TGL Volume 4, Chapter 15 (2)

It’s pretty quiet. I’m pretty sure the demon sent out the announcement already. It’s been a while since she completed the formation inside of this room. She let me regain my mobility, and even gave me the spiritual core of an immortal beast. It wasn’t much, but it let me regain some of my strength. With it, I’ll have enough spiritual energy to launch one attack capable of slaying a quasi-immortal. Apparently, I’m being treated better than Bloodmoon, but that’s only because she wants me to launch a sneak attack against my saviors. If I don’t do it, I’ll die. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has forced me to make unsavory decisions, and I already know my life is more important than my morals. If I have to kill an innocent to survive, I’ll do it; after all, my life isn’t my own. It belongs to my ancestors and those who wish for me to avenge them. I can’t let down thousands of lives for the sake of one person.

For now, all I can do is bide my time. I can’t sense anything happening beyond this room. It pains me to admit it, but the demon is much more talented at creating formations than I am. Although I don’t have the same level of attainments as her, I can still parse out some of the formation’s effects. There’s an sound-isolating formation built into this place, and as a side effect of keeping sound out, it also blocks noise from coming in. It’d be nice if the demon could let me know what’s happening, but from the short time I’ve been confined in this lower dimension, I know her personality prefers others to be kept in the dark. She has to be in control at all times. Perhaps it stems from issues in her childhood.


What? Did the demon’s voice just come out of my choker? It had a function like that? “Yes?”

“I just want you to be prepared for a twist, so you don’t react too horribly when you find out.”

That certainly sounds … ominous. What kind of twist could there possibly be? “Did Bloodmoon announce I was the one with the legacy?” If the seven great sects wanted to hunt me down, there’s no way I could survive. Perhaps I could last a few hundred years by hiding within this lower dimension, but the sects won’t stop until they have their hands on the legacy. If this attempt fails, I wouldn’t be surprised if immortals descended. It’s the older generation’s responsibility to clean up the mess of the younger one after all.

“No, it’s probably worse than that,” the demon said. Even though I was just hearing her voice, I could picture her expressionless face in my head. She delivers bad news the same way one would comment about the weather. “I read your memories, so I already know, but I’m going to ask anyway. What do you think about Kuang Feng?”

Kuang Feng? I know several Kuang Fengs, but only one would invoke a bad feeling worse than being framed with owning an immortal’s legacy. “Do you mean the Insane Hunter, Kuang Feng?”


Don’t say yep so casually! “Why? Is he here in this lower dimension? The seven great sects should’ve set up a blockade. How could that be?”

“He forcefully broke through the blockade,” the demon said. “He was pretty severely injured, and he used one of my destructive formations to activate an immortal cooking pot of his. With it, he cooked a bunch of immortal beasts and ate them. I estimate he’s recovered a fair bit of his strength. Do you want to know the reason he came here?”

“It’s because of me, isn’t it? Ugh.” Even with my tolerance tempered by my cultivation, I couldn’t help but let out a groan. Ever since I became a quasi-immortal, Kuang Feng has been pursuing me. I turned down his advances hundreds of times. He even gifted me the severed heads of the members from Bloodmoon’s evil cult. It was a real surprise to find waiting outside of my abode. I thought someone was conducting an evil ritual to curse me. “What does he want? Is he hoping to win my love by killing Bloodmoon for me?”

“I think you’re underestimating his obsession with you,” the demon said. “He said he was only here for you. He was going to ignore Bloodmoon and his legacy; although, he did say he’d kill Bloodmoon if you asked him to.”

“So, what? You let me know in advance to tell him to spare Bloodmoon?” I won’t agree to it. Even if the demon orders me to not request that of Kuang Feng, I’ll still make that request at the cost of my life. With Kuang Feng in a better shape than Bloodmoon, his chance of slaying him will certainly be quite high. The only problem is I don’t know if Kuang Feng will agree if I die upon asking him to slay Bloodmoon for me.

“No.” I didn’t know if I should’ve been surprised or not at the demon’s lack of attachment to Bloodmoon. “I want you to convince him to contest for the legacy; tell him you’ll kill yourself if he doesn’t agree. There will be a fight for the legacy. Don’t participate in it yourself. When you see the chance to deal Kuang Feng a fatal blow, I want you to strike him from behind.”

What? “You want me to kill the person who’s coming to save me?” I know I was going to do anything to survive, but….

“Hey. Let me ask you something. Why do you think Kuang Feng has always been so respectful towards you? Here’s a hint: it’s not because he loves you and cares about your feelings. It’s because you’re stronger than him.”

Is that the case? Even so, why is the demon telling me this?

“How do you think he’ll treat you if you’re weaker than him? You, someone with no real backer in the immortal realm. Would anyone care if you were mistreated? Who would seek justice for you?”

…I don’t know if Kuang Feng is that type of person, but I really hate how this demon can so thoroughly manipulate me with just a few words. I’ve never done it before, but it looks like, today, I’ll kill an immortal.

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