TGL Volume 4, Chapter 16 (1)

Kuang Feng’s dead. If not dead, at least he’s severely disabled and won’t be a problem in the foreseeable future. I think I’m closer to understanding the strengths of immortals. Just one attack of theirs is capable of producing world-changing effects. In the immortal realm, where they’re capable of replenishing their spiritual energy, attacks like those are as common as rain. There was a clear difference between Lucia and the two immortals; she’s nigh unkillable, but—I never thought I’d say this—her killing power is quite low. Well, she’s a lot sturdier than the two; I have to admit. After having her entire body melted, she’s already growing her skin back. The interior should heal first, and if her exterior is repairing itself, it means her vitals have all been restored.

I wonder how I’ll approach immortality. To cast stronger magic spells, I have to strengthen my organs. It’s an entirely physical transformation. If I want my body to change on the level of the soul, I’ll have to do extensive research on souls—more so than I already have. Well, I have lots of prisoners with lots of knowledge involving immortals. These sect members are the promising prospects of the seven great sects; they should know how to reach immortality. Even if it can’t be explained like Jin Mo said, I should be able to piece it together. He compared it to demonstrating color to a blind individual. It sounds impossible, but if I tried hard enough, I could eventually figure out the mechanism for color and explain it to a blind person. I might not be able to show him color, but he’ll know exactly how it works.

“Can you hear me, Lucia?”

“Yeah!” Lucia bobbed her head up and down. As she did so, flecks of burnt and melted blobs fell from her face. “It feels good to hear again!”

“Great. Can you preserve Kuang Feng’s body for me? It’ll be great for research.”


“He should have an interspacial ring and a life pouch on him. You can have those. Store him in there.” Lucia was carrying a lot of rare resources on her. Honestly, I thought that would be the safest place to store them—even at the risk of her eating them—since she was the strongest person in the world and no one would dare rob her, but it looks like that was a mistake. It looks like Puppers and Durandal survived the attack. Wouldn’t that make them close to immortal-ranked weapons? It’s a shame Lucia won’t let me conduct any research on them. She’s afraid I’ll break them, but we both know weapon spirits are unkillable. I don’t know why she’s scared. “I’ll get the best blacksmith to repair Puppers and Durandal, so you don’t have to worry about them.”

“Ah!” Lucia shouted. “Durandal! Are you okay!?”

Oh. She wasn’t worried about them at all. It seems like she wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t mention it, and it only looks like she cares about Durandal. Maybe I can convince her to hand over Puppers to test a few concepts if I provide enough bribes.

“I’ve been through worse.” Durandal’s voice came out of his sword. “Make sure you upgrade me to an immortal-ranked weapon. I think that’s what I’m missing. My corporeal body feels like it’s one step away from immortality, but my weapon body is limiting me from growing any further.”

“I’m not upgrading you at all until you come out of there and give me babies! I have a virility pill waiting for…. F***! Ilya! The virility pill melted too!”

I’m sorry, Mirta, but it looks like something bad is going to happen to Yggie in the very near future.

“You…, you wish to procreate with a weapon spirit?” Baldie asked. She looked a bit … terrified.

“Mm? Yeah. Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem,” Baldie said and shook her head. Her expression returned back to normal. “There’s lots of places in the immortal realm that are as perverse as you. They procreate with anything and everything. With their techniques, you won’t need to waste a virility pill on a weapon spirit.”

“What!?” Lucia’s eyes widened. “Ilya! Why didn’t you tell me about this!?”

“I did.” Actually, I didn’t, but it’s easier to lie to her. “You said you’d never ever go through the door, and you had a virility pill, so why would you want to go there anyway?” That sounds like something she would say. She’ll probably fall for it.

“Hmm…, that does sound like something I would say, but the situation has changed! I don’t have the virility pill anymore!”

“Okay. That means you’re going to the immortal realm?”

“Heck no!”

…Alright. Sorry, Mirta. Well, there’s one more chance to preserve her happiness. “One of the seven great sect members might have a virility pill on them. Who knows? They’re supposed to be rich, promising talents. If you—”

“Taxes!” Lucia’s ears perked up, and her eyes widened. “Ah! My clothes!” Lucia’s gaze landed on Baldie, and before the poor woman could protest, she was stripped naked in a flash. “Why don’t your robes have a slit for a tail? You should cut one out in the future. Mm, whatever, I can tear one open.”

A spare set of clothes appeared in Baldie’s hands. “I had clothes! Why couldn’t you have asked for them instead of stripping me?”

Lucia furrowed her brow. “You should’ve said so sooner.” She cleared her throat. “Anyways, taxes! I have to go collect them. Maybe I’ll find a super-strong technique too!”

“Try not to hurt anyone as you catch them; maybe they’ll have knowledge of some of those birthing techniques.” With this, I won’t have to worry about the seven great sect members roaming about the Immortal Continent causing chaos. There’s just one problem though. How do I convince Lucia to let the person who snatches the legacy escape? Maybe I’ll sacrifice Baldie. Lucia’s already gone, so I can give Baldie some orders. “Make sure the person who snatches the legacy gets away from Lucia’s grasp. You can use the excuse of wanting to help the seven great sects or something. I’m sure they’ll make up reasonable reasons for your motives when they hear about it.”

“Yes, Principal De—Pentorn. I’ll risk my life to stop Lucia, my own supposed ally.”

Baldie sounds pretty depressed. I’m giving her a chance to unleash her bottled up feelings on Lucia; she should be thanking me.

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