TGL Volume 4, Chapter 15 (4)

Lucia was melted…. I’m not one for coddling kids, but I’m seriously considering covering Sophia’s eyes. I shouldn’t have let the child out of the life pouch in the first place. It doesn’t even get this gruesome when I’m delimbing people. I don’t know how she’s not dead. Even if she’s extremely strong, she shouldn’t be unkillable, right? I was always a tiny bit skeptical about the immortality claims, and I even proved a few things to myself with some experiments, but no one that I’ve tested on has survived from having their brains and heart melted. …Not that I’ve done many tests involving such topics. I’ll have to look into this more. The memories from Bloodmoon and Fairy Lin clearly indicated a shift from the physical body to a spiritual one, and it looks like that’s accurate.

“Auntie Ilya.” Sophia tugged on my robe and pointed at the image of Lucia on the wall. “Is that Mommy?”


Sophia’s eyes widened. “She looks … so cool! When I grow up, can I be like that too?”

…I thought Sophia had better taste than this. How is a bloody meat blob cool? “Yeah, you can be exactly like this if you become an immortal and find someone to melt your face off.”

Sophia bobbed her head up and down. “I’m going to be an immortal!”

That’s probably the worst reason I’ve ever heard for someone wanting to achieve immortality. “I’m sure you will.”

“Is Lucia … going to be alright?” Softie asked. She was holding onto Ri, who had fainted again.

“Oh, she’ll be fine,” Mrs. Feathers said. “Scourges live forever. Look, she has the upper hand.”

Lucia’s winning against Kuang Feng even though she’s using a cooking pot as a weapon; however, it isn’t a one-sided domination like most of her fights. I don’t know how Kuang Feng created some distance earlier, but it doesn’t seem like he’s capable of doing it again. That attack of his must’ve used up a lot of his spiritual energy. He’ll have to consume some more immortal beast meat to recover. The strength of his physical body is the only reason he’s keeping up with Lucia’s attacks. However, with every attack he blocks, he’s distancing himself little by little. If she doesn’t defeat him soon, he’ll escape. It looks like I’ll have to help out a bit.

Luckily, the two are making a huge commotion, and everyone’s gathering towards them. With this, it should be easy for me to throw my fake legacy into the confusion. I already sent it out of the watchtower using one of my corpses. I think I’ll plant it using a simple method. I’ll place it in the path of destruction Kuang Feng’s attack left. If there’s nothing else around it, people will think it was an item that came out of a destroyed interspacial ring. What item is sturdy enough to survive an attack that a ring couldn’t? Obviously, a legacy. I’ll leave it there, and someone will eventually notice it. Any second now…. Are these idiots all oblivious? Is Lucia’s fight more attractive than the outer decoration I put on this box? I spent a whole thirty minutes creating this thing!

“What’s that corpse puppet doing?”

“It picked something up! But what could it possibly have obtained?”

“There were some scraps lying around; a spacial ring must’ve exploded earlier. Hey, corpse! Drop your treasure!”

Finally, the fish only took the bait after I placed it in its mouth. I’ll have the corpse stumble away, and … it’s destroyed. Perfect. Some other people have noticed the commotion, but it doesn’t seem like they want to get involved. I’ll give them an incentive and activate a sound-projecting formation from out of sight. “Demonic Lord Bloodmoon must’ve been defeated by one of those two immortals! The Eternal Shadow Sect picked up the legacy! Quick, don’t let them get away!”

“What!?” The man who had destroyed my corpse froze. Even his two companions were looking at him with undisguised greed in their eyes. A talisman appeared in the man’s hand, and it shattered, releasing specks of light that scattered in multiple directions. “Junior Brothers, defend me! Our sect will gather soon.”

“Snatch the legacy!”

Suddenly, Lucia and Kuang Feng’s fight wasn’t the main attraction anymore. It’s a shame. I would’ve added a property that prevented the legacy from entering interspacial rings; things would’ve been a whole lot more chaotic if everyone could see it, but the seven great sects already know it can be stored. Now that I’ve muddied the waters, I’ll release Baldie from her room. Once Kuang Feng is taken care of, Lucia will be free to go on a rampage. The plan is to capture everyone except the one who obtains the legacy in the end. He’ll have to think he escaped with his own power, but I’ll find a way to guide him out. With that, he’ll return to the immortal realm as the sole survivor, there won’t be any quasi-immortals running amok in the Immortal Continent, and the immortals above will be satisfied with their fake legacy. It’s not my original plan of capturing everyone, but plans have to change when new situations arise.

“There was a massive surge of spiritual energy,” Baldie said. She must’ve noticed I opened the way out for her. “Was that Kuang Feng releasing an attack?”

“Yes, he’s fighting Lucia at the moment.” The two are ignoring the chaos around them. Lucia’s sincerely trying to kill Kuang Feng, and he’s doing his best to survive. I’m surprised he hasn’t broken free from Lucia yet. Is she doing something special to stop him?

“Daaaagh! Iaagh fruuuuuguuh muuuuuuguuh yeeeeeeew!”

Her mouth is a bit melted, so I’m not quite sure what she’s saying. I can’t contact her either because every item of hers was destroyed. I could use the sound-projecting formation I built throughout the city, but I’ll have to shout really loud from a distance since the formations around the two were heavily damaged. If I do that, I’ll reveal my existence, and I can’t allow that to happen. What would the seven great sects think if they found out someone played them like a fiddle? They’d suspect something’s wrong with the legacy. Well, it’s not like I need to contact Lucia; she just has continue doing what she’s doing.

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