TGL Volume 4, Chapter 14 (6)

Things aren’t as bad as they seem. I have a plan. The immortal realm won’t stop until they receive the legacy Bloodmoon snatched. In that case, I simply have to create a legacy and pass it off as real. It shouldn’t be too hard. In the Immortal Continent, there are thousands of legacies, and the mechanism behind them are mostly the same. The formations used to create them aren’t complicated; after all, even non-formation masters want to pass on their techniques. I’ve browsed through the memories of Bloodmoon and Fairy Lin, and although they haven’t received any legacies, they’ve heard the experiences of the people who have. As long as I can mimic the experience, I should be able to pass it off as authentic.

“Auntie Ilya, should I go in the life pouch too?”

“Yeah. Before you go, do you remember that black brick inside of you that I said to keep a secret?”

“Secret, what secret?”

Alright, she’s still pretending not to know. “Perfect. Tell me the name of the technique inside.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sophia pursed her lips and stared at me with innocent eyes.

“No, seriously, I need to know or your mommy and everyone you love is going to die, me included. This isn’t a test.”

Sophia looked around before climbing up my body in a flash. She whispered into my ear, “Divine Dream Scripture.” With that, she hopped off and looked at me with an uncertain expression.

“Alright.” I patted Sophia’s head, making sure to ruffle her ears like I’ve seen Durandal do to Lucia. “We’ll be safe now; however, from this point on, you forgot all about it again, okay?”

Sophia bobbed her head up and down and put a finger to her lips. “Forgot what?”

“Exactly.” It’s really, really nice how intelligent Sophia is compared to Lucia. It almost made me forget my initial rage at Lucia’s dumb actions. Speaking of which, is she still trying to communicate with the cooking pot? A quick glance at the wall told me she was. “Go in the life pouch now, Sophia. Tell your mom and Mrs. Feathers that they have to stay in there until I let them out. I’m counting on you. You have to keep them in there no matter how long of a time it seems has passed, okay?”

“You can count on me!”

If Sophia grows up to be as strong as Lucia, I wouldn’t mind using her to replace Lucia as the crux of my thousand-immortal-army plan—as long as she’s still this obedient, that is. I gestured for her to climb into the pouch, and she did. With that, I tied the pouch up and hung it on my waist. I also finished creating the rest of my corpse puppets, controlling them with my thoughts.

It shouldn’t be too hard to create a fake legacy now. The object was a brick; I have a solid chunk of void ore that I can use. It’s perfect for inscribing formations onto. I’ll have to create a heat-generating formation to melt it into shape. In order to make it seem more authentic, it’ll be better for me to create rectangular strips out of the ore, inscribe formations onto them, and stack them together. I’m sincerely glad I obtained the Ten Thousand Thoughts technique. While one puppet works on creating the heat-generating formation, another can work on the layered formations, making sure they don’t interfere with each other when the slips are combined.

The next problem I’ll have to deal with is making sure the legacy can be absorbed into the person’s body without causing any harm. It also can’t be removed unless it’s through the use of Soul Scour. There’s a rare parasitic soul worm that has similar properties to what I’m looking for. In fact, I have one and use it as a protective artifact for my soul. It seems like I’ll have to give it up for the greater good. One of my thoughts can focus on imbuing the properties of this worm into the legacy box. Legacy box is a pretty good name, no?

Of course, the special thing about a legacy is its ability to choose an owner. This is usually done by leaving behind a remnant will that resonates and awakens upon meeting a suitable host. In fact, for me, this might be the easiest part of creating this fake legacy. I might not have the remnant will of the creator of this Divine Dream Scripture, but I’ve imbued plenty of souls into weapons, tools, and, well, anything and everything. The hardest part is picking the right soul—luckily, I have tens of thousands of them; they don’t take up much physical space. One of those souls should be the right fit with a few modifications. Another one of my thoughts can pick the right candidate and modify it appropriately.

With the physical object, the body-entering property, and the selection property ready, all that’s left is creating a technique. Without a doubt, the technique is going to be a scam, but it has to be crafted in a way that even immortals think it reasonable. Divine Dream Scripture…. It has to do with dreaming. Dreams are vague, illusionary, and invoked by sleeping. Going off of this, how about I have the, quote unquote, lucky inheritor sleep for a long period of time?

I can also create ten thousand, or a hundred thousand, or even a million ancient-looking characters that don’t mean anything and have the lucky inheritor attempt to gain enlightenment from them. I think it would work. The immortals wouldn’t think it’s a scam; they’d think the inheritor was too stupid to obtain anything from them. I can even vaguely create some of those ancient characters based on working formation talisman symbols. As long as there’s a hint of something working, they’ll believe they’re on the right track. If the characters are revealed slowly enough with the requirement of the inheritor having to sleep for long lengths of time, I think I could buy the Immortal Continent five thousand years of preparation—enough for my thousand-immortal-army plan to come into fruition. By the time the immortals up there figure out it’s a scam and come looking for vengeance, I’ll be ready for them.

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