, I could eliminate them in an instant, but as am I now, all I can do is run if they decide to attack me. It seems like I’ll have to experience the terror of being eaten by one if I’m to buy time for the legacy holder to escape. …This sucks.

Even though there’s only two monstrosities, they’re defeating the sect members at an extremely fast rate. Pretty much all of them have gathered upon hearing the legacy was here. They scattered, but somehow ended up back where they came from. I suspect the demon is playing a part in their unusual movements; there’s likely an illusion formation built into the city. They think they’re escaping but heading towards danger. By the time they realize they’ve been tricked, they’ll have already been eaten. The easiest way to escape would be through teleportation, but the seven great sects sealed the space around the city before entering. It was certainly a necessary step for them to take if they wanted to capture Bloodmoon, but it’s also a double-edged sword.

Luckily, the seven great sects came to their senses and realized they needed each other to survive. They’re grouping up, seeking safety in numbers. Even though they’ve done that, all they did was prolong their inevitable defeat. I honestly don’t see a way for me to free the legacy holder from this trap. Why would the demon give me this task and not offer any help? “If nothing changes, I won’t be able to accomplish your orders.”

“Just wait some more. A chance will appear.”

“Understood.” What will the demon do this time to swing the odds towards the seven great sects? I know she interfered already by detonating a few formations, freeing people from their despair. Speaking of which, I was also freed by an explosion. I wasn’t aware the humanoid beast had such a terrifying technique hidden away. Even I was deeply affected, questioning whether or not I’d ever avenge my family. I don’t know why the humanoid beast even needed my help to defeat Immortal Kuang with a technique as dreadful as that.

Well, there’s nothing to do but watch and wait. The number of sect members are dwindling even more. One person flew towards me, begging me to save her, but unfortunately for her, I’m standing right next to the humanoid beast. She didn’t even get within ten meters before the humanoid beast caught her. Well, she was spared from being chewed up by the monstrosities, so I suppose that counts as a mercy. And finally, after an excessive amount of waiting, my chance came.

“The illusionary formations have been breached! Scatter everyone!”

“As long as some of us survive, we can always rescue those who’ve been captured!”

“Escape and alert the elders! They’ll save us!”

The humanoid beast perked up. She was busy staring at the ground earlier, letting her monstrosities do all the work for her. I suspect she was busy assessing her loot inside the interspacial rings. “Eh? They’re actually getting away?”

“Lucia.” The demon’s voice came out of my choker. “There’s a really strong person a few blocks behind you. Ignore the ones in front of you, let your apparitions take care of them. Sophia says she saw the strong person holding something tasty, and she really wants to try it.”

“Um? Auntie Ilya, why—”

“A food that Sophia wants? I’m on it! Which way?” Without warning, the humanoid beast grabbed me and dashed to the south. How was I supposed to save the legacy holder if I’m nowhere near him!?

“How about you let go of Baldie first?”

“What? If I let go of her, how am I supposed to talk to you?”

“…That’s a really good point.”

How could the demon not take that into consideration!? I thought she was near omniscient! If I don’t accomplish my mission, it’s my neck that’s going to explode!

“It’s just ten blocks down and three blocks to the left. I need Baldie to help your apparitions take care of those remaining sect members.”

“Eh? You think my apparitions aren’t good enough? They’re plenty enough! Baldie’s coming with me! What if I get lost? You gave me two whole directions to follow!”

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