TGL Volume 4, Chapter 9 (2)

Even though I’m prisoner of war, and there’s a choker around my neck that can claim my life at any time, I’m treated extremely well. I can earn contribution points from the sect by teaching, and I can even freely browse the library since I’m a teacher. Not only that, but the surprising part is I don’t have to teach fulltime. I have the morning off because my students are taking courses in their chosen weapons. I thought I’d be forced to teach a different set of students, but the school has a surprising number of teachers. There’s even a contest between the teachers to see who can raise better students, with the results of tests and practical exams as the judging measure.

Right now, I’m in the library. I’ve read a lot about this lower realm’s geography, and I’m moving onto its history. Currently, I’m lacking a lot of power compared to my peak state; knowledge should fill in some portions of this gap. However, the librarian is a rainbow phoenix that looks suspiciously like a chicken, and for some reason, it’s setting off warning bells in my head. I think it’s hostile towards me, but I haven’t the slightest idea why. I’m pretty sure my suspicions of having my memories erased by it are true; perhaps I learned something I wasn’t supposed to.

“Library’s closed! Everyone out!”

Without warning, dozens of formations lit up around me, and before I knew it, I was sitting on empty air outside of the library. Luckily, I stood up in time, preventing myself from falling over. Some people were like me, reacting in time, but dozens of people cried out as they fell to the ground. It seemed like everyone was ejected from the library for some reason. A shadow fell over me, and I raised my head. The librarian had grown to the size of a building and was flying towards the direction of the school. Did something happen? When it shouted, its voice sounded pretty urgent. I’ll follow it.

It truly does seem like there was a commotion at the school. I could sense dozens of auras rushing towards it, each one of them bursting with energy. They must’ve been quasi-immortals. When I was halfway to the school, a light nearly blinded me, and I had to raise my arm to block my face. After putting on magical light-dimming lenses I bought from the sect leader for an outrageous amount, I lowered my arm. As expected, the gate to the immortal realm had appeared above the school. Did the seven great sects already send down their disciples? I can’t think of anything else that’d provoke such a fierce reaction, forcing even the humanoid beast to take action.

I’m learning a bit more about this realm’s power. Other than the humanoid beast, there don’t seem to be any other immortals—or even coming close. The gap between a quasi-immortal, as these people call it, and an immortal is quite drastic. In the immortal realm, quasi-immortals are called pre-immortals, and there are many differences between them. Some pre-immortals are capable of slaughtering immortals while others can be defeated by sky-realm experts. Judging by the auras of the quasi-immortals heading over, it’ll take three to five of them to contend with a quasi-immortal from the immortal realm.

I can’t sense any foreign formidable auras inside of the school. All of the people who rushed over seem to be cornering a mere sky-realm expert. Too bad they aren’t surrounding Bloodmoon.

“You threw my child!?”

I think I just suffered a sonic attack. The killing intent within that shout was enough to force my heart to miss one beat. The sound of that voice was familiar, like the humanoid beast’s. Someone was audacious enough to throw her child? The humanoid beast’s child does ask a lot of questions, and she can be a bit irritating because of them, but for someone to throw her? Whoever it was must be tired of living.

“I, I, I—”

“Sophia! What do you want me to do to him!?”

“Um, um, he threw me, so throw him too!”


The wall beside me shattered. No, that’s not quite right. It was more of a disintegration than a shatter. Ahead of me, dozens of walls had suffered the same fate, and past the startled students’ faces, I saw the humanoid beast standing next to her daughter. The vice-sect leader of the Shadow Devil Sect was there as well. For some reason, the small humanoid beast reminded me of her, but that doesn’t make sense. The small humanoid beast is clearly the offspring of the sect leader, not the vice-sect leader.

“Oi! Baldie! Throw that man back to me!”

One day, I’ll convince that barbarian to rename me to something else, but for now, I’ll listen to her words. She’s enraged, and I don’t think it’s wise to do anything except for what she asks. The man didn’t land that far away from me. His face resembled a bird’s, a smushed bird’s but still a bird’s. He didn’t seem to be very injured other than a slightly flattened nose, the benefits of a sky-realm expert’s body I suppose. I grabbed him by his shoulders and tossed him back in the direction he came before heading that way as well. Although I might find her a little annoying, that small humanoid beast is still my student—not even I’m allowed to throw her, so where’d this man get the guts to?

“This man thought you were fooling around because of the bow I gave you?”

The demon is here too, and as usual, her face is expressionless. When she looks at the man on the ground, it’s like she’s looking at a piece of stone. “If he doesn’t approve of the bow I gave you, why don’t I harvest his limbs and make you a new bow? What do you think, Sophia?”

“No!” The small humanoid beast shook her head back and forth. “I don’t want to touch him!”

“You could bury him underneath the soul-eating tree and cook the acorn that comes out of it,” a man I didn’t recognize said.

“I don’t want to eat him either!”

The librarian nudged the man on the ground with her talons, poking bloody holes into his side. “Then what do you want to do with him?”

“I want to make him cry like he did to me!”

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