TGL Volume 4, Chapter 16 (3)

What did the demon do? Did she seriously take out the legacy, throw it into the middle of everyone, and tell them to fight for it? I should’ve expected this from her, but it’s a lot eviler when I witness the results in person. The seven great sects are slaughtering each other without holding back. All of these promising talents, falling before reaching immortality. Watching it makes me feel such a strong sense of loss. Humans aren’t even the strongest race in the immortal realm, yet their best prospects are dying to each other, not to the hands of demons or fiends or even beasts.

“Whew, this is a mess, isn’t it?” The humanoid beast is watching the battle with glinting eyes. It’s like she’s staring at piles upon piles of treasures. “Look at them killing each other like that. Killing is bad, mhm. I’ll help them out! I’ll take away all their stuff, and they can’t kill each other with their weapons that way.” She half-chuckled, half-giggled to herself and pulled out Immortal Kuang’s bow. Instead of loading an arrow, she untied the string and propped the straightening weapon over her shoulder.

Now, how am I supposed to fulfill the demon’s nonsensical demand? I’m not even sure who has the legacy right now, and I’m supposed to stop this humanoid beast from taking it? What if the unlucky first person she targets happens to be the legacy holder? Do I have to fight her for it? I don’t even know how the legacy holder will escape. Everyone knows the most reliable way to return to the lower realm from a lower dimension is to go through another tribulation. There are a few riskier ways such as using a treasure like a void dragon boat, which is capable of traversing through dimensional barriers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sects provided such treasures, but they’re extremely rare. At most, there’ll be two or three of them per sect.

My mission has three parts: I’ll have to locate the legacy holder, make sure he or she obtains a dimensional-traveling treasure to escape from this place, and I have to hold off the humanoid beast long enough for the dimensional-traveling treasure to work its magic. Eighty percent of the difficulty is concentrated on the last task. I can’t use any of my immortal techniques since I used the last of my spiritual energy on executing Immortal Kuang.

“The beastkin is here! Watch out!”

“Is she fighting for the legacy too?”

“With her here, no one stands a chance! We have to unite!”

“Unite? Who will endure her first wave of attacks?”

“How can you be so calculating at a time like this? We each send fifteen of our strongest experts!”

That’s a reasonable number … for an ordinary immortal. Unfortunately for them, this humanoid beast is a body-refining expert. A normal immortal may exhaust their spiritual energy in a lower dimension, being forced to retreat if there are too many people attacking him, but this beast doesn’t even know what spiritual energy is! Her body is her strongest weapon. While that’d make her weaker than the average immortal in the immortal realm, she’s nearly invincible in places without spiritual energy. However, I’m confused. Where does her endless reserve of energy come from? Just regular qi shouldn’t recover her body as quickly as it did.

Soon, close to a hundred experts appeared before the humanoid beast. She wasn’t moving; it was like she was waiting for them to get ready. I didn’t think she was that honorable. How come she didn’t attack while they were still assembling? She ambushed me and Bloodmoon during our clash. I bet she ambushed Immortal Kuang somehow too. Well, it doesn’t matter to me what she chooses to do. I have to focus on locating the legacy or else this choker will explode. It can’t belong to any of the people facing the humanoid beast head on; they wouldn’t risk it. No one looks like they’re sneaking away either. Everyone’s waiting for a chance to unleash their attacks as the strongest ones hold the humanoid beast back.

“Is that you, Fairy Lin? By coming here with her, does that mean you’re standing on her side?”

I recognize this man. He’s the chosen from the Mourning Wood Sect, Shu Yan. It’s said that he has talent that comes only once every million years. There were rumors flying around that he had defeated an immortal by himself. People think he’s capable of becoming an immortal at any time, but he’s purposefully holding himself back to solidify his foundation before advancing. Quite frankly, as I am now, I’m not a match for him. Of course, escaping wouldn’t be an issue, but if I do that, my neck will explode. For now, I won’t make an enemy of him. “No, I’m only here to spectate. None of you have defeated Bloodmoon yet, correct?”

“Bloodmoon?” Shu Yan asked. “You mean Demonic Lord Bloodmoon?”

Have I dropped Demonic Lord Bloodmoon’s honorific without noticing? Am I being influenced too easily by that demon? That’s a scary thought. I can’t let these chosens know there’s something wrong with me. “Bloodmoon is severely weakened. He isn’t deserving of his title. If you encountered him, there’s no doubt he would die by your hands. Does the title of Demonic Lord fit a man like that?”

A faint smile appeared on Shu Yan’s face, apparently chuffed by the compliment I had given him. “I haven’t encountered him, but you’re right. If I did, I would’ve killed him and seized the legacy for myself. It seems like some other lucky fellow had already done that.”

It’s a shame Shu Yan’s eyes didn’t move towards the holder of the legacy as he said that, keeping his gaze on me instead. For some reason, he was extremely focused on…. I’m bald. Sometimes I keep forgetting that little fact. It’s extra breezy around my neck, but I’ve already gotten used to that feeling. It’s nice not having to brush hair out of my face at times, and no one really stares since monks are a common thing in this lower dimension.

Shu Yan turned his head to look at the humanoid beast. “My name is Shu Yan from the Mourning Wood Sect. What is your name?”

The humanoid beast froze. She blinked twice and whirled her head towards me. “The what sect now?”

“Mourning Wood Sect.”

The humanoid beast’s mouth slowly opened. “Like … p****es?”

“…Like grieving.”

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