TGL Volume 4, Chapter 9 (3)

Someone actually bullied Sophia!? How did he not know she was my daughter? She looks exactly like me! Well, okay, she looks more like Softie than me, but she has my ears and tail—if my ears and tail were black. Mm, there’s a serious problem. Ilya keeps recruiting these weirdos to do things, and I have no clue who they are. I’m running out of fingers to keep track of the number of people I remember! Where is she getting these people from anyway? “Ilya, how did this person become a teacher?”

Ilya scratched her head. “He isn’t wearing a choker, so he probably joined our sect legitimately and signed up as a teacher for some contribution points.”

“These people aren’t tested first?”

“They’re obviously tested,” Ilya said and rolled her eyes. “I wouldn’t let morons teach the future generations.”

“If they’re tested, then why did he throw Sophia!?”

“Mmph, mmph.”

“Shut up.” Grr. I tied the man up for now. I hung him from the school’s flagpole. I’m not quite sure what this flagpole is for, but Ilya insisted on having one. She said it would do something about unity and cohesion, but I wasn’t really listening. I think it’s there to look nice. Mm, that must be it. The flag’s a bit ugly though.

Ilya cleared her throat. “Well, the tests were only there to judge their knowledge and skills; I didn’t really take personality into consideration. Also, how was I supposed to know someone would be dumb enough to pick on the sect leader’s daughter?”

“Because you’re Ilya; you know everything!” Ah, I’m in a bad mood, but if I punch this person, he’s going to die. Mm, I’ve gotten really strong, like really, really strong. Hmm, even if I can’t punch him, I can throw him at least. I found out if I do a Breaking Throw with a person, my qi protects them as they fly through objects! Flaming Breaking Throw doesn’t really work though; well, it works, but they get set on fire, and it’s really hard to put them out afterwards since my flames are special or something. Anyway, I want to hit something! How dare someone bully Sophia!?

Phweeeeeeeeeeeet! Phweeeeeeeeeeeet! Phweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Ah? “What’s that sound?”

“Someone’s coming through your door,” Ilya said and pointed up.

Ah? More beasts to eat? Hmm, they look like monkeys…. Never mind, those are people; they’re wearing clothes. Actually, some monkeys wear clothes too. Hmm…. Eh, monkeys aren’t that tasty anyway; I’m not going to eat them. …They’re immortal monkeys though—maybe just one taste?

Phweeeeeeeeeeeet! Phweeeeeeeeeeeet! Phweeeeeeeeeeeet!

“And by the sound of it, there’s a lot of them.” Ilya frowned. “I think that’s the immortal realm’s invasion campaign.”

Invasion campaign? “What’s that mean?” I know what invasion means, but I’m not too sure about campaign! It sounds a lot like an alcoholic drink, but I don’t think that’s what it is.

“I’ll keep it simple for you,” Ilya said. “There’s going to be a lot of people coming through that door. The majority of them should be quasi-immortals. Here, wear this and go attack them as they come through.”

Mm? Ilya wants me to wear a necklace? Wait. “You want me to go up there, where you have all your death and zappy formations set up?”

“That’s why you have to wear this.” Ilya pushed the necklace against my arm. “It’ll identify you as an ally, and the formations will leave you alone.”

“Alright! I’ll go teach those invaders a lesson!” The formations have been working so far; I haven’t had to go up there except that one time to beat up those two people, but that doesn’t mean I can’t not go up there! I’m doing this for the good of the world, not because I want to vent on some people. It just so happens that they came at a time I was angry, mhm.

Ugh, it’s even brighter up here than it is on the ground. I’ll stay decently far away from the door to prevent it from sucking me in. I know it wants to. It’s been trying to convince me to go inside of it ever since it was born, but I’m not falling for it! Hmph, hmph. Let’s see, a lot of people are disappearing because of the formation. Mm, some of them are disappearing, but others are being vaporized by beams of light. What the heck, Ilya! Aren’t these the beams of light she occasionally zaps me with to test things out!?

Ahem, I’ll deal with her later; first, there’s a group of people over there who’re doing pretty well. They’re standing inside a barrier, and beams of light are crashing against it but not piercing. They’re slowly sinking too. Soon, they’ll be out of the field of formations Ilya set up! I’ll kick them back inside.

“Are you—”


Hmm. That made such a strange sound when I hit it. I thought the barrier was solid since it was stopping all the beams of light, but when I kicked it, the barrier broke apart like glass! The people inside were vaporized in an instant, but I managed to save their interspacial rings. Ah? Did I kill them? No! Of course not! I would never murder someone. They just, uh, I mean, Ilya did it. These are her formations, not mine. If anyone dies in them, it’s her fault! Mhm.

Anyway, that wasn’t the only bubble, err, barrier! Tons of them are forming! How many people are coming out of the door? I don’t think the formation can take care of all of them. Ah, that’s probably why Ilya told me to come up here. Mm, okay, I’ll catch all of these people with some restraining ropes!






Okay…. For some reason, every single time I touch one of the barriers, even if it’s just lightly, it breaks apart. What’s going on? Should I wait for these people to land before catching them?

“Lucia! You can’t let them descend! All of those barriers are powered by at least two quasi-immortals!”

There goes that idea. Well, it’s much easier to pop bubbles than it is to beat up people!


Mm, this is a little fun.

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