TGL Volume 4, Chapter 13 (5)

Lucia has made contact with a group of invaders. I don’t know why she isn’t taking care of them immediately, but if I had to guess, it’s because she wants to be attacked first. She always had this thing for not being a bad person, and a bad person is never the aggressor. It’s fine. Eventually, someone will attack her, and she’ll be provoked into a massive slaughter. If I attacked her right now…, nah, there’s no need to do that.

Let’s see. Other than the group who’s dealing with Lucia, there’s another six parties of invaders: one for each great sect, I’m assuming. As I thought, there’s no way all of them have a friendly relationship with each other. Perhaps their sects are in a precarious balance and the addition of a supreme immortal will tip the scales. It must explain why they’ve sent so many people through that immortal door. The smallest group has a total of forty-seven people, and they’re the ones facing Lucia. The largest group has a total of two hundred fifteen people. The disparity is quite huge. I think Lucia found the robes belonging to the sect she’s facing more colorful, so she popped more of their defensive formations up in the sky. The second smallest group has one hundred twenty people. I wasn’t aware this many of them had slipped past my formations around the door. There’s roughly a thousand of them.

“Are we going to be okay?” Softie asked me in a whisper. “That’s a lot of people, and all we have is Lucia.”

All we need is Lucia. “We’ll be fine.” I’ve already interrogated a few people from the seven great sects. They travel around in an army-like battle formation. They have quasi-immortal squad leaders, each leading twenty sky-realm experts. Normally, those sky-realm experts would be leading earth-realm experts, and those earth-realm experts would lead saints, but the sects decided against sending in anyone who wouldn’t stand a chance at surviving my formations.

“Spread out.”

Along with visuals, my watchtower also gives me audios. It seems like the largest sect has decided to split up. Actually, it seems like most of the sects have split up. It makes sense; it’ll help them find Bloodmoon or Fairy Lin faster. I’ve evacuated the city, but I also made sure to smear lots of blood around and placed a few objects containing resentment into some homes. Although it isn’t perfect, the sects should assume Bloodmoon has killed everyone to recover a portion of his strength. There are many buildings, and all of them have lethal formations inside of them.

“Senior Brother, I think we’ve wandered into a giant trap.”

“Even if it is a trap, we have to push forward. Until we retrieve the legacy, we aren’t allowed to leave.”

“Should we split up?”

“No. We remain as one.”

The second largest group decided to stick together. Interesting.


Oh, it seems like someone entered a well. The formations at the entrance aren’t lethal; they’re made to inflict pain. However, the deeper one goes, the stronger the formations become. If they want to find Bloodmoon and Fairy Lin, they’ll have to search every nook and cranny; after all, the city is rather large.



Huh? It seems like Ri fainted. “What’s wrong with her?”

Softie cleared her throat. “The sight of blood makes her nauseous.”

“Then why did you bring her here…?” Why am I questioning it? Lucia and Softie are both morons. Softie might be less moronic than Lucia, but that doesn’t mean her judgment isn’t clouded the majority of the time. She has this tendency to always agree with Lucia; though, that’s been changing recently. The two have been arguing over how to bring up Sophia. “Never mind, don’t answer that. As for you”—I looked at Mrs. Feathers—“why aren’t you going out to hunt?”

“I’m not a freak like Boss,” Mrs. Feathers said and flapped her wings. “I bet all of those little squads have someone just as strong as me leading them. If they have an additional twenty sky-realm experts helping them; I’ll be defeated pretty easily. Also, Boss is way too strong. If she’s going to lose today, then my addition won’t change that outcome. I think it’ll be better if I stay here just in case.”

For a creature that can reincarnate after death, Mrs. Feathers sure is afraid of dying. “Don’t you see that group up there?”

Mrs. Feathers waddled closer to me and stared at the wall of the watchtower where the images were projecting onto. “You want me to fight all those people by myself? There must be five hundred of them! Huh? Hold on. Aren’t those the elders from the Frozen Lily Sect? The Thunder Origin Sect elders are there too; I recognize them.”

“That’s right.” I already gathered the available fighting force. Would it make sense to alert my experts at the same time as the foreign ones? Of course not. We have the home ground advantage; I’m going to make full use of it. “Elder Bing, can you hear me?”

One of the elders in the group of people looked up. “I can hear you, Principal Pentorn.”

“For now, you’re in charge of the group.” Let’s see. Where’s the closest separated squad? “There’s a group of twenty sky-realm experts being led by one quasi-immortal to your southeast. I’ve sent a direct location to your messenger. Eliminate them. Don’t give them a chance to alert the others.”

“Understood, Principal Pentorn.”

The mass of experts under my command moved in unison. Although they might’ve belonged to different sects, perhaps even hostile to one another once upon a time, the elders are capable of moving as one. Their attacks should be just as coordinated. I forced the sects to mingle with one another with the threat of extermination. Small factions aren’t allowed within the Shadow Devil—that’s not right. Small factions aren’t allowed within the Righteous Holy Sect. The Righteous Holy Sect isn’t a coalition; it’s a dictatorship.

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