TGL Volume 4, Chapter 15 (5)

Immortal Kuang is in a fight with the humanoid beast. I wonder who is winning. No doubt, Immortal Kuang used up a lot of energy entering this lower dimension. Perhaps he was even attacked by the formations the demon had set up around the door. However, he must’ve brought a lot of immortal beast meat to replenish his spiritual energy. It’s not very efficient at all, but at least it’s something. I reckon he’ll have to eat thirty dragons to recover enough energy to perform a single attack. Since Immortal Kuang attacked with a technique I felt even through all these isolating formations, he must’ve burned all his spiritual energy. His physical body is quite strong; I heard he cultivated in the depths of volcanos to temper his flesh. The humanoid beast is proficient in flame-based techniques, but they shouldn’t be dangerous for Immortal Kuang to endure.

“There’s been a change of plans.” The demon’s voice came out of my choker. “You don’t have to convince Kuang Feng to snatch the legacy. It turns out Lucia was enough to wear him down. All you have to do is hurry over and apply the finishing blow. Pretend to help him and stab him in the back instead. You have plenty of experience with that, don’t you?”

I don’t! “I’ve never backstabbed anyone in my life. You’ve read my memories! Don’t make false accusations about me.”

“I mean, you’ve been backstabbed so many times,” the demon said. “I thought you’d know how to do it since it’s been done to you all throughout your life.”

What? The demon thinks I’ve been backstabbed? By who? I don’t recall anyone ever betraying me. “What do you mean?”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious.” Is the demon trying to trick me? She’s trying to make me lose faith in the companions I’ve been with, hoping I’ll comply with her orders better, isn’t she? How sinister.

“Well, there was that time you went to stay at Dragonfly City, and the city lord offered you a place to stay. You were slightly inebriated, and later on that night, you were attacked by assassins. You don’t remember that?”

“I remember that, but what do you mean? The city lord betrayed me? He would never do that!” There was a period of silence. The demon didn’t seem to be responding. Did the situation between Immortal Kuang and the humanoid beast change?

“Sorry, I was stunned speechless. Are you a moron? Three years before you went to Dragonfly City, you encountered the city lord’s youngest son in an alchemy store. He was hitting on a girl, and you taught him a lesson by smacking him across the face. You think he would forget about that? He was plotting against you long before you even thought of going to Dragonfly City, and you walked right into his lair. Who do you think the city lord would help more? You or his youngest son?”

I do remember smacking someone at an alchemy store. He was disgusting and openly perverted. Could the demon be telling the truth? “How did you know he’s the youngest son of the city lord when even I didn’t know that? You obtained the information from my memories.”

“You really are a moron. Just get betrayed and die in a corner somewhere. I’m not explaining anything to you.”

This…, this demon! “Why are you so mean!? I was only asking a simple question!” Deep breaths. Take in deep breaths…. Why am I getting upset over the words of a demon? Is it because some part of me, deep down inside, knows she’s right? I think it is. I think I’m about to understand something. The world—

“Hey. If you want to be enlightened, do it after you kill Kuang Feng, okay?”

...This demon really is too mean! “You didn’t answer my question. Why are you so mean?”

“The world made me this way, so if you want to blame someone, blame the heavens. Now, if you look straight ahead, you’ll notice the fluctuations of qi. Most of it is coming from Lucia and Kuang Feng, but some of it is from the seven great sects killing each other. Ignore those sect members for now, make a detour to your right. It looks like Kuang Feng is escaping towards that triangle-shaped building over there; intercept him and tell him you’re going to help him fight Lucia. You’ve been in plenty of fights, so you should know when’s the best time to attack him. Say you only have the energy for one attack if he tries to convince you to weaken Lucia. If you hit her, she’ll likely mark you as an enemy too.”

Mark me as an enemy? “Lucia knows I’m going there to help her, right?”

“I’ve said everything I needed to, good luck. If you don’t follow my instructions, your neck’s going to explode, so I suggest you get a move on.”

I should be fine if I follow her instructions, right? I’d like to think I’m more important than a death-sworn soldier…. Let’s see, I can’t use my divine sense without my spiritual energy, but I can still see extremely far away. I’ll fly a bit higher. The destruction from Kuang Feng’s attack is especially prominent, like a giant beast took one claw and scratched the city. There are two figures, but I’m not quite sure if they’re Kuang Feng and the humanoid beast…. One of them is completely red and looks similar to a blood devil, and the other one—oh! That’s definitely Kuang Feng. His bow is easily recognizable, but his face looks like a pig’s. He has so many bruises and blotches all over his body. It looks like the immortals from the seven great sects gave him a harsh beating while he was entering this lower dimension. The two are heading this way, just like the demon said they would.

“Another one!?”

“Don’t worry, Immortal Kuang, it’s me, Fairy Lin. I’m here to help!”

“F-Fairy Lin? W-what happened to your head?”

My head? What does he—there’s nothing wrong with my head! I just lost a bit of hair, that’s all.

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