TGL Volume 4, Chapter 14 (4)

“Stop, stop, stop!”

“Let go of me! Let go of me, right now! I’m detonating the spirit vein!” Lucia is so infuriating at times! I set everything up correctly to bring her in contact with that immortal; I even accounted for her unpredictability, so why am I still wrong!? When has she ever listened to my suggestions of nonviolence before? Hoo…. Take in a deep breath, and calm down…. Alright. I won’t detonate the spirit vein. If I do, Lucia might die, and she’s a crucial part of the thousand-immortal-army plan. Without her, my hopes of conquering the immortal realm vanish. “I’ve thought it through. I’m not detonating the vein; you can release me now.”

Mrs. Feathers and Softie glanced at each other before letting go of me. Since when did Mrs. Feathers care that much about Lucia? I understand Softie, but Mrs. Feathers too? Perhaps she noticed my doubts, and she chuckled before stepping back. “You have to understand; imagine if you detonated the spirit vein, but Boss survived and found out I was here when you did it. She’d cook me for not stopping you.”

“Are you sure you’re really calm?” Softie asked. She seemed to be preparing some technique to restrain me. I could tell by the qi gathering around her. It can’t really be hidden inside of my watchtower. “You only took an instant to regain your composure.”

“Yes, I’m calm.” I think things through fast now, what can I say? “Alright, Lucia, do you mind if I talk to Kuang Feng for a bit?”

“Ah?” Lucia asked. She glanced down at her waist where her messenger was kept. “You can talk to him too? Isn’t it just my mind that you can read? Your mindreading powers grew!?”

Somewhere along the way, Lucia obtained a wrong impression of me, and I’ve never been able to correct it. No matter how many times I deny it, she always claims I’m a mind reader. In that case, I’ll humor her. “They grew, yep. There’s a part of me living inside your brain now, and when you look into other people’s eyes, I can read their minds too.”


“No. I can only hear what they say.”

Lucia exhaled and patted her chest. “Phew. That’s a relief. I thought you turned into a monster or something.” She casually snatched a piece of meat out of the man’s cooking pot and waved it at him. “So, what do you think? Want to chat with Ilya?”

Kuang Feng stared at Lucia, more specifically, the meat in her hand. After a second of pause, probably judging whether or not it was worth fighting Lucia, he raised his head and met Lucia’s eyes. “Who is this Ilya? What is she to you?”

“Mmph, mmpfh.”

Seems like Lucia’s preoccupied, so I’ll do the talking. “Greetings, I’m Ilya Pentorn of the Righteous Holy Sect, the strongest sect within this lower dimension. I’m basically the manager of the sect; as you can see, the sect leader cares about food and her daughter more than anything else, including running the sect.”

Kuang Feng’s eyes narrowed. “You’re saying this person isn’t capable of authorizing a trade for Fairy Lin?”


“I’m, mmph! More than, nom, capable!”

“Anyway, I’m willing to give you Fairy Lin for the cooking pot, but I need to know your motives. Are you here to capture Bloodmoon? Will you assist the juniors from the seven great sects?” If Kuang Feng leaves after obtaining Fairy Lin, that’ll be for the best.

“I’m here to help Fairy Lin in anyway possible,” Kuang Feng said. “If she asks me to help her kill Demonic Lord Bloodmoon, I’ll do it.”

“What if she asks you to kill the juniors from the seven great sects?”


“Hmm?” Lucia finished eating her piece of meat. She even absorbed the bone after engraving it. “Is your love for Baldie that weak? If you love someone and she wants you to kill innocent people, you better start killing innocent people! How can you say you love them otherwise?”

What kind of twisted notions about love does Lucia have? Does she even love someone? She claims to love Durandal, but she’s completely unwilling to compromise with him, and as a result, he’s been stuck in his weapon body for the past five years.

Kuang Feng frowned. “That’s a good point.”

It is not a good point! Also, we’ve been sidetracked. Let’s return to the topic at hand. “If I give you Fairy Lin, what are you going to do? That’s all I want to know before making a deal with you.”

“You clearly don’t want me to interfere in this trap you’ve set up for these sect juniors,” Kuang Feng said. “I have no intention of doing so either. I barged past a blockade to enter this lower dimension and offended the seven great sects already. If I help them, whichever sect gets the legacy won’t hate me, but the other ones will. However, if I remain neutral in the matter, as long as the seven sects compete fairly amongst themselves without any interference from me, they’ll forgive my transgressions.”

Is he underestimating us? It’s not surprising. “You’re operating under the assumption the seven great sects can obtain the legacy. What if none of the juniors from the seven great sects return to the immortal realm? They’ll think you had something to do with it.”

“If none of the sect juniors return with the legacy, they’ll send in the sect elders. Immortals may not be willing to descend, but their wills don’t matter if an order comes from above.” Kuang Feng exhaled and stirred his pot. “The legacy of a supreme immortal isn’t something a lower dimension like yours can obtain. It’s best to give it up. You seem intelligent; don’t let greed destroy your realm.”

“Let’s do that,” Softie said. “Let’s throw the legacy into the middle of that city and let the seven sects fight for it. Why must we kill them all? Even if we succeed, immortals will come next.”

“I would love to do that.” Seriously, I would. I don’t need a supreme immortal’s legacy. I need time to grow my army. “However, there’s a slight problem….”

“You don’t know where the legacy is?” Softie asked. “Haven’t you interrogated Bloodmoon?”

“No, I know where the legacy is.” Maybe it’ll work out? “Kuang Feng, if someone inherited the legacy, is there a way to take it out of them?”

“Someone from your lower dimension actually obtained a supreme immortal’s approval?” Kuang Feng’s brow furrowed. “There’s no way to retrieve the legacy other than through a very thorough Soul Scour that leaves the recipient braindead.”

I glanced at Sophia, the little rascal. “Well, seems like there’s a really big problem.” Would Lucia give up Sophia to save the trillions of lives on the Immortal Continent? I don’t have to be a mind reader to know the answer to that.

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