TGL Volume 4, Chapter 15 (6)

Chance! This guy is wide open! How dare he look away while fighting against me! I’ll hit him with a good ol’ Madness Strike to the head, and when he defends with his bow, I’ll hit his crotch with a Breaking Kick! “Graaaaah!” Mm. I stopped trying to say my techniques out loud. My mouth is still completely melted! Direct hit! This is for Puppers and Durandal! Look at how damaged they are! What if they died!? I can’t even ask them if they’re okay because of my melted mouth! Hmm? How’s Durandal still on my body even though the belt I usually use to hold him melted? Easy! I’m holding him with my left hand. I really don’t want to swing him though. He’s so … goopy. I hope this doesn’t break his penis more.

“Fairy Lin! Attack her and make some space for me! Her inner energy has a withering property; she’s destroying my energy as I create it.”

My qi has a withering property? What the heck does that mean? Ah! I can hear again! My ears must’ve healed! Wait a second…. I’m hearing sounds directly in my head. Mm? Ears let sound directly into my head too, but this is different! It’s like someone is speaking into my brain without touching my ears. What is this feeling? It’s like divine sense but for my ears instead of my eyes! Wait a minute. I already heard him ask how I was alive before. Oh…. I was using my Path of Slaughter earlier and didn’t notice I turned it off after kicking the furry man in the crotch. Never mind.

“I don’t have much strength. Create an opening for me, and I’ll deal the finishing blow!”

Ah? Is that Baldie? What’s she doing here? Finishing blow? She’s trying to kill me! I thought she wasn’t allowed to do that! In that case, I’ll attack her first! Ah, but if I attack her, this furry man will escape. He’s been trying to slip away from me to use his bow again, but I won’t let him! Mm, then I can only wait for a chance to hit them both at once. Gah, I can’t even ask anyone to help me because I can’t speak.

Lucia. This is Fai—, this is Baldie. I’m on your side! Principal Pentorn sent me to help you. Try to create an opening for me to deliver a fatal blow to Bloodmoon.

Holy crap! This time, someone directly talked into my head! How did she do that? If I learn how to do that, I could bug Ilya all the time! I could talk while eating and people can’t make up an excuse of having not heard me! I could yell at Softie in her sleep and say it wasn’t me when she wakes up! Ah? Why would I want to do that to Softie? …No reason, I’m just saying I could, but I won’t because I’m a good person. Mm, can I believe Baldie? I’m not sure. The only trustworthy person I can ask right now is my tail, but it’s not in any shape to respond.

Can you hear me? Are you still sane?

I can hear her loud and clear, but I can’t tell her that! Unless I nod? Nodding is always a good way of saying yes.

I can’t tell if you’re nodding or shaking your head. It’s a bit misshapen at the moment. I don’t have enough spiritual energy to spare to send you another message. I’m hoping that you understand me and won’t try to kill me after I deal the final blow.

Mm? It looks like I need spiritual energy to speak into people’s minds. What is spiritual energy anyway? Is it like qi? I think I’ve heard it said a few times before, but I never really cared about it…. Anyway, what chance is Baldie looking for? I already disabled this person’s most vulnerable spot, his crotch! Why isn’t she finishing him off? Well, if no one is going to make a move, I’ll attack first! This cooking pot is actually a lot sturdier than I thought. It hasn’t gotten even a single dent despite all the times I hit this furry man with it.

“Fairy Lin, now!”

Ah? Hey, hey, hey! The man’s bow is shining! Is he planning on melting my body again!? How come he can melt my body, but I can’t melt his!? Is this a difference in techniques? I want to shoot giant laser beams too! Alright, let’s see, my hammer melted the last time I tried to block a laser. Can I block it with the cooking pot? Ah! I totally can! If huge chunks of meat can fit inside the cooking pot, why can’t I? That’s perfect! Uh…. How do I go inside!? Alright, you stupid pot, work with me here!


Huh? It disappeared!? Where the hell did it go!? Gah! It looks like the furry man’s about to unleash his attack! There’s no other way; I’ll punch him! Breaking Fist! What? My fist is stuck to his bow!

“Do it!” the man shouted.

“Understood!” Baldie appeared next to us! She waved her hand and shouted, “Ten Thousand Illusionary Swords: Execution!”

Holy crap! There are swords everywhere! My tail might be melted, but it’s still telling me this is dangerous as heck! When this is over, I’m definitely going to learn a technique as strong as this! The swords are shining and flying towards us!

“Fairy Lin!? What are you doing!?”

Phew! I’m really lucky Baldie’s on my side thanks to Ilya. The swords all brushed past me and stabbed into the furry man instead! Surprisingly, he didn’t turn into a pincushion. The swords disappeared after flying through him, but it seemed like they really hurt a lot because the man was screaming like crazy. Ah, my hand is free. His bow isn’t shining anymore. Before he can react, I’ll take it! This is mine now. I’ll store it in my…. Hmm. All my interspacial rings are gone. Well, I’ll use it as a club and bash the man’s head. “Breaking Staff Strike!” Ooh. My mouth healed. I can speak again!

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